In history, the Yellow Emperor was born with weak gods, but he was young and fair, but he was slow and successful. It is said that he was born like a god and could talk when he was born. He was very smart when he was young, and he was very agile when he grew up. When he became an adult, he was really a "dragon among people."

History’s description of the Yellow Emperor is too similar to his own.
Shennong is the "royal family" in the sacrificial clan and Huangdi is the "royal family" in the Terran. Is it true that he is the royal blood of both ethnic groups?
Father and mother, who the hell are you?
Ji Tianci felt sad. He thought of his biological parents and felt more and more that he had come to this world with a heavy mission.
At this time, look at the two people, Ji Tianci, who are close to each other, and guess that they should all inherit the genes of the sacrificial family and be born to absorb the aura of belonging to the family.
The cultivation method of Huangdi Jing is to show human beings that Ji Tianci has been to Maoshan School before rats, and most of maoshan taoist must be human beings, but those with awe-inspiring talents learned Maoshan Art before they mastered all kinds of abilities.
And people who practice soul like Li Fanzhi should be more talented people among human beings. He is just like the one depicted in the famous achievement method. Even the sacrificial family needs to practice the mind. This ability is not their natural ability, but Li Fanzhi should have a little blood of the sacrificial family, otherwise he will manipulate the liquid.
There is fire in Maoshan Art, but the two S-class extraordinary players can’t play with fire. They must both inherit the characteristics of the sacrificial family.
Although the sacrificial clan is strong, its ability is too single. Although human beings need to practice, they can practice the skills of all ethnic groups. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but relatively speaking, human beings have more potential, talent and hard work, and they will always become strong.
And one of our own human beings is born to be a genius, and it must be because of inheriting the blood of the Yellow Emperor.
Then the Huangdi Jing did not leave a void period. Ji Tianci estimated that the void period should be that "energy" accumulated to a certain extent, and the quantitative change produced qualitative change and reached the realm of soaring.
After understanding all this, Ji Tianci has a new understanding of Huangdi Jing or Fu Xiqin’s middle name achievement method.
The end is coming, and I need to improve my strength faster.
In the sky, Akris wishes Yu to flash around like a white light and a blue light.
The two men came to Helina’s side with a slap in the face, and she was still staring at the sea.
Akris glanced at Helina and thought she was about to "wake up" and hurriedly drank "Helina! Come and help! "
Helina looked at Acres with some hesitation. Suddenly, she stared at Zhuyu like a rude awakening, raised her shield, picked up her spear and ran towards Zhuyu.
Zhu Yu saw another beautiful girl coming, and he quickly shouted, "Go away and never hit a woman."
Helina ignored his shield and quickly rose above her head.
The shield shines like a dream. I wish Yu a moment to see it and feel that there is a woman in the shield so sexy.
He accidentally left, and God was stabbed by a staff of Achilles, and a few drops of "flame" fell on his chest.
"You uncle!" Zhuyu livid with the blue fire sword, he chopped at Acres again.
Not far away, there were strange waves on the sea surface, and the waves swayed back and forth irregularly. The waves were getting higher and higher and more violent, as if something was about to rush out.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Gong Yunqing
Ji Tianci saw a hundred-meter-high splash on the water not far away, and a gentle and graceful woman jumped out of the sea, graceful as a night elf.
It’s getting dark, but the first impression this woman gives is "crystal clear" and "watery". She is too stingy, and she looks gentle.
I don’t know how old this woman is. She looks in her early twenties, but she has a more mature temperament. It is very simple to wear two dresses, and the whole waist and navel are exposed. The perfect figure is very standard.
This woman is Gong Yunqing sent by Jiu Youjian. When she appeared, everyone stopped.
Zhu Yu shouted, "Yun Qingmei, just watch from your side. I can handle it!"
Gong Yunqing flew to Zhuyu’s side. Acres and Helina opposed each other and looked at Zhuyu puzzled. "Where do you come from?"
"Old fight afraid of who? If you don’t have an artifact, I, Pei Min, have an artifact now. Who can stop me? "
Gong Yunqing said, "You can’t beat Brother Pei with an artifact."
Then she looked at Zhuyu’s "blue flame"
"Where did you get the artifact?"
"How is it?"
Zhu Yu’s hand played two swords back and forth. "It would be better if my ancestors lent me the artifact."
Gong Yunqing is a burst of doubt "your ancestors? You are hundreds of years old, and your ancestors are still alive? "
Zhuyu one leng "yeah? Why do I think that child is my ancestor? "
Looking back at Ji Tianci Ji Tianci’s forehead, the word "inflammation" flickered and Zhu Yu was one leng. He turned to look at Gong Yunqing with a face of nai. "My intuition told me that he was my ancestor."
Gong Yunqing also looked back and smiled at Ji Tianci. "This child is so handsome, but why doesn’t he wear clothes?"
Suddenly, she found that a man beside Ji Tianci waved to her and turned his eyes to see that it was Li Fanzhi.
Li Fanzhi on the sea excitedly said to Ji Tianci, "My goddess has come and we are saved."
When Akris saw Gong Yunqing coming, he chatted with Zhuyu Jiuyou, and he finally couldn’t help coughing.
Akris knows Gong Yunqing very well. This woman is not aggressive, but she has a strong ocean ability. She is also an S-class extraordinary, but even if she is an artifact, she will leave her in France.
"Long time no see, Gong." Achilles said hello to Gong Yunqing.
Gong Yunqing’s face is supercilious. "Who did you sell the trident to?"
Achilles didn’t expect Gong Yunqing to ask this question as soon as he came, but it wasn’t confidential information. He replied directly, "The independent group bought it."
"Hum, did you give up the ocean when you lost money?"
Akris’s face also showed a trace of disappointment. "We also rely on the economic downturn in Europe in recent years. Several governments have put pressure on us at the same time. Who wants to sell their long-established artifacts unless they have to?"
"So you want to rob our artifacts now?" Gong Yunqing is still tepid.
Acres looked at Ji Tianci and Li Fanzhi with uncertain face. "You nine people colluded with the Dark Council to cheat the artifact from us, and I just took it back now."
It’s a shame to say this. I don’t know how much "injustice" the temples have suffered.
He went on to say, "Let’s call it a day, and I’ll get back to your nine swords theory tomorrow."
Then Acres winked at Helina and turned to leave.
Helena looked at the sea, and Ji Tianci’s eyes still revealed fear. There was still a little bit of fear, and then she followed Achilles to the west
Zhu Yu wanted to go after Gong Yunqing and stopped him. "Just finish it. What are you doing after him?"
"I haven’t had a good time yet. Now I dare to fight with Pei Min."
Is it nice to think of Pei Min Zhuyu and realize that the artifact in his hand is a sword in front of blade master?
Swing the head and wish Yu and Gong Yunqing fell into the sea again.
Li Fanzhi stared straight at Gong Yunqing and Ji Tianci constantly observed the sky falling on them. He found that the extraordinary woman was also the soul of repairing the earth.
"Long time no see" Li Fanzhi said 1.
"Long time no see" Gong Yunqing also replied.
Zhu Yu finally found the question, "Hey, little ancestor, why don’t you wear a dress?"
Ji Tianci covered her keys with her hands and didn’t breathe well. "Didn’t your clothes burn?"
Zhuyu was embarrassed. "Cough, come and wear my apron for you."
Say Zhuyu and get out of the apron.
Before Zhuyu appeared, Ji Tianci didn’t pay much attention to what he was wearing. Now his flame and black smoke have faded, and Ji Tianci finds that he is a barbecue shop owner with a dark blue apron on his face that says "Authentic Jiuyou Northeast Barbecue".
Ji Tianci somewhat disliked hanging the apron around his neck. He was afraid that the surface would be greasy, but after wearing it, he found that it was a "heat-conducting garment" made of unknown materials, and there was no trace of impurities on the surface.
Li Fanzhi’s obsessed eyes suddenly "shook"-he thought of the business "Miss Yun Qing, I have three partners who should help me find them here"
Gong Yunqing looked disgusted and delighted. "How many times have I told you not to call me girl? Can I be your aunt?"
Li Fanzhi’s eyes became obsessed again. "You’re not married and you haven’t even talked about a boyfriend. In my heart, you will always be a beautiful girl."
In the end, Li Fanzhi added, "That … I’m not married either."
When Li Fanzhi first learned painting, he liked to draw water drops, rain and oceans. After that, the school held an art exhibition and met Gong Yunqing.
At that time, Li Fanzhi was still a young student and Gong Yunqing was still like this.
Li Fanzhi and his classmates put them in a three-story exhibition hall, and every classmate stood by himself and waited for expert comments.


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