Even Jiraiya was surprised and showed a rare calm for seven nights, because all this had already been calculated by him.

Note here, I omit the battle scene between I love Luo and Deidara. The purpose is not to cut corners, but the battle scene. Everyone knows that it is better to write it again than to read the original. So I won’t go into details here.
Gang Shou saw that Seven Nights looked calm and asked, "What do you think of Little Seven Nights?"
Seven nights said, "I think those two respected people will not sit idly by after such a big event happened in Shayin. We need to cooperate with them and send a few ninjas to support them. After all, we already have a main battle plan, so we must not disrupt the layout."
"Chiyo’s mother-in-law and Hai Laozang?" Jiraiya mused, "If these two have retired, I think it is more appropriate for us to act according to the seven-night plan."
Gang Shou said, "Okay, let’s do it." Then Gang Shou said to the mute, "Silence, you go and call Kakashi and Akai."
"Wait …" Seven Nights said, "Let me take the seventh class, so that my prestige will be even more obvious. We attach importance to Shayin."
Gang Shou said, "Well, it’s for the best, and you are in control of the plan. I believe you will be able to grasp the discretion."
Seven nights after calling Naruto Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA, he was going to Shayin Village for help and told them that Naruto was the most sensitive one. After all, he had the same experience as I loved Luo.
In this way, a line of four people non-stop to Shayin village.
At this time, Shayin Village has become a mess.
Kanjiulang was seriously injured in the pursuit of Xiao and his wife. Although Shayin elder Markey has invited Chiyo’s mother-in-law, she is still helpless about this new toxin. Kanjiulang’s injury and the toxin in him have been determined by Chiyo, and it is because of this Chiyo’s mother-in-law that she decided to go out again.
In the words of Chiyo’s mother-in-law, Kanjiulang has been sentenced to death by her, because the only one in the world who can quickly distinguish all kinds of toxins and deal with them is the medical master who was praised by the world in the Second and Third Endurance Wars, that is, the sixth generation of Kanjiulang today, Gang Shou Ji, regardless of Gang Shou, the sixth generation of Kanjiulang’s injury will not last that long even if Gang Shou can come.
At this moment, seven nights led the seventh class to arrive.
Due to the current emergency and extraordinary period, due to the heavy casualties in Shayin, the mother-in-law of the thousand generations and the Shayin layer of Ma Jishou gathered at Shayin sanatorium at this time and led the ninja directly to the sanatorium.
The arrival of the seven nights made the hidden sand layer of Markey head breathe a sigh of relief.
"KINOMOTO SAKURA, you first look at nine lang injuries such as" seven nights.
KINOMOTO SAKURA was in a coma, and Kanjiulang immediately analyzed the results of toxins detected by Chiyo’s mother-in-law after several routine examinations.
Chiyo’s mother-in-law was surprised. "Who is this girl? Actually … "
Seven nights said, "His teacher is called Lord Gang Shou, the medical master."
"So in this case, the puppet boy will be saved."
At this time, I finished the face test for nine lang. KINOMOTO SAKURA said, "The teacher missed nine lang’s injury, but it’s not a big problem that he was poisoned and overbearing, but it’s not that there is no way to remove it. I don’t know if Shayin has all the medicines."
Ma Jiwen immediately ordered, "Someone will immediately take Miss KINOMOTO SAKURA to the medicinal material base to choose medicines. She will promise anything she wants."
Then, after receiving the ninja and guiding KINOMOTO SAKURA, he went to the medicinal material base to choose medicine.
"Seven Nights Adult, I’m really sorry that this unfortunate thing happened in Shayin Village. You led Konoha Ninja to come all the way to support me and I couldn’t meet him in person." Markey was ashamed of tunnel.
Seven nights said, "It is only natural that our allies should help each other."
"Young man, you are amazing. I didn’t expect to see a kid like you after I retired for so many years." At this time, Chiyo’s mother-in-law carefully looked at it for seven nights and said, "I still remember that during the Third Endurance World War, that person said that it was also a great kid to give up the yellow flash when he saw him."
Seven-night polite way: "That’s my father, but compared with your old age, we are nothing. I’m afraid my father was not born when your old puppet Shishan was famous."
"The afterlife is awesome. What a father!" Chiyo Popo Dao
It was a great success to come to Gang Shou, KINOMOTO SAKURA. After that, everyone further discussed the plan to rescue the five generations of wind shadow, I love Luo
Because Kan Jiu Lang was seriously injured and couldn’t take part in the battle for a short time, and there were a lot of casualties among ninjas in Shayin, Temari had to lead the remaining defense forces to defend the border between the country and the village. At that time, Shayin really couldn’t spare any people to rescue the five generations of wind shadows, and the plan of I love Luo fell on Konoha.
When Markey made this decision, Chiyo’s mother-in-law was the first to come out against "what is your decision?" Our own wind shadow should rely on the villagers to rescue us. Isn’t it for other countries to see our jokes in Sha Yin? Let them laugh at us, and there is no one in the country? "
Markey was speechless "but …"
"By an old woman personally!" Chiyo’s mother-in-law resolutely said
As soon as Chiyo’s mother-in-law made this decision, she was shocked. Markey objected, "That’s no good. You always have a considerable position in the whole forbearance world. If something goes wrong …"
Chiyo’s mother-in-law roared, "Don’t underestimate an old woman. I’ve made up my mind."
Seven nights never imagined that this frail old woman was so stubborn. "I think it’s better if we organize a team of four generations of mother-in-law konoha, so that we can take care of each other and save the five generations of wind shadows in the name of Shayin."
"This ….." For seven nights, Markey was so broad-minded that he was so moved that he could not speak for a while. It took a long time for Markey to express his highest gratitude to seven nights. "Seven nights’ adult, we are grateful to Sha Yin for your kindness."
So seven nights and four people compiled a team with the first generation of mother-in-law, and followed Kanjiulang for information and clues.
To be continued …
Chapter 17 Xiao trio
It took so long to get here this time. Deidara Payne said.
Deidara said, "I can’t help it. This is a bit tricky this time!"
"Before that, I would have advised you," Scorpion fumed. "I said that you are not suitable for covert operations …"
"Well, don’t make trouble," Payne said, closing his hands quickly and pressing his hands to the ground to drink. A huge hades tree rose slowly from the ground, and then Payne quickly closed it. "Come back, everyone!"
As soon as Payne’s voice fell, ten fingers of the Hades tree emerged several virtual shadows respectively. It was after knowing that all other members were ready that Payne added, "It will take three days and three nights from now. Everyone should be extra vigilant about their own bodies. It is best to be like a surgery to guard against ten thousand. Don’t disturb the seal steps."
Deidara said, "Three days and three nights … when orochimaru is absent, let’s do it a little more, otherwise it won’t be safe."
Payne said as he finished printing, "Now that you know it’s precious, hurry up!" It is said that Payne’s printing style has been completed. "Seal printing, magic dragon nine seals!"
Suddenly, I saw the huge Hades tree open its mouth and spit out nine blue chakra dragons and nine chakra dragons. They wound their way to the ground. I love Luo, I love Luo, and my body was immediately lifted by these nine chakra dragons. Then, nine chakra dragons merged into a huge chakra bubble and wrapped my love Luo in it. Instantly, I saw that chakra, the body of my love Luo, was forcibly pulled out by this huge chakra bubble and lost to the mouth of Hades tree.
After the start of stripping bijuu seal printing, Payne added, "You must always be able to monitor the five-mile range of Fiona Fang to prevent changes."
At the same time, seven nights and a line have followed as nine lang spelled a life to keep clues to track all the way.
KINOMOTO SAKURA asked, "The teacher heard that two members of Xiao had contacted Naruto and had been to the village? It has been about three years since then. What did you do now? "


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