Hearing this, the general in Room B bowed his head with his fist and said, "I am in charge!"

After the speech, the general in Room B rushed into the prison where Xiao Feng was previously detained with people.
Soon many people died in the prison exit.
Yeluhongji didn’t respond to these sounds as if he hadn’t heard them.
Turned his head to Yeluhongji and looked into the distance, slowly rising a show of smoke, leading the way to control the horse and rush towards it.
Around Yeluhongji, tens of thousands of cavalry rode in succession and followed Yeluhongji.
At that time, the earth shook like a earthworm turning over, which was shocking and inexplicable.
At this time, Pang Xia and his three men have been rescued in that deserted town, and Xiao Feng will make peace.
At the sight of Xiao Feng, Pang Xia knew that his eldest brother must be poisoned.
Without saying anything, Pang Xia came to the front of Xiao Feng and pressed one hand on Xiao Feng’s heart and then started the righteous anode.
Immediately series latosolic red ripples spread from Pang Xia’s hand to Xiao Fengshen.
The elimination of negative state attached to the anode of Aoyi Pure is gradually helping Xiao Feng to relieve his strange poison.
I have to say that Xiao Feng’s strange poison is really powerful.
When Xiao Feng’s strange poison was eliminated, Pang Xia’s true qi was less than 20%
You know, Pang Xia’s true qi recovers quickly in "Immortality Tactics", which is simply insane.
In such a recovery speed, less than 20% was left after Xiao Feng’s strange poison was lifted.
It can be seen how difficult it is for Xiao Feng to be poisoned by strange drugs.
Get up PangXia took out a Dan medicine from the backpack into his mouth and crunched it.
At the same time, he looked at slowly running the true qi and felt his physical condition. Xiao Feng said with a smile
"Eldest brother, you have almost cleared up your strange poison, don’t you know how much your skill has recovered?"
Hear pangxia Xiao Feng immediately laughed and said, "fourth brother, you can rest assured that my capability has not been fully recovered.
But it has also been restored * * achievement is a great master. I dare to try my hand in front of me! "
"In that case, let’s …"
Before Pang Xia finished speaking, a beggar’s clean clothes sect np ran in from the outside.
He looked at Pang Xia and others and then focused on Xiao Fengshen.
"Report to you that the Emperor Yelu Hongji of Liao has led a large group of people to come to our town."
On hearing this, everyone frowned at the place.
Xiao Feng, on the other hand, is somewhat incredible and asks, "How can they know our direction so quickly?"
Xiao Feng’s voice just fell to one side and was sealed with wooden boards, and then it rang.
Immediately, the board broke and several heavily armored soldiers of Liao country jumped out from the inside with a lot of dust!
Chapter QiSanJi!
The heavy infantry, a total of seven people rushed towards the house (
At this time, however, PangXia figure step by step across in front of the seven heavy infantry.
Then PangXia held out her hand to thick nine deep and remote gas dragged out from the ground by him.
One hand holds those who have been drawn by Pang Xia and burst into nine deep and remote places.
Suddenly, the ground in front of the seven heavy infantry broke into pieces of huge earth and stone and crashed towards the seven of them.
"Bang bang …"
The incessant noise made the seven heavy infantry turn white in Pang Xia’s attack.
Then PangXia previous one-handed press at the tunnel exit at the same time body qi crazy surge up.
Hearing a loud bang, the tunnel suddenly collapsed and completely closed the secret passage.
Get up PangXia looked at hand fills the air nine deep and remote gas is quite surprised.
He didn’t expect this secret book to be unexpectedly good.
This kind of martial arts, which absorbs the atmosphere of the nine secluded places and then controls the earth and rocks to a certain extent, is really amazing.
And after seeing the martial arts power of Ten Hades, Pang Xia’s dissatisfaction finally disappeared quietly.


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