Yi Min could not help but deny it after all.

Everyone Zheng devoted to thousands of feathers and turned their eyes.
"It’s not him. Who is it?"
He asked with a heavy stare.
Yi Min’s eyes flashed back slightly. "I don’t know who was in a trance at that time …"
"Since the gods are in a trance and don’t know who it is, it is definitely not a phoenix shadow ink?" Before her words were finished, she was interrupted by a strange thousand feathers.
Yi Min was choked by him, and at that time he was right.
But she knew his mind.
The murder of Shen Yanxue, Phoenix Shadow Ink, is the man in black mask wanted by the imperial court. One of these two points can condemn them to death.
However, this man didn’t pursue these first, but first entangled in her body-pleasing medicine.
Speak a little
He’s doing it for people to see.
Show it to who?
Night spirit, she knows
This man is trying to kill Phoenix Shadow Ink and let the night spirit disappoint Phoenix Shadow Ink, thus completely breaking the two men.
So cruel
Say that Monday (the day after tomorrow) will be severely aggravated ~ ~
Thank you [Deep-sea Blue] for kissing the purse ~ ~ Thank you [Su Mian Sue] [3157679] for kissing the flowers ~ ~ Thank you [I drop the bud treasure] [bke88] [Ceile 7] [3157679] for kissing the monthly ticket ~ ~ Love your group ~ [18] Will a person who is not afraid of life and death worry about his illness?
This man is trying to kill Phoenix Shadow Ink and let the night spirit disappoint Phoenix Shadow Ink, thus completely breaking the two men.
So cruel
What makes her feel depressed most is that Piansheng Yingmo is still frying without saying a word.
She knows this man, he is wise, he is eloquent, he is resourceful, he is not in danger, and it is not impossible for him to improvise and resolve a crisis.
If you can’t completely resolve Shao Shao, you won’t let yourself be too passive.
But he …
It’s like being sucked away from all the angry holes and being at a loss and frustrated.
In fact, she knows his mood.
Revenge has been his only belief for so many years.
The hedge wound is all the support in his heart.
Suddenly, tonight, he found that the bloody belief was forced by others.
And this one who forces others is still the one who supports others like a god in his heart.
Make him feel like a joke all these years and let him take it as well?
But …
"Phoenix Shadow Ink …" She called him.
He still turned a deaf ear.
Is devoted to thousands of feathers out again in front.
"Phoenix shadow ink body minister used to spook the night spirit, and now he’s having an affair with concubines, confusing the palace and killing his wife Shen Yanxue. It’s so evil! Someone will take Phoenix Shadow Ink to me and keep it under strict watch. When the antidote of the night workshop is over, I will go back to Beijing and behead it for public! "
Everyone was shocked.
Yi min da hai
Phoenix shadow ink is still indifferent.
Several guards muzzle Phoenix Shadow Ink and push Phoenix Shadow Ink forward.
Yi Min frowned and just wanted to stop him. Mo Qianyu suddenly turned around and looked at her coldly. "And you!"
Yi min’s breathing is stagnant
"The concubines in the palace behind them don’t keep the women’s way, and the extramarital affairs of foreign ministers are also taken to custody first, and they will never be forgiven after returning to Beijing!"
The last four words almost grind out with deep hatred and determination.
Yi Min looked at him and said nothing.
No more explanations, no more pleading
Just look at him.
What can she expect from a man who will flatter himself?
Never forgive?
Is this man trying to make her wish she were dead?
"Please give Yi Min the death penalty!"
At that moment, she suddenly felt that she not only understood the mood of Phoenix Shadow Ink, but also understood the practice of Phoenix Shadow Ink.
When the only belief in her heart collapsed, she tried to think of nothing but compromise and giving up.
But obviously men won’t even let her get what she wants.
"Death?" Devoted to thousands of feather eyebrow chuckle "just not also said that the adulterer is not a phoenix shadow ink? How? As soon as I heard that Feng Yingmo was going to be beheaded, I couldn’t wait to accompany him? "
A pair of said it like it happened.
Yi Min dazed and shook his head gently.
She spoke.
This man will go around her again and get entangled with Phoenix Shadow Ink.
He’s trying to convince the night spirit that this is true, isn’t he?
Looking away from the stranger’s face, she turned her eyes to the virgin not far away.
Women with black hair and long clothes are flying around.


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