Su Lie paused and looked at the son. "There was a message just now about the so-called taboo god."

"God Swallower?" Tianyang nodded. "War sacrifices to Saman Papman, the co-owner of the three pillars, and swallows the god eater. This god was already taboo in the universe forever. No wonder he can build a’ grave’ to make its ancient will survive."
Su Lie nodded. "I just know that I once found his tomb in the underground restricted area …"
Tianyang’s pupil dilated slightly. "Are you sure?"
Su Lie looked up at the roof and smiled. "Thanks to Xingdu, all languages and characters have become interoperable and shared, so I can know."
"I didn’t come to tell you that the nightmare old man influenced me. I saw it. I have been to a mausoleum. I found a very simple but huge sarcophagus. The sarcophagus has some symbols. It is a kind of writing."
"But at that time, I didn’t know this kind of writing, so people learned who was buried in the sarcophagus. I was a resting place of an ancient will and didn’t dare to disturb it."
"But the nightmare came true. I read the coffin symbol in this star capital. It means …"
"God-eater … brake the tomb of Emperor Jia!"
"That is, those who are the tomb builders of different gods who swallow the gods with three pillars!"
It’s amazing that my father revealed the news. He had discovered the tomb of the forbidden god and met the sarcophagus of the god eater. He was separated from the grave owner by a coffin.
Now it seems that my father is quite lucky to see the forbidden god sarcophagus, and he can safely leave this luck as an enemy.
Tianyang’s flash of light said, "The nightmare old man can dig our hearts and fear will come true. Is it because the old man dug his own eyes and saw the sarcophagus of the God Swallower?"
"Was it scared to death alive?"
Su Lie nodded dignified. "It’s possible that when the sarcophagus appeared, I felt something coming out of the sarcophagus. Although I don’t know that the star is a nightmare old man, it can make the three pillars deify reality, but even if it materializes, a wisp of breath is enough to make the old man fall apart."
Tianyang chuckled, "Thanks to this, the old man died and the nightmare was lifted before we were out of danger."
Su lie
I agree, "I also think that if the nightmare old man is not scared to death, it will be me."
Tianyang looked at the two slates on the table. "I wonder if we can take these two slates away from Xingdu."
He also promised to disclose the information of the dusk slate to the Eastern Cardinal College, and if he mastered two dusk slates, it would be of greater value in Tianyang Church.
Of course, even if he wants to reveal that he owns the slate, he must be strong enough to use the slate as a bargaining chip at dusk.
Otherwise it will lead to disaster.
Su Lie patted the slate and said, "I don’t think it’s a big problem. This is another treasure of the universe. Being able to enter and exit dreams will definitely bring it back."
Tianyang put his arms around his hands and said softly, "I wonder which god will make the evening slate and what will it be?"
Su Lie ha ha a smile. "I can’t answer this question. We have entered the Star City one day. Take a rest and have a good rest before we have the energy to deal with that dream god."
"It’s just that there is no day and night here that makes me a little unaccustomed."
West mainland
Frontline base, the den of evil in the fortress of God of War
In the evening, an army transport vehicle from Ares Castle arrived at the base, passed through three inspection procedures and entered the base square safely.
The parking door of the vehicle opened, and soldiers came out of the car. They came to hand over and rotate with the base soldiers. They all worked in the base for a month, and then they got a week’s holiday next month, and so on.
The last car driver was Lin Ke, who looked up at the far-off hongxia reflecting the sky. In the sunlight, a dark outline was presented, like a monster dormant in the desert.
He sighed softly, "I’m back."
Lin Ke’s team was the first team to contact with the evil of flora control in the incident of flora infection before the leader of the nest patrol.
Almost all his players were infected by the flora, and later they turned into bacteria, and people became infected.
Lin Ke was very lucky. He survived the disaster and has been receiving psychological intervention at the Ares Castle since then. Until recently, his psychiatrist recognized that Lin Ke was mentally fine and could return to his post, which ended his long vacation.
"Captain Lin, you are back."
"How’s Lin Ke? Are you all right?"
Lin Ke met many familiar faces all the way, but he smiled and responded with no sadness in his heart. As far as he knew, his team finally died, and three people were left. Except for his healthy recovery, the other two were crazy, one was tortured by nightmares day and night, and finally chose to kill himself.
The whole team is now back at the base, and he is alone, which doesn’t make him sigh.
After the report, he came to the original dormitory and just arrived at the daily display, he received the order to lead the inspection tonight. Lin Ke did not refuse and readily agreed.
At the same time, the fortress of God of War has been renamed’ Jinxi Manor’. In the villa, Sunseeker Tong is pouting and watching the birds make kites for her. Now she hangs a big tree …
Chapter 1257 Taste
Seven-year-old girl looks like Sunseeker Tong. Her big eyes rolled and she looked around carefully. She saw that there was no one nearby. Her hair lit up slightly, and her tips escaped.
Immediately, Sunseeker Tong’s body was surrounded by light debris, and the scene around her was slightly distorted. She flew to the treetops and caught the kite and fell back to the ground.
When I was still landing, I was suddenly hugged tightly from behind, and then the birdsong sounded from behind. "Hum, look what I found. Didn’t you promise Tianyang not to use your ability casually?"
"What shall I do when he comes back?"
Xi Tong suddenly cried, "Aunt Bird, I didn’t mean to. I think there’s no one around here. I’ll pick it up. Don’t tell dad, okay?"
The bird bent down and put her hands on her hips with a straight face. "What did you call me? Give you a chance to reorganize your language. "
Xi Tong tried to call "Sister Bird" with a delicate lip sound.
The bird laughed. "That’s right. How many times have I told you to call me sister? I’m still young."
Xi Tong immediately asked, "Can you keep this secret for me?"
The bird laughed. "That depends on your performance."
She turned and walked to the villa. Xi Tong followed the wind and asked, "Sister Bird, how can I behave?"
"Well, just pick it up. You can call me sister."
"I promise to make this simple."
"Hehe, I’m wiping my eyes."
When two figures, one big and one small, entered the villa, the sunset finally jumped over the horizon, and the night slowly came, and in an instant, there were stars all over the sky.
Frontline base Rilinke looked at the stars overhead at night and slowly spit out one mouthful smoke. He looked at his watch and then put out half the cigarettes left and threw them into the trash can.
He walked out of the dormitory with a helmet and a gun
Soon Lin Ke came to a corridor when he heard a voice in the window.
"Do you know who our captain is?"
"Who is it?"
"forest branch"
"Lin Ke? I seem to have heard that he can’t remember at the moment. "
I heard the soldiers talking about themselves. Lin Ke stopped unconsciously and then listened to them continue to discuss.
"Give you an event that shows bacterial contamination."
As soon as the sound fell, I heard a bang in the window, as if someone slapped his thigh and then another stereo started.
"I remember that it was the first patrol team leader who contacted the infected gods!"


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