Tianyuan hierarch is very disdainful to have a cold drink.

Kun Xuan, an old man, is not very famous among the kings in the middle period. Tianyuan leader didn’t take him seriously.
"Tianyuan hierarch look down on the old? Do you want to compete with the old man? "
Kun Xuan, the old man, is also cold and afraid of Tianyuan!
At this time, Yun Fan’s body wandered in a flame.
It is a treasure left in the seventh floor of the Master Tower of Tuotian Emperor-the mysterious fire’ Jin Yan Jing Yan’
"Blood incantation is an extremely ugly sorcery of the universe practitioners, and it is rare in the universe stars!"
"Fortunately, this blood spell is so rough that it can’t be refined at the level of cosmic fighters!"
"If it’s a cosmic warrior-level blood spell, you’ll be in danger today. This kind of life Jingxue curse is the most terrible and mutually assured destruction secret method. Once you cast yourself, it’s hard for the other side to die!"
Yun Fan’s blonde voice kept ringing and explained to Yun Fan.
Yun Fan’s mental tingling is gone and his body is gradually recovering.
Yun Fan said in his heart, "This blood spell is really an evil magic. It’s very precious, magical power and true yuan can’t resist it! Is there such a mysterious fire as’ Jin Jing Jing Yan’ that can be restrained? "
Blonde little girl said, "Blood spells are between mental physical attacks, which can’t resist, of course, except Xuan fire, which can restrain the soul hermetic.
Speaking of blood magic is a kind of soul secret, but it is not accepted by mainstream cosmic fighters because it is too deviant. Generally speaking, soul secret is orthodox soul secret, and the strong soul root does not need its own blood!
However, orthodox soul occultism is extremely rare, even if it is practiced in the practitioners of the universe, it is not necessarily that many mysterious fires can restrain soul attacks, which is of great value. "
"It seems that we have to look for the essence of fire to make Jin Yan jingyan and other orders rise, or we will encounter a strong person who is proficient in soul occultism and have no resistance at all."
Yun Fan said that Jin Yan Jing Yan refining blood curse spoke quickly and Yun Fan had recovered.
In the sky, there was an explosion. Tianyuan leader and Kun Xuan had already met.
The two men were evenly matched in the fight.
Tianyuan leader’s eyes showed surprise. "You old ghost have not seen your strength increase for hundreds of years. Have you had an adventure in these hundreds of years?"
Kun Xuan’s old man’s face gave me a hint of ao however. "The first discovery of Nuoda, a relic king of a soldier emperor clan, was more than just a few weapons. Of course, he gained something. Unfortunately, the real benefit of the soldier emperor clan was taken away by Yun Fan, the little beast.
Tianyuan hierarch really wants to distinguish between high and low. You may not be my opponent to expand the treasure of the Emperor. I don’t want it. I want Yun Fan Bing Huang Zong to get something! We jointly deal with Yun Fan, such as …? "
The strength of Kun Xuan’s old man made Tianyuan master afraid. Although Tianyuan Sect still has other kings, there are still many kings in the field, and Kun Xuan’s old man joined hands to crush him.
Tianyuan leader nodded slightly and said, "Well, we can jointly dispose of Yun Fan. I have to expand the emperor’s treasure and you have the emperor’s treasure!"
Kun Xuan said, "It’s a deal."
Say Tianyuan hierarch, Kun Xuan old man eyes swept away to his king!
Two people broke out with monstrous ferocity, which made his king very afraid.
"Ha ha ha …!"
Suddenly a burst of laughter came to lie on the ground. Yun Fan got up and said, "You two discussed what to do with me. Yun Fan made a decision without asking me if Yun Fan agreed?"
See Yun Fan got up and the kings were not shocked.
Just now, they saw Yun Fan plummeting from the sky and didn’t feel the breath of life. Did they cheat the body now?
The king of Ganyuan Sect is the most shocking.
They know something about the’ curse of blood yin eating soul’, and Yun Fan will die if he is caught in the curse of blood yin eating soul.
But now … Yun Fan is alive!
The two kings, Yu Tianyuan, Kun Xuan and the old man, are trembling with fear at the moment!
What’s going on? Isn’t Yun Fan dead?
Both of them took a look at the king of Ganyuan Sect, and their eyes were full of blame, which means that the king of Ganyuan Sect rainstorm just said that Yun Fan would die.
Rainstorm king shrugged his shoulders and gave me a smile.
Although he was surprised that Yun Fan didn’t die, he is in a good mood now.
If Yun Fan died just now, it was Ganyuan who killed Yun Fan, which should be handled by Ganyuan.
But Tianyuan hierarch and Kun Xuan, the old man, used their strength to kick Ganyuan Sect aside.
It’s ready now!
You want Yun Fan’s body, you want to deal with Yun Fan, but Yun Fan is not dead. You are dumbfounded!


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