But the princess may be limited to two or three hundred levels!

It’s a pity that the princess followed her at the thought of An Xiaoya.
She touched the princess’s back with her loving forefinger.
The princess looked at An Xiaoya in surprise, wondering what was wrong with her shovel officer.
Anxiaoya talked with the patriarch here about many things about the cat demon clan.
I have to say that when you are sitting opposite to you and chatting with a baby’s fist, it is a small milk cat with fine soft fluff and fluffy fire red. His round eyes are wet, his nose is pink and tender, and his mouth is as pink and tender as small tongue’s paws.
And cats make cute little moves from time to time, such as licking their paws and tilting their heads.
It’s really enjoyable!
Suo An Xiaoya soon talked too much.
"The ghost tower is really troublesome. The ghosts and monsters in it can’t be destroyed. It’s really exhausting for us to kill a batch and then reappear a batch!"
She talked about the ghost tower that she just opened
Then the opposite lux little milk meow faintly sighed "meow, human meow! To tell you the truth, meow, we have problems in the jungle, too. meow! Ever since the ghost tower appeared, meow, our jungle seems to be soaked with dark elements. Meow, there are often some dark smells, and these things will attack our people. It really makes us particularly upset! "
After that, the fiery chief meow looked up at An Xiaoya with his wet eyes. "Mew, since you are an adventurer, can you help us find the source of dark elements in this jungle?" This really makes us very sad! "
Does player 1 accept level D [Dark Source]?’
An Xiaoya blinks.
I didn’t expect that the appearance of the ghost tower made other maps have dark elements and dark breath?
"Well, this is no problem. Don’t worry, I will help you see the situation today!" An Xiaoya took this
As soon as the player picks up the D level [Dark Source], please help the fire cats and demons in the jungle to find the source of the strange dark elements.’
Anxiaoya and the heads of the fathers talked again.
"The frost cat demon group across from Meow is also facing this problem. Meow jungle is where we live together. Meow, I think they need your help, too. Meow, why don’t you go over and ask their heads?"
The flame little milk meowed.
An Xiaoya nodded. "Okay, no problem, patriarch!"
The flame little milk meow waved and called in the meow that just brought them in. "Meow Amway, you take this human and her meow to the frost patriarch opposite. Meow, just say that I invited you to help us meow!"
"Meow good heads meow! Come with me, man! "
The dark red cat became human again, swinging its tail to lead the way.
An Xiaoya found that these cat demons usually like to keep their cat form, but they often like to turn themselves into human forms when leading the way for human beings.
I don’t know what this is.
"Meow, this is the resident of the frost cat demon group!"
Anxiaoya pointed to the nearby compound.
An Xiaoya, a former resident of the flame cat demon group, always felt very warm.
But that’s because it’s a jungle.
I didn’t expect the temperature to change from mild to cool after coming here!
It seems that the attributes of these two ethnic groups have affected the climate!
"Meow heads adult meow! Our patriarch asked Meow to come to you with this human and her Meow! Said he invited me to help meow! "
This big dark red cat, Amway, greet that head meow, the size of a baby’s fist, and went back.
She is going to patrol today! Get back to your posts!
This little milk meow has a temperament different from that of the opposite little red milk meow.
People’s attributes are frosty temperament and very cold!
It’s not the same as the wet and soft eyes of the flaming little milk meow. Although it’s still the shape of the milk meow, An Xiaoya suddenly saw the strictness, the arrogance, the coldness and the sky from the eyes of this chief meow!
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Chapter 115 they nest dark elements
An Xiaoya winked and broke the silence of one person and one meow. "Hello, chief of the clan. I just received a message from the head of the fire cat demon opposite, looking for the source of dark elements. He told me that you also needed my help and asked me to come and ask about it."


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