Ying Zheng sat back in his dragon chair and looked down at us and said, "You are all three rivers and three treasures, and all of you are my own choice. I naturally have an understanding of your abilities. If you don’t have the ability, you wouldn’t sit here. Today, you can meet each other. Today, the three rivers and three treasures are the Prime Minister, Mu Lin, and Qiu Hariya, who are many newcomers. However, you must know these people, such as Mu Rongxing, the first servant of Jiuqing, and Langzhong Lingyi. Zhao Feiyu of Jiuqing Shaofu and Huang Shibu, the servant of Jiuqing, if you newcomers have anything to say, ask them more. They are all the best in the circle. If you have any questions about your ranking, say it now.

I picked up the teacup and took another sip of tea, but she was a little nervous compared with Haria sitting opposite me.
Ying Zheng went on to say that as you can see, there are people in Jiuqing today for a simple reason, and there is also a ghost building in the hands, and she is this time. We are mainly at the junction of Yin and Yang, and now we are entering the boundary of Yin and Yang to find "Si Yin Day". This time, the power sent by the ghost building will naturally not be too weak. If you are not capable enough, I can’t guarantee whether you can come back alive. I will show you the documents for yourself. Today, it’s just for you to know whether it’s a ghost building or one of your own. If you have nothing to do,
Ying Zheng said these words, those people got up again, bowed to Ying Zheng and left.
In a flash, the five of us are still sitting in the front seat.
After seeing some people leave, Haria felt relieved. I still crossed my legs and drank tea, as if I had come here to hear.
"how about it? Was the momentum in place just now? " At this time, Ying Zheng put up the frame just now, but spoke to us in a friendly tone.
I put on the teacup and commented that it was quite well installed. Come on, let’s clap our hands.
I led a few of us to really clap our hands for Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng got it. I looked at us and said, you all know who I said was the last Jiuqing. I won’t say much. It’s not easy to go to the junction of Yin and Yang. It’s ghost city at the junction of Yin and Yang.
"ghost city? Dunhuang ghost city? " I heard Ying Zheng frowning and asked.
Ying Zheng nodded and picked up the teacup and said, I can’t remember where the border of Yin and Yang is again, but I’m sure this time the border is mostly ghost city. If it weren’t for this, the ghost building wouldn’t try its best to win the titles of chaotic rage and chaotic Yin and Yang, but they are all big enough.
As soon as Ying Zheng’s voice fell, I walked quickly to Ying Zheng’s side, grabbed his teacup, and then held out my right hand to Ying Zheng. He made me laugh!
Ying Zheng looked up and wondered what I wanted to do. I put my hand in and said, "Are you embarrassed to call me back from Dunhuang?"! Plane tickets are free! You told me we were waiting for you in ghost city! Why do you go to so much trouble! Stop it, stop it, this group of people are all air tickets for me. Before leaving the ghost house, they all send special planes to pick us up and pay for it themselves. No, no, no, pay!
I could see the disdain in Ying Zheng’s eyes, and then Ying Zheng pointed to the whole room and continued to hold his teacup, saying that everything in the room was very valuable. You choose it yourself. That’s Wang Xi’s technique. That’s me recording the music score of Guangling San and that …
In the end, I didn’t take anything from Ying Zheng. I think these things are too precious! Let’s keep it for Ying Zheng! Otherwise, I’ll ruin something and be a sinner forever!
When we were sent to the apartment, we were told in a complicated tone that the housing was a little tight recently. At that time, I didn’t ask for money, but now …
Seeing the arrogance, Haria said freely that it is better than the usual place to live in the wild. I don’t care about it. Anyway, it won’t be long. Isn’t it the day after tomorrow that we are leaving again?
Hariya, this is nothing more than a tone of suspicion to comfort me. For me, Zhao Feiyu and a person who usually requires high accommodation, I really want to kill me.
Five people in one room! Why don’t you go to hell! Finally, I forced me to sleep on the sofa. Well, I was much happier.
The three of us didn’t have many suitcases. I was shocked when I opened the trunk of the car. I saw five suitcases. Haria said shyly, these things are all mine … Can you help me move one?
I went to get the smallest box, and then Zhao Feiyu and Yi also got the box, and we waited for it.
Above, we looked at the remaining two boxes and handed the apartment key to Haria. I finally saw the three of you today!
Zhao Feiyu put her face up with orchid fingers and said in a melodramatic tone, you finally know that I am a handsome boy, so excited.
Somebody hold my suitcase! I want to whip Zhao Feiyu’s gay man to death!
The apartment is big enough, and it won’t last long anyway. As soon as I put my things away, I just went to take a shower and changed my clothes, and then I went out to buy food. Above all, Zhao Feiyu was almost fighting for their lives. Who should take a shower first? Just when it was theoretical, Haria bent over and passed them. Then Haria smiled sweetly at them and said, You are fighting for me to take a shower first.
Sitting on the sofa, I looked at those two idiots and suddenly wanted to know how Zhao Fei-yu survived. What I want to know is that I haven’t beaten Zhao Fei-yu to death yet.
When all of us finished washing, we almost bought vegetables and came back. After we gave up the kitchen, we helped Haria move her luggage into her room.
I’ve always been interested in Haria holding a long black box by herself. I think there’s definitely something in it. When I put everything in Haria’s room, I pointed to the black box and asked with a smile, what’s in it? It looks good.
"Weapons," Haria said, looking at me with a smile. "Once you let me get hurt, and once you asked me to hit me, it promised to cut you into pieces."
Haria, I can’t help but cut it into pieces. Is that a kitchen knife in your box? No, the kitchen knife is chopped into pieces
My words made Zhao Feiyu interested in the things in Haria’s box. We three big men looked at Haria with a smile and wanted to see the true face of Mount Lu. Haria was also generous. When she opened the box, the three of us became white. What do you mean, to cut me into pieces?
Two slender machetes were lying quietly in the box, looked at them carefully and asked Haria, where did you get these knives? It can be said that you have lost them.
Haria smiled slyly at us, put her face in front of us and said, guess.
I guess a wool!
It’s like seeing a baby. I put my eyes on those two machetes. I didn’t see any difference between them, but I gave them a white look and patiently explained that you can kill people and ghosts, right?
I nodded and continued to listen to the above explanation
"Meteorite killing ghosts is destroying ghosts’ yin qi and rage. These two knives are different! Can you absorb the ghost rage and then benefit from it to strengthen yourself? " Above, I went on to say, "There was a sword with similar function in the former position, but I didn’t see it after I came out this time. I didn’t see it hidden in his crutch until you confronted the ghost king. I guess I gave it to the ghost king. Now I guess I regret it."
I’m a white Haria. What’s the difference between these two machetes? Compared with my meteorite, it’s a step!
I looked at Haria with admiration and asked where to find one.
Haria still smiled slyly and said to me, guess!
I guess your sister …
Chapter 19 Good people
It seems to me that people who can enter the river are all treated by several brushes. When I think of Ying Zheng after eating and drinking, I suddenly feel wrong.
Can Dong Qingde rank among the nine Qing? And Ying Zheng personally chose people. Maybe there is no Ying Zheng in this circle who can look at people?
Dong Qing is my apprentice, and I know her ability very well. There is nothing for Dong Qing except to learn something with a strong sense of spirit, to make good friends with ghosts quickly, and to have an exquisite heart.
Besides, Bigan said that in the appearance of two exquisite hearts, one must die. Although Dong Qing is my apprentice, I will not hesitate to kill her if it threatens my life.
Everyone went to bed early that night, and I was woken up early the next morning. After waking all of us up, I said in a panic that we still had two hours to go to the headquarters the day before, so hurry up and pack up!
I almost forgot how we spent those two hours. I feel that the sky is falling and I can’t come unless I pack my things and run away! However, when we arrived at the appointed place, we found that everyone had a panicked expression.
Ying Zheng sat in his dragon chair with a black face and looked at our party and said that everyone was here?
I turned around and counted a number of people. I said to Ying Zheng, everything is here. What’s your command except that you haven’t come to Jiuqing yet?
"I don’t know who you are who revealed our actions to the ghost building. It’s okay for me to report to me when I am the eyeliner of the ghost building. From now on, all of you are not allowed to bring communication equipment! Start the horse! " I could see that Ying Zheng was in a temper. As soon as he said this, I put my mobile phone on the table beside me very cooperatively.
Everyone took out their mobile phones and put them on the table. At this time, I felt how relaxed it was. He never used these devices. If he was the least suspicious person, it would be one.
I looked at Mu Rong consciously, and I had to doubt that he did it. To be honest, I don’t know much about my dad, and I don’t know anything about what he thinks.
I went to Ying Zheng’s ear and said softly, Now that things have happened, whoever betrayed the river will not come out by himself. Now that the communication equipment has been put away, let’s go first.
Ying Zheng nodded after listening to my words and signaled everyone to start.
I will accompany Zhao Feiyu and Yidu to Ying Zheng in a car. I will sit with Muronghang, Huang Shibu and an unknown Jiuqing. Huang Shibu will drive. Muronghang and I will sit in the back seat. The mobile phone has been taken away. I seem to be chatting. I took out a note and began to scribble.
The nine Qing saw me move and turned to look at me and asked him, "What are you doing?"?
I looked up and took a look at the man, that is, I handed the notes to Jiuqing. I was fine with graffiti, and I couldn’t understand what it was. Jiuqing took a look and then returned it to me.
I took it and continued to scribble on my face. The sun outside was very dazzling. Huang Shibu was driving with sunglasses. Mu Rongxing also felt that the sun was dazzling and chose to wear sunglasses. I knew my chance had come.
I looked in my bag and found a p4 for a long time. I handed p4 to Jiuqing and motioned him to check it. Jiuqing brought it here very carefully. When he made sure everything was all right, he returned p4 to me.
"Have you checked it? Is it ok for me?" I looked at the nine Qing said with a smile
Jiuqing turned around and gave me a look. He turned his head with disdain. I heard him whisper, Hum, it’s nothing but being a traitor with a seven-point exquisite heart …
When I heard this, I smiled calmly and pulled out my earphone in my bag. I suddenly pulled open the earphone cord and hooked it to the person in front of me. Obviously, I didn’t expect this reaction. His consciousness was that his hand wanted to buckle the earphone cord, but the more he struggled, the greater my strength became. I saw a faint smile on MuRongHang’s mouth, as if Jiuqing was happy to die.
I put my mouth to the ear of Jiuqing and said softly, "It’s easy for me to kill you. You listen to Jiuqing well, but it’s very early. It’s natural that Jiuqing is also very good to kill now and apologize."
Hearing my words, Jiuqing uttered a few vague words from her throat, presumably to apologize to me. I just smiled, and my strength was a little stronger. The thief smiled and said, What are you talking about? Why can’t I hear you? Can you be bigger! Oh, my hand is a little stronger!
"Yes … I’m sorry …" The man tried his best to say that Muronghang did take advantage of the fact that the person in front of him didn’t pay attention to my hand and gently clicked two times to signal that I had had enough to let go.
I took back the earphone cord and pretended not to know anything. I continued to listen to the song while listening to it. My fingers were playing the so-called rhythm with my legs, but that was not the real rhythm.
MuRongHang naturally understand me. What do you mean by that? That’s when I was a child, MuRongHang and I created a code word to know that MuRongHang and I also had it.
"Is it you who handed the message to the ghost house?" I asked.
"It’s not me, I don’t know who it is. I’m a minister in a ghost house like you now." Muronghang also simply hummed the singer’s finger and said this code word.
"Are you? Should we both put on a bloody feud? What if Ying Zheng doesn’t believe in anything? "
"Oh, let’s do it."
Seeing this, my mouth slightly raises an arc, and there is a rest in front of me. I motioned Huang Shibu to rest and stop, and everyone should take a rest.
After a few cars came to rest, I walked towards Ying Zheng’s car. I told Ying Zheng what Jiuqing said just now. Hariya also ran to my side with a smile and listened to me. When I finished talking, Hariya smiled and said, Do you want to give you a fight to let you abuse him? Besides, what did you tell you about such a trivial matter?
I also smiled at random and looked at the nine Qing with a light smile and said, "No, he is watching me like an enemy, which makes me very unhappy. If the same camp is to be suspected, what reason do I have to stay?" Isn’t it too interesting? Besides, Haria, you know that I am a vengeful person. What if that person just leaked the news to the ghost house? "
Haria knows what I mean. She pretends to think and lies down outside the window of Ying Zheng. It seems that your mouth is a little big when you choose someone.
I know that Ying Zheng is sensitive to my identity. After all, Ying Zheng is a traitor, but I chose to leave the ghost house and come to Jianghe. Suspicion is an encouragement to Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng motioned Hariya to leave the window and he just opened the door.
Ying Zheng walked towards the Jiuqing, whose face was immediately covered with sweat, his neck and traces of my earphone line. The more Ying Zheng approached the Jiuqing, the more nervous he became.


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