Old Joe, who is immortal in the distance, has only a few chariots left.

Max drove the car and jumped over to check their car.
"How about it?" A mutual aid soldier also jumped out of the car.
"They ran out of gas. They abandoned the car and ran away."
Max, by the way, handed a wreck to the soldiers. It was a man-machine plane.
Probably shot down by the immortal old Joe’s gun
The soldier didn’t say anything after receiving the man-machine wreckage, but Yang Yang to the car.
Soon the top of the car opens a slot and a small man-machine rises from the surface again.
Then suddenly there was a motorcycle engine behind.
Max looked strangely.
Only to see that driving a motorcycle is not just those grandmothers, but a pale and shirtless man.
The man who suck his blood.
The soldiers of the Mutual Aid Society also looked at the man with a wild face, and by the way, they looked at Max to confirm whether this man was his companion.
Max shook his head.
The soldiers made a "K" gesture.
Soon the Knox motorcycle jumped out of the car in front of everyone, only to find that he also took a stick and waved it while clamoring for the Hall of the Soul.
The soldiers looked at each other tacitly and chose a man to walk out of the queue.
"V engine …"
The soldier simply and neatly kicked Knox directly from behind.
Fortunately, he took a little effort, or this guy who hasn’t eaten or drunk for two days and has been exposed to the sun will probably fly.
Rosa also supported the car at this time.
As soon as I got to the scene, I heard the sound from the armored car behind me.
"Man-machine found them, just about two kilometers west. They are running!"
"All men and women together!"
The scene suddenly became tense, and Max also jumped out of the car and tried to strike a light again. As a result, the chariot got angry at this time, but it couldn’t be hit.
Seeing that the armored vehicles behind have started smoothly, Rosa can’t wait.
She looked around and quickly locked in the motorcycle that Knox had just brought.
That’s it!
Rosa felt that she was more excited than jumping out of the car and kicking Knox, who wanted to get back to the motorcycle, and then she took the car herself and just turned the throttle, and then she remembered something and bent down to pick up the iron bar.
This thing is also just brought by Knox.
Boom ~ ~ boom ~ ~ ~
The engine emits dark gas.
Rosa drove a hillside alone and quickly cut across the armored car in front. She saw the distance from a height and sure enough, there were several small black shadows moving one by one.
After determining the direction, Rosa waved an iron bar and screwed the throttle again.
the other side
Old Joe, who is immortal, took off everything on his body, even his breathing mask, and he ran as bare as he could.
But his seriously ill body can’t run fast anyway.
Moreover, he doesn’t know how long it’s been since he ran, and his body sensitivity is much worse. Now he runs like a crab walking in a straight line, which is a bit funny.
There are four men ahead of him, two combatants and one is Kalashnikov.
Old Joe, who never dies after hearing the motorcycle engine behind him, tried to call the old buddy and hand in front to come back and run with him.
As a result, the three guys ran faster instead.
As if he were a plague god.
By the time he finished shouting, Rosa had driven her motorcycle to Old Joe’s side. She was carrying an iron motorcycle in her hand and drawing circles around it, just like washing her hands before eating. She was not in a hurry to enjoy her "delicious meal".
Old Joe, the immortal, stopped to follow Rosa and turned the circle in place while talking.
"Rosa …"
"Let me out of here. You can have those women if you like!"
"Rosa! !”
Rosa is still driving a motorcycle in circles with one hand and holding an iron bar with the other. Even if one hand is a manipulator, even if one shoulder has been shot, motorcycle exercise is still easy.
Old Joe feels like a cat staring at a mouse, especially when he sees the armored car coming over the mountain.
He didn’t dare to pester Rosa any more, but took his crab-like steps and began to flee again.
Although it is almost impossible to run past an armored vehicle on your legs.
But the immortal old Joe still refused to give up this hope.
However, as far as he is concerned, he has taken a new step.
Rosa followed suit.


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