I turned my face and stared at my eyes and shouted, "Willow, why are you so annoying? ! Why don’t you listen to anything? ! When I tell you to go, you go! I have the final say here! "

Willow stared at me blankly and her eyes slowly turned red. She didn’t expect that I would get angry with her and yell at her.
All the people were alarmed at the moment. The scene was still a little scary.
Actually, I was shocked by myself, and I felt uncomfortable in my heart. Do I want to treat the willow like this?
But I have to.
Willow can’t follow us. It’s too dangerous. What should I do if something really happens to her? Nothing can make up for the mistake!
"Chen Guichen is good, you are good!" Willow tears "snapped" and "snapped" as she stared at me with bitterness and resentment. "How dare you yell at me! You are awesome! I’ll listen to you and I’ll go! You are willing to take Shao Wei, but you are not willing to take me. I will never see you again! "
"Sister Yang …" Shao Wei hurriedly came out to explain this, but she didn’t listen to twist her head and left.
Shao Wei said urgently, "Brother Guichen, look at you!"
"Nothing," I said with a wry smile. "Yangliu is very knowledgeable, but she has to vent a little emotion when she is yelled at in public."
Guo Mo Ning said, "When Miss Chen Xiangzun Yang leaves, we have to leave. You guys take care!"
I said to Guo Moning with a fist, "Please, Miss Guo!"
"You’re welcome! Let’s see you in the clouds! "
"See you in the clouds!"
"See you in the sky, Brother Dust!" Zeng Lizhong also left.
"Brother Guichen must be careful!" Tang Yonghe turned away
"See you in the sky, Chen Dage!" Fish double way "I believe you must be safe" talk fish double pull is not willing to start LanYuHan away.
Ding Xueting took a deep look at Gu Shuoyue and turned away without saying anything after all.
There are only me, Chi Nong, Shao Wei and Gu Shuoyue left in the field.
The four of us watched them leave.
"Are they going to be all right?" Shao Wei murmured, "Tianma is going to be dark."
"Yes, it’s going to be dark in Tianma," said Chinong. "They shouldn’t be in danger of an accident. We’re just zither, not me. It’s really wrong for you to shout at the willow just now."
I said, "Speak well, she won’t listen at all. I’ll apologize to her when this thing is over."
"I really feel that it is good for Yangliu to stay," Chinong said, "and the benefits are not small."
I said, "What good is it?"
"Didn’t Master Yizhu give you a volume of room art?" Chinong said. "How can you study and practice without willows?"
"Bah!" Shao Wei spat, "Brother Nong is getting more and more serious."
"Yes," I spat. "Old man is not serious!"
"Ha ha ha ….." Chinong laughed face upwards.
Gu Shuoyue looked up at the sky and a moon was rising in Ran Ran. It seemed like a hook. Guri said a strange sentence, "Go!"
"Let’s go!" Chi Nong called one
"Goo goo meow!" Cried a hovering in the raining.
The four of us took a step towards the cloud view on Wuyun Road.
(The third volume is finished! )
The first chapter ghost flame
When the four of us were walking, I suddenly remembered something. I quickly screwed the cover of the Aoki gourd and patted it and shouted, "Taibai Star, come out and see me!"
The ash smoke from the line quickly turned into a white star, huddled up and crouched down in the tunnel, "See the master for the white star! Excuse me, does the host have orders? "
I said, "Yang Liu and others parted ways with the four of us. You go back and secretly protect them with them! Make no mistake! "
"Master, I want to protect you," said Tai Baixing. "I don’t want to leave you."
"get out!"
"Yes!" Taibai star ran away.
Chi Nong and Shao Wei both laughed. Shao Wei said, "Brother Guichen, you are too kind to Sister Yang."
Chi Nong laughed. "This white star is becoming more and more worthless. Is this still the first four stars? It is simply a little dignity. "


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