I said, sweeping my eyes at all. "Besides, it’s just a door. What’s the danger? Can you be a bitch?" Let you step back a little to prevent what do you mean, in case of one thousand, it’s 10 thousand times at most. Is your boss so bad? "

After listening to me, everyone stopped saying anything and quickly retreated to the back.
I turned around and looked at the iron gate, and I was still a little uneasy. If it came out of the gate instead of a monster, I would be fast and fast, but the water was fast. Besides, even if it wasn’t a monster, if they attacked hard enough and fast enough, they would probably kill me when I was at my door. After all, I only have more than 2,000 health points now. If I can be prepared in normal times, I can naturally rely on my own speed, but you must know that all my strength will be in the facade when the door is instantaneous. Even if the monster attacks me head-on, I can clearly see that I
I put my hands on the surface of the latch, and I thought it would be difficult to hit such a thick iron gate, but I didn’t expect that the door would be on its own before I could exert my strength.
A huge impulse attacked me, and I quickly flashed to the door and came out of it. There was a strong wind, but after a while, I didn’t see anything, neither a scourge nor a super BOSS.
After a gust of wind, the cave was calm, and there was nothing and no sound.
When the people behind me saw nothing, they all came over. I looked inside at the iron gate, but unfortunately I didn’t see anything except the cave
Is this just an ordinary door with no meaning?
I’m depressed. I’ve made such great efforts that I finally ended up like this once. You know, I’m fully prepared to be a martyr and accept everyone’s worship and admiration
Although I am a little lost in my heart, I will soon be more lucky. If a monster really attacked me just now, I would really be a martyr.
No matter how good it is to be a martyr, it’s not as good as being alive. Who told us to believe in one word, what is better to die than to live?
Since there is no danger, let’s go ahead.
I looked back at the crowd and said, "Let’s walk forward with me. Be careful. It’s definitely not as bad as it is outside. If you are not careful, your life will be in danger."
I don’t mean to scare everyone. After all, there must be something different in it. We’d better be careful.
Entering the cave, my eyes suddenly lit up.
Shit, why is the light so strong here?
I quickly looked at the surrounding environment, and it was no different from the outside, but the strong contrast of light still made me feel uneasy. Is there anything weird here that I didn’t see?
I was thinking about it and suddenly I shouted, "Boss, look ahead."
I quickly looked up. Shit.
What kind of monster is this?
A spider that couldn’t be bigger.
If the spiders we met outside were goats, we can see that they are at least elephants now.
I don’t know, I can call ya a dinosaur.
Shit, this guy, how do we have to fight to hit him?
I suddenly felt a little fear in my heart, even when I met BOSS alone, and my fear became stronger and stronger.
Suddenly, an iron gate creaked.
When I looked back, everyone’s attention was focused on the last few brothers, but obviously it wasn’t them.
Who’s that?
I quickly looked at the people I wanted, and suddenly I found that the iron cow was gone.
What’s going on here? Did that little flower just spend so many gold coins to get us to this place to die?
Holy shit, what’s going on? Who has so much money to talk like this?
I immediately lost my mind and quickly said, "Send a message to Tie Niu and ask what the hell is going on?"
I haven’t thought of anything yet. After hearing what I said, I saw that the iron cow was gone. What happened immediately?
After a while, the com rang and his face suddenly changed. "Boss, we became an iron cow. That little boy just wanted to get us here."
"What did he say?" I asked coldly, I’ve calmed down a lot by this time. It’s no use thinking about anything now. The most important thing is to see how we can get back.
The scroll back to the city immediately popped up a few words in my mind.
"Go back to the city scroll and say it again."
My avenue said that when I pinched the scroll back to the city, there was no response.
I rely on the system to say that this is a special zone and can’t go back to the city.
Holy shit. What the hell is this place?
I’m completely angry.
Iron cow, this damn bastard, if I meet ya again, I’ll strip ya alive and insert it to death.
Doodle-doodle com suddenly rang and took a look. There was a sentence in it, "You bastards are waiting to die in there."
I know who sent it without looking. I really can’t remember when I offended a guy named Tie Niu. Even if I met him, I should have an impression.
Besides, it is definitely not an ordinary role to spend so much money to avenge this, but I have no impression at all, which is even more abnormal.
The only explanation is that this iron cow is the tip of the iceberg, and the real black hand is hiding on the iceberg.
"Eldest brother, what shall we do now? That big guy seems to have woken up. "There is some shame in the sound. After all, he answered it.
I looked up and saw that the giant spider across the street had really moved.


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