"How many silver men bought it?"

The woman stepped back and walked out of a bucket waist with a finger behind the board in front of her, with a face of hemp and a mouth full of rhubarb teeth. "Whoever pays the highest price belongs to him" and gave a glad eye to the rich man in front of her.
"One hundred and twenty"
"two hundred and twenty"
"five hundred and twenty"
Almost instantly, the price rose to 520. At the very beginning, the rich man stretched out a finger, and the crowd suddenly gave out sighs. Some people lamented that they were short of money, and some people lamented that heaven was unfair, and such a beautiful woman had to be bought back by such a guy.
The rich man shook his hand with a folding fan and a smug nose. He didn’t ask about "1,200" when he was cold.
Moment all eyes Lin Fengshen Li Xiuer bit a lip, although somewhat reluctant, agreed to let Lin Dage be willing to accept anything.
Sun Xian is also puzzled. You know, although it is a good job for the Royal Guards, there is not much money left in the past year except for flowers. Windson has only done two thousand, and one hand is one thousand two hundred, which is definitely a big deal.
"Hey, how dare you rob a woman with the public?"
"It’s not that I can’t get used to it."
The rich man sneered that "a good man likes to be more sexual than others" and held out two fingers "1220"
"two thousand two hundred"
Windson one plus to two thousand two hundred and then look at the rich man’s face. Suddenly, although Khan has lost a lot of money over the years, take a look at the woman kneeling and grind her teeth. "Two thousand two hundred and twenty"
"three thousand two hundred"
Call out three thousand two hundred at that moment, the rich man was like a frustrated ball. He gave a unwilling look at Lin Feng in his eyes and turned around and got into the crowd.
"This man is really a bodhisattva. This time, Rain Niang will never go anywhere again."
Women looked up at windson eyes still reveal comfortable Li Xiuer before "sister get up" kneeling female hand strokes.
"bad karma people can’t talk."
"Buy a good coffin and bury it."
"Don’t worry, Hua Gu handles affairs in Shili Township, but I don’t know." The fat woman has a full eyebrow eye smile of 3,200, but she made a lot of money this time.
Chapter 60 Sargam persistent
"Let’s go"
The tone is dull. Lin Feng stepped forward and accompanied the Royal Guards quickly. Almost at the same time, the crowd left and right. As the crowd left the city, they resumed their excitement and peddled bursts of business trips. In the shuttle, they bought and sold, and they bargained from time to time.
"Hua Gu made a profit this time."
The fat woman looked back and scolded 1, "The heartless monkey cubs remember that good girls are sent to Huagu, which guarantees that you are indispensable." Then she gave a laugh and got the benefits of forest air. She was in a good mood and simply ordered people to prepare a coffin and hastily buried people and looked around, but she couldn’t see the girl figure.
"Dead girl usually temper don’t look down upon silver cheap you"
Maybe this happens every day in a place like this. Not everyone can be so lucky. After all, Lin Fengyou has one.
The barefoot man in the corner of the city still looks lazy. Just before a brisk walk, a rich man appeared with a smile and came near the barefoot man. "Lazy feet fairy is not bad?"
The barefoot man snorted, "If you can’t even do this little thing well, wouldn’t it ruin your ever-changing title?"
The rich man laughed, and his left hand took advantage of the situation. It is also strange that the whole person has changed instantly. If it is not wearing clothes, the root method can guess that it is the same person before appearing.
Everything is almost done in the blink of an eye, which is so amazing. At that moment, if you choose to close your eyes and open them, you are already in front of someone else.
"misty rain on her?"
The lazy man’s face smiles and stops. "Go and do something, and someone will arrange it."
"If you don’t talk nonsense before the real Buddha, you’re afraid that the wolf will enter the jaws." Then you let out a sneer and shake the folding fan in your hand to restore the original rich family and walk away.
Far away from the green fields in front of Tianlong Town are cascading mountains and blue waves, which are worthy of being Long Mai. The scenery outside Nanjing is equally charming, and the mountains with water and air are absolutely good. People here are either rich or expensive.
Li Xiuer looked back and hesitated. "Brother Lin has been following behind him."
Windson turned around and the man stopped with his head down. It was just now that the city saw that the father and daughter were buried in prostitution, not because they didn’t want the poor to be bullied again.
Windson knows that the people he can help are limited after all. Since it is inevitable to manage the situation, the silver tickets with him are obtained from the thieves of the fierce wolves.
Lin Feng’s feet speed up. Li Xiuer has to trot with the girl behind him. She seems to want to say something from time to time by waving her arms.
In front of it is a stone pavilion, with four corners tilted and carved with patterns, and columns with literati’s pen and ink. Most of them appreciate the beauty of the mountains and rivers here, so they can’t help but wave ink.
"Take a rest here."
Royal Guards were divided into two sides. Lin Feng entered Shiting, and Sun Xian followed them. Both of them had the same rank and the same status as Royal Guards.
Windson turned back and hurriedly turned to see it was near dusk. Tonight, most of them will spend the night in the forest, and they don’t want to be so persistent all the way behind them.
"Brother Lin still took her to look at the poor together." Li Xiuer looked at the woman behind him. It is undeniable that at that moment, she saw each other’s appearance and was equally envious. Unfortunately, it is not a pity that she has a disease to speak.
"It’s not too late to look again."
Windson is not hard-hearted. It can be seen from what has happened in Sanjiang Village that he just doesn’t want to bear too much responsibility. All the way to accompany the killing of those strange fragments in his memory is also full of killing. Windson knows that his life is inevitable, and his flying fish knife is separated.
Knife is a murder weapon, such as modifying the final method to change the fate of killing.
A person can not hesitate to face danger. Two people are different and must consider it. It is an accident that Li Xiuer appeared. If Lin Bo had not died, he would not have made this decision. It is not necessarily a good thing to stay with him.
Shi Ting Lin Feng looked at Sargam behind him. No matter what happens to each other, he has made up his mind not to have a connection at this moment.
I didn’t hesitate to pull Li Xiuer’s legs with my left hand. The speed of the whole camp soared. The Royal Guards were all practicing their legs. They suddenly disappeared and disappeared. The figure of Sargam behind them gradually drifted away.
"How could Brother Lin have the heart to leave her here alone?" Li Xiuer, some anxious women are the most able to understand that women choose to follow behind them all the time, regardless of hardships and dangers. There must be a reason for her, perhaps a word, a promise or a promise.
"You will realize today’s painstaking efforts in the future."
Windson is also Naiju Li Xiuer has distracted himself. Wouldn’t it be trouble to add a poor life story to Sargam’s side once someone took the opportunity to blackmail him?
The night is dark, and a bonfire rises in the forest. Lin Feng, Sun Xian and others are roasting fragrant game around the bonfire. Lin Feng has no idea at this time. The wolves are barking one after another and have been doing what with the woman behind him, whether to return directly or to follow him all the time.
"Brother Lin is afraid he has something on his mind?" Sun Xian, Cong, etc. have guessed from Lin Feng’s eyes that I can’t help but hum a cold one. The first taboo of a royal guard is not to be emotional, which is true for people, otherwise you will get caught up in it.
The wolf barked again, and Li Xiuer couldn’t help but let out an alarm. Only in this way can the whole body rely on Lin Feng’s side to feel at ease. Suddenly, Lin Feng’s figure has arrived outside the bonfire, "Lin Feng will go back."
A figure walks through the dark forest at a very fast speed along the way, regardless of the protruding branches along the way. From the moment when the wolf barks, the female resentment eyes come to mind, and how much courage has been paid to make such a decision. I don’t want to wait, but I am really abandoned by human feelings.
Windson’s life is doomed to be sentimental, not right, not wrong.


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