Emperor’s hand is not unpleasant, but he has already launched an attack when many players are in a daze. However, Lin Tianxie’s speed is faster, and his body is displayed in the hands and feet of the emperor, which directly interrupts the charge of the emperor’s hand. Lin Tianxie also rushed out of the pub through the opportunity!

The dragon’s greasy figure appeared instantly. Lin Tianxiao jumped to his back and got the message. Dragon’s inflammation gushed out.
Long Yan, the temperature was so high that the player instantly turned to ashes because of the dragon’s greasy silk. This bite of Long Yan directly set the pub on fire. Not only that, but it may be that the sky is going to punish the United States, and it is raining!
Wind and rain help the fire. This is the unchangeable truth. When the strong wind and flame spread instantly, a continuous fire broke out in several shops next to it. The dragon got tired of seeing the enjoyable place and spewed out several flames again, which set several other shops on fire!
Speaking slowly, it is actually a few breaths. When the players react, Lin Tianxiao is driving the dragon to get tired of silk, which has risen to hundreds of meters.
The emperor immediately summoned his unicorn to catch up with Lin Tianxie and spread the news that Lin Tianxie had come to America.
The emperor’s hand has become a paladin of light, which is a great job. He is also very fast in riding a unicorn, and he soon chased Lin Tianxiao 100 meters away.
"Holy blow!"
The emperor’s hand didn’t give Lin Tianxie a chance to directly cast a long-range attack. The knight gun in his hand suddenly projected toward Lin Tianxie.
A sharp burst into the ears of Lin Tianxiao. Lin Tianxiao’s heart was frightened and immediately drove the dragon to get greasy to avoid it. However, when Lin Tianxiao flew there, the sharp pike eventually chased after him.
One blow will hit you!
Lin Tian evil heart rises such an idea that it is a matter of chance, and I don’t know whether I am lucky or unlucky to be hit by the other party’s skill.
"Mad, you are cruel to the water curtain!"
A real dragon appears and directly ejects a water curtain to protect Lin Tianxie and the dragon. The water curtain just protects Lin Tianxie and the dragon, and the knight gun snows into the water curtain.
A ripple appeared instantly, making the water curtain Lin Tianxie feel the gas shock, which shows how strong the blow of the emperor’s hand is.
It’s not Lin Tianxiao’s personality. A blue light appears in the sky, followed by Lin Tianxiao’s roar, "The dragon growls!"
A huge dragon has turned into thousands of feet in an instant since it rose from the sky, hovering in the middle and releasing great pressure.
A crisp dragon has spread all over Fiona Fang in tens of thousands of miles, and the real dragon is proclaiming that his overlord’s hand is full of horror at this time, and an idea flashes in his heart to escape!
Chapter 392 One-on-one hit is a group of people.
When the dragon appeared, the emperor’s hand was already riding a unicorn and running wildly. However, everything was in vain. The dragon gave a roar and went straight to the emperor’s hand.
A breath of human defense instantly enveloped thousands of miles, and the emperor’s hands were horrified, but the naked paladin didn’t flinch (of course, this was also when he found his own way to escape)
In order to die, the momentum of the emperor’s hand has changed obviously. Seeing that he turned the unicorn’s head, his knight’s sword was clenched in his hand, and he suddenly pushed the unicorn and rushed to the oncoming real dragon.
"The light shines!"
When the emperor’s hand roared, a sacred breath emanated from him, and there was a faint posture of fighting against the dragon.
This skill is very special and can purify all evil sources. Of course, this so-called purification must be similar to your own strength. If it is too much higher, even if you move in a cow, you will still hurt your opponent.
It’s just that Lin Tianxie’s strength is much stronger than that of the emperor’s hand. Moreover, the real dragon is illusory and not illuminated by the evil source. This trick is the root of Lin Tianxie!
The real dragon went straight through the divine light and came to the emperor’s hand. The emperor’s hand looked a little condensed and shouted, "The gods are possessed!"
A huge angel shadow appeared on the emperor’s body. There are fourteen wings behind the huge angel shadow, which belongs to the archangel level. A holy breath emanates from this archangel shadow and forms a kind of mask to protect the emperor’s hand inside.
All this is just a breath before and after the completion of the moment, which shows that the strength of the emperor’s hands is not general, at the very least, the reaction speed is super fast.
A series of crosstalk broke out that the real dragon was directly hit by the archangel’s long shadow, and the two sides were not in the same position. One main attack was the peerless enemy, and the other was the main defense.
The two of them attacked each other as if it were a contradiction, but neither of them could defeat the other, and neither of them could endure it. Just when both of them were frightened, the two sides actually clicked when they hit the place.
Seeing the real dragon and the archangel, the virtual shadow is like a glass cover, which is actually broken. Not only that, but when the two sides are broken, the virtual actually collapses, and an aura of terror is instantly approaching. Both of them can’t help but retreat in the car until hundreds of meters later.
At this time, several black shadows suddenly rose on the ground, and they swarmed in a moment and surrounded Lin Tianxiao.
Lin Tianxiao glanced around. These people are not low in strength, and the number is around millions. Suddenly Lin Tianxiao felt that his head seemed to be limited and surrounded by millions of people. This feeling was really depressing.
Lin Tianxiae frowned and stared at the distant emperor’s hand in a bad tone and asked, "The emperor’s hand has given you a face to face with the old man. Why do you want to eat soft food now and prepare so many people to besiege the old man?"
Although Lin Tianxiao asks this question, he thinks that the emperor’s hand has actually suffered his own attack. It seems that it is not so easy to give the United States a painful counterattack smoothly. It is not so easy to know that they still have a darkness
The emperor’s hand looked fiercely, but it didn’t take long to reflect that he came over and shouted at Lin Tianxie, "Lin Tianxie should not pick those who have no reason not to. I don’t know what you are thinking. It is absolutely impossible to invade our city and region like the Philippines!"
"Emperor hand if I want to invade your territory, I will come directly and bring people to kill me. I just want to meet you old friends and …" Lin Tian’s heresy didn’t come here as if I had come here for some purpose, but this purpose is not what Emperor hand said to invade their territory.
The emperor’s hand looked stunned and his heart was in a dark tunnel. Didn’t he really come here to occupy our territory? Is there really another purpose?
However, when the emperor saw Lin Tianxiao’s evil heart, he suddenly realized and scolded, "How small it is to try to deflect our thoughts!"
"Lin Tianxiao’s nonsense is not much to say. Now you have two choices: one is to make the enemy’s skills return to the city scroll and return to your dragon kingdom area, and we will fight for life and death!"
Lin Tianxiao wry smile seems that it’s really not easy for him to want to stay here. Now he lists two conditions for himself, which one is not good for himself. The first one is that he will never choose, even if he chooses, it will be after the second one


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