After escaping from the crack, the magic commander led an attack on Pang Xia.

Look at the people in the world who came at themselves.
Pang Xia’s hand white data flashes, and more than a dozen white chains are entangled in rushing people.
Then Pang Xia drank a "exile!"
They directly banished those people to the rift and returned to this world in a short time.
Then PangXia looked at those who still rushed over and showed red data again.
Then a raging red flame burns and instantly devours the world people in the three magic people.
This time, it’s not like exile, it’s about expelling people.
But the red data, the terrorist power directly wiped out the human data of the world in those three magic people!
That is to say, the people in the three magic people are completely dead, and there is no possibility of resurrection.
Their data has been completely erased from this world by Pang Xia!
Let’s take a look at Pang Xia’s killer. The magic handsome still has hope in his heart.
But see PangXia no longer leave hand directly after the killer to destroy the magic handsome heart hope completely dissipated.
Roar out a magic handsome a black data not desperately toward PangXia hit in the past.
However, Pang Xia’s right hand continued to control the flame and his left hand waved it in his eyes.
But see a white chain appeared in PangXia left hand waving after half a circle directly to destroy the magic handsome entanglement.
Although the magic commander keeps dodging, there is still no way to represent the world’s source white data
The white chain of the white data wraps the black data of the magic handsome.
Then, with a wave of his hand, Pang Xia suddenly destroyed the magic handsome and was bound by white chains and fell to the ground from the half-fall.
Looked at out the magic handsome PangXia cold hum a said, "I won’t kill you even if you are bent on death.
Stay in the crack for me. Yan Bipang Xia once again slammed the white chain.
See white chains pestering out the magic handsome threw him directly into the crack "
Take back the white chain, Pang Xia. Once again, the white chain cooperated with the red flame to kill a large number of people in the world in more than a dozen magic people.
In the end, exile, exile, slaying, slaying, and slaying were left in the main hall of Monty Palace, and the slayer was sent to punish Monty Shuai.
At this time, the whole monty handsome looked at Pang Xia, and his eyes were full of hesitation and he didn’t know what was going on.
And kill people magic handsome is a face of horror watching PangXia dare not move.
"Hey, you two are left. It’s really a chat. Forget it. That’s it today.
Anyway, killing one or two more won’t bring me much pleasure. Let’s stop here. "
After speaking, Pang Xia withdrew the white chain and the red flaming black data stream disappeared into the Monty Palace.
Hundreds of miles away from the boundless mountain, Pang Xia gushed out of it and fell to the ground to become human.
Activities of a shoulder PangXia face with silk nai expression.
"Red face and white face, anyway, I’m sarcastic, so it’s called being a white face.
But it’s a little too much to lend my hand to deal with traitors in the world among the magic people
Don’t I have to go out? I have to add an egg if there is less slapping. "
Nai shook his head and Pang Xia walked step by step towards the nearest city nearby.
But at this time, a crack suddenly appeared in front of Pang Xia.
Then the whole monty handsome directly came out from the inside.
Looking at the arrival of the whole monty handsome PangXia shrugged and said directly, "I knew I couldn’t hide it from you."
Although I don’t know why you want to manipulate this character as an administrator to join the people in the inner world
But I know very well that you are not hostile to the world.
So I can answer your questions. Yes, what you think is the answer! "
Chapter DiYiLiu Reason
"Where did he go and why did he want to play this scene with you?"
Looking at with doubt over monty handsome PangXia laughed "this thing is really can’t tell you.
But you can rest assured that this world and the human world can live.
I think you vaguely knew some secrets of this world at the beginning of the game.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t be involved so early and you’re still laying out. "
"In addition to you and me, there are still some people in human beings who know this matter.
But they are skeptical that this matter will eventually wave into the human world at most.
Even if someone believes it, it’s not as deep as the two of us
And without the ability to manipulate data like you and me, it’s up to us.


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