it seems

Just like a sick dog with a broken back and a few kick, it was suddenly frightened violently.
Behind him is like being led by the king of dogs, and the bodyguards are scrambling to follow closely.
And the seat sitting in the distance looked calmer than Olga and behind him said nothing [Luo Jia O ‘Reilly Ann] [Conor Decoz]
Didn’t listen to [Penguin character].
Didn’t even look at it.
Chapter 1444 【 wonder woman-Diana 】
half an hour later
As the meal was over, Olga put down his knife and fork and slowly wiped his mouth with a napkin.
[Iceberg Restaurant] At the main gate
Here comes a burst of exclamation.
That’s the exclamation of people outside.
There are even all kinds of cheers.
From time to time
You can also hear someone shouting [Batman], [wonder woman], [Superman] …
It’s like seeing an idol fanatic fan.
It took a long time.
With the push door ringing
The road dressed exceptionally fresh figure bypassed the crowd and pushed the door of Iceberg Restaurant.
Holding a compass 【 Constantine 】 is breathing more than sincerely sighed.
"Your supporters are really enthusiastic …"
The remaining members of Superman and Justice League can keep silent.
If the compass range of the opponent is not limited and needs to be operated by the other side
They certainly won’t choose to follow each other around.
Not only are there many obstacles, but fanatics are also extremely troublesome to move.
And 【 iceberg restaurant 】 in the corner, it’s like a SangGuQuan curled up in the dark 【 Penguin character 】 in the face of the push door and a few guys consciousness was shaking, but also immediately put the body more curled up a few minutes blanched secretly guessed.
Not good …’
Maybe, my smuggling plan was leaked out …’
A Batman can beat me up for three months. If you really want the whole Justice League to beat me up, what’s left?’
Consciously, this 200-Jin meat can’t stand tossing him.
My heart is also in awe.
But it’s a pity that Yan [Justice League] didn’t have time to talk to him.
Even his old rival-[Batman]
I’m too lazy to talk to this fat bastard.
Pursuing the goal through "Constantine" and "Magic", this "Justice League" has more important things to do.
And [Penguin character] tried every means to conceal the smuggling plan.
Actually, Batman knew about it half a month ago.
Even the wife of the drug transport driver was infected with syphilis, and she knew all about it.
With all the cameras in the [Gotham] industry big data support city to support [Batman]
[Penguin character] All ideas can’t be said to be thorough, but they are semi-transparent anyway.
"… let me see …"
"We should have been very close to the target …"
Just as [Constantine] took a break and picked up [Magic Compass] again, he intended to continue tracking the target trace.
Without saying a word, he appeared in front of him.
"no need"
That’s Superman’s arm.
He looked solemnly at the front and said, "I have found it."
"Constantine" also immediately raised his head and followed the direction of "Superman" eyes.
Then in the large hall decorated with luxury and elegance.
What unnecessary scrutiny is needed?
What unnecessary observation is needed?
Just a glance.
[Constantine] Among the hundreds of diners and waiters, I saw three particularly eye-catching figures.
That’s three ordinary people who don’t feel the figure in the world.
Even if they don’t say a word, even if they don’t do anything extra, they are still as eye-catching as lights in the dark.
Didn’t carry magic to detect.
It’s instantaneous
[Constantine] just like [Superman], he judged that the other party was his goal!
Among many factors.
The corner above Olga’s head is even more daring to show his identity …
When Olga, who was sitting at the dining table, stood on his side face with one hand and cast an interesting look at himself
"Constantine" immediately felt great fear in energy.
It’s like facing a dragon chick as big as a mountain.
When he came, he was fought by debauchery all the year round, and most of his energy was completely swayed.
Turn pale as a corpse
But even if you are frightened and afraid of the limit.
That’s shaking
He still managed to control his body trembling and said hello to Olga.
"… humble earth people-[Constantine] sends you the most sincere greetings and the great [Crimson King] …"
Even though he faced the higher demon of hell.
Even though he faced the higher angel in heaven.
More "emperor" and "Satan" had a brief exchange.
I have also frustrated several intrigues and saved several situations.
Not long ago, I took a lot of drugs to boost my courage and make myself brave.


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