The evening breeze raised the wind and didn’t cross the top with a black banner.

Violets in the surrounding flower fields bloom with purple fluorescence and look dazzling.
The wind didn’t come to the gym, but it fell into a long silence.
A great Liang Ping finally said, "Will you die?"
Liang Ping has prepared for the worst, but he still doesn’t seem so concerned.
"It seems that you don’t cherish your life?" Hua Zhensheng stared at Liang Ping with a face of doubt and his face was slightly dignified.
"Ha ha, actually, don’t you think it’s very tiring and meaningless to do things in this continent?" Liang Ping became a little negative again.
Flower really smell speech face is slightly better.
Sigh a sigh
Hua Zhensheng wore a pink flower coat and looked at Liang Ping with a smile and said, "What can I do if I forget it? If I die, I won’t die. I’m afraid I can’t get rid of washing Yu Wenliang’s smelly socks for a month."
After that, Hua Zhen walked out of the cabin on the right side with a full face and said lightly, "It’s getting late. You’d better not think too much and go to bed early."
Liang Ping didn’t know whether to be happy or complain when he heard the news, but he was still very confused. Isn’t it so serious after eating these dishes?
A drop of essence is so precious!
I don’t understand everything, but it’s really late when I look at it. I just go back to my bedroom and get ready to lie down and sleep.
But lying on the boat tossing and turning, thinking about the flowers, I always feel that I can sleep peacefully.
I got out of bed again and quietly walked to the deck where the wind didn’t come to cross, displaying a primary flying skill and coming to the violet flower field with purple fluorescence.
The blue mirror garden at night is quiet and dazzling, and there is a special beauty.
Wandering in the violet flower field is as magical as entering the fairy tale world.
Since you can’t die, you have to go on.
Liang Ping pondered what Hua Zhensheng said. A spiritual practitioner can sense the corresponding attribute spirit according to his own talent.
He already knows that his spiritual attribute is ice attribute, but he can’t sense the spirit of ice attribute.
Here, Linghuadu is an attribute. Since he has the ice attribute, Lingwu attribute will know how to perceive the ice attribute.
Looking up at something empty, my mind is also empty.
It is this dragon god who suddenly yells, "Hey Liang Ping, we have all eaten the bear leg meat here. Please let us eat something quickly. It’s really starving!"
"No, you’ve eaten all that bear leg meat?" Liang Ping said incredibly, and at the same time, he hit a personal backpack and saw that there was no bear meat in the backpack
Mushroom Gong is already fast asleep. It seems that after she gets smaller, she becomes more sleepy.
Take the dragon god out of his backpack and put it on his shoulder to move on.
The dragon god saw the scene in front of him and said, "Wow, this is the blue mirror garden you always said is so beautiful!" "
Liang Pingwen said with a shallow smile, "What’s beautiful here? I’m a very useless super rookie."
"Ha ha!" The dragon god heard the words and smiled, "You are a waste. I knew it when I first met you. It’s also very good that you realized it so quickly."
Liang Pingwen’s heart was unwilling, but he didn’t pay attention to the dragon god, but at the same time he thought of seeing the dragon god scene for the first time, and that was the first time he saw Chu falling snow.
"I depend!"
It suddenly occurred to me that I had promised Chu Luoxue to help her escape from Yuncould.
At that time, I was so urgent that I forgot about it
Two days later, I don’t know what happened in Yunzhou.
Such a thought is to rush to the quiet house to prepare for Yu Xiaofei to take himself back to Yuncould.
However, when I first arrived at the secluded residence, I saw Yu Xiaofei sitting on the bamboo roof of the secluded residence, and his body was full of six-color fluorescence.
"It’s even more than a flower!"
Liang Ping shocked at Yu Xiaofei’s gesture.
Yu Xiaofei also found Liang Ping’s place for the first time, slowly opened his eyes and flew to the ground and asked, "Liang Ping, why are you here so late?"
Speaking to Xiao Fei, I noticed Liang Ping’s shoulder dragon god.
"Is he the dragon god?"
Liang Pingwen nodded with a face of apology. "Yes, he is the dragon god. It is because of this that he lost his dragon heart. I am so sorry."
"alas!" Yu Xiaofei sighed, "No one can change what has happened, but you must have something to do so late."
Liang Ping nodded slightly and said, "Remember that day when I went to track the golden snake alone?"
In small not smell speech eyebrows a cu way "of course"


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