Sun Hao was slightly surprised. This corpse demon is very similar to his own Xingtian Wupo. It is also extremely difficult to eliminate. The only difference may be that the corpse demon does not have his own indomitable and powerful fighting spirit in Xingtian Wupo, nor does it have his own selflessness and earth in Xingtian Wupo.

The square shield circled Sun Hao and continued to smash the corpse demon. At the same time, the gods swept away to the corpse demon, and the spine he had just broken was swept over.
The resin demon growled and retreated to avoid the square shield. At the same time, he stretched out his claws and fingers and rushed out of ten dragon-shaped gas. Like ten swords broken, he formed a sword array, which instantly blocked Sun Haojin from retreating to Sun Hao’s assassination.
Xingtian’s dry Qi Fangdun flew back with three sharp swords.
Corleone body shaking slightly like a puff of smoke from the sword array in a flash disappear.
When Sun Hao reappeared, he had completed the wind escape at an extremely fast speed. The hammer behind the corpse demon swung out and hit the back of the corpse demon, and the strength poured out again, just picking up the spine.
Applauded for three times in a row, the corpse demon just connected the spine, and the defense force was much worse. This time, Sun Hao no longer hesitated. His left hand, Xingtian, disappeared and disappeared. He clenched and gripped the corpse demon’s spine, and the dragon force broke out suddenly and pulled outward.
At the same time, the right-hand hammer hit the end of the corpse demon’s spine properly.
The corpse demon’s head was swept away by Sun Hao’s hammer, and the flying corpse demon’s broken spine was suddenly pulled out of his body by Sun Hao and retreated violently.
Lost his head and spine resin magic casually waving his fist to Sun Hao rushed a few steps to push the Jinshan generally fell before Sun Hao twitched a few times, but he couldn’t get up anymore.
Sun Hao’s little face showed a bright smile.
Sure enough, the secret of the corpse demon is that if they pull out their spine, they can’t continue to be evil
Sun Hao’s spine is very heavy in his hand, and he has a feeling of holding Wan Jun’s iron bar in his hand.
Sun Haoxin’s observation soon found clues when he put the two cut-offs of the spine in front of his eyes.
There is also a spinal cord in the spine of the corpse demon like a human monk, and their spinal cord is unusual at first glance. Sun Hao looked inside with a broken bone and saw that it was faintly golden and bloody
Sun Hao felt the blood jade paste. At this moment, he was fascinated by Xingtian’s witch’s eyes and eyes, which had automatically opened to reveal his longing.
At the same time, Sun Haodan Tanaka Sumeru condensate tower also showed a desire, and Sun Hao did not expect that Mu Dan himself also showed a desire.
All three are eager at the same time, and the emotions are very strong. It can be seen that this blood jade paste is very helpful to you.
Wanted to think Corleone cross legs and sit with a jerk bone magic spine mouth fierce suction.
Blood jade paste rushed into Sun Hao’s mouth. Sun Hao was fascinated by God’s knowledge. Xingtian’s witch opened her belly button mouth and vigorously sucked blood jade paste into her mouth. Wild Xingtian vigorously drove Sun Hao to refine bone marrow blood jade paste while observing her own changes.
Soon Sun Hao stood up and smiled brightly.
This resin demon bone marrow blood jade cream is the size of a thumb. After refining, it seems that it is not very helpful to Sun Hao, but Sun Hao has a bit of surprise in his heart when he seriously experiences physical changes.
For one’s own body, the bone marrow blood jade cream is like a powerful supplement to the death element magnetic ray, which can stimulate one’s own body to be finer and more solid, but when this fineness and solidity reach a certain level, there will be a lack of correspondence and become more rigid.
However, the bone marrow blood jade cream has solved this problem very well. The biggest thing of jade cream is to enhance the activity and flexibility of the flesh, which can make Sun Hao’s flesh more flexible and make Sun Haojing endure more magnetic rays.
If you want to put it simply and directly, it is that Sun Hao used to be a physical body, but it was just a physical body.
The first wonderful change in Sun Hao’s body after refining the death meta-magnetism is that Sun Hao can make his body finer with the help of powerful rays, which is equivalent to a lot of Sun Hao’s body, and then automatically generate new flesh to fill in.
Refining death yuan magnetic Sun Hao body may be equivalent to the first two or three bodies overlap.
Now Sun Hao has further refined the bone marrow blood jade paste, and this coincidence is doubled again. Sun Hao simply compares that he must have enough blood jade paste, and maybe the strength of the whole flesh will be superimposed more than ten times than that of the original original flesh.
This is a milestone progress of Sun Hao’s body.
Xue Yu Gao’s help to Sun Hao also reflects the second aspect. After refining Xue Yu Gao, Sun Hao found that his body and bones have also been greatly affected. Just like the flesh, the double sword bones can also get the opportunity to superimpose bone density.
And Sun Hao can still feel that his bones become more flexible after absorbing the blood jade paste, and he can’t finish some strange movements before. Maybe Sun Hao is no longer here. Sun Hao’s whole bones seem to have become a flexible and tenacious soft armor.
This is the great help of bone marrow blood jade ointment to Sun Hao.
Of course, only a small piece of blood jade cream is of limited help to Sun Hao, but Sun Hao needs to move on to collect it
It wasn’t long before Sun Hao did the same thing and killed the second bone demon. This time Sun Hao led the blood jade paste into Mudan.
After half a ring, Sun Hao’s face showed a thoughtful expression
Mu Dan absorbed blood jade cream, and it seems that the change is not great. Sun Haoxin observed and realized that Mu Dan’s lifelike tree pattern seems to be taller with more branches.
Mudan trees are produced by refining and building branches, but I don’t know what this blood jade paste will look like.
Sun Haoyuan understands that his wooden Dan pattern symbolizes the spiritual root of his wood attributes, but now it seems even a little biased.
Either Mudan pattern represents Tianmu Linggen and may continue to strengthen, or Mudan pattern root is not Linggen.
Moreover, judging from the present changes, it is not more likely to be a spiritual root, because usually, if it is a spiritual root change, Sun Hao’s five elements of the spirit will have a corresponding response
And refining the five elements of blood jade cream, there is no movement at all. It seems that Mu Dan’s pattern has something else.
Thinking seriously, Sun Hao suddenly found that he might have made a habitual mistake in the past. For a long time, Sun Hao has always regarded Mu Dan as his own wood attribute foreign body, but now it seems that I am afraid that the wood attribute foreign body generated after rotating the spiritual roots is not Mu Dan, but it is very likely that Mu Dan has created this pattern.
If it weren’t for this time, Sun Hao might not have thought of this truth.
Mu Dan’s strength is the root of Sun Haomu’s attribute repair, but the formation of Mu Dan is not very big with the five elements of the wheel spirit tactic, but the accumulation of annual rings is the real result of the wheel wood tactic. From this perspective, even if the foreign body of his own wood attribute is still in an undeveloped state, I don’t know what great power it is.
Soon after, Sun Hao harvested the third piece of blood jade paste, which Sun Hao put into Sumeru coagulation tower.
Chapter 19 Common progress 12 More in place for support
This is simple, and it doesn’t need Sun Hao to understand it, and it doesn’t need Sun Hao to refine the interest and be swallowed by Sumeru condensate tower.
On what’s wrong with Sumeru Tower? Sumeru Tower is always a magic weapon for Sun Hao’s life. There may be a struggle for ownership, but if Sumeru Tower needs progress, Sun Hao will not deliberately suppress it, but Sun Haoba may not be helped to refine the pagoda more severely.
Sun Hao has accumulated a lot of practice experience for so many years, and he knows one of the most basic facts is that even if he has a little weak control over Sumeru Tower, he will not hurt himself if he talks about Sumeru Tower.
It’s no joke that Dantian has cultivated herself for so many years. It’s hard to say who really wants Sun Haofa to fight for more control.
Being unknown may be symbiotic with master’s youth and old age. If you want to fight with yourself, it should be his way, but Ji can’t use Sumeru to set a tower against himself.
Sun Haoshi really wants to know the situation of Master’s youth and old age, but he is afraid to fight his face easily and can wait slowly.
Sun Hao has a hunch that it is very likely that when it is clear, it is rare for someone to help him refine Sumeru tower. Sun Hao will naturally not be mistreated.
The rabbits in the border grazing induction are advancing rapidly along the direction of the real inferno. It is estimated that Sun Haoshi, the opening of Halloween Palace, is not sufficient.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand the bone marrow blood jade paste and Sun Haoli’s efforts to make progress.
Xingtian Wu ‘o let out the golden body protector agarwood sword and swept through the past all the way.
Xingtian Wupo harvested bone marrow blood jade cream by himself and let him digest it to refine his body and bones, while Sun Hao harvested bone marrow blood jade cream and put it into Dantian Sumeru coagulation tower and Mudan to let them digest it by themselves.
The corpse demon is very strong, but it is not difficult to find a way to deal with it. It is natural that the corpse demon can no longer be chaotic after decapitation and withdrawal of the spine.
Sun Hao’s agarwood sword in his hand, the four swords are all together, and the wind sword is faster than destroying an ordinary corpse demon.
It takes a little longer for Xingtian to be a witch, and Xingtian’s fighting style also makes Sun Hao quite fluent.
This guy knocks off the corpse demon’s head and a big mouth behind him, which is a gulp to swallow the corpse demon’s whole paste with blood and bone, while yelling at refining and fighting spirit to kill a bone demon.


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