Night city, November 29, 163, Faranese calendar
Today, finis is still walking on the class road as before, but there are a group of people around the deserted street who are curious about what they are looking at, and finis is also crowded in.
"Wow, look at this wanted order. These three humans are really amazing. They actually provoked the dietra family to issue a bloody wanted order, regardless of life or death!"
"Yes, they will be miserable. Maybe they will be caught in a few days."
Finis took a closer look. It turned out to be the largest dietra family in the dark night city, and issued the highest-level bloody wanted order to three humans. No wonder there are so many people here.
Finis has tightened her tight coat, and the weather is not very good now. I hope I will move today, and my sister won’t get sick.
Arriving at the company, the boss of the annoying wing Terran is holding a watch at the door again. Every day, he does this and then severely deducts the salary of the latecomers, even if they are a few minutes late. What a miser.
As usual, finis ingratiated himself with the boss and smiled, but he insulted him. "Go to work quickly and die short. If you didn’t have a high salary, you would have changed people a long time ago. Smile and smile, my ass!"
Finis walked into the company’s daily document processing.
"Are you all right?" At this moment, an angelic sound sounded in finis’s ear, which was a very beautiful winged Terran girl and the reason why finis didn’t want to leave.
"Thank you, Fiona. I’m fine." Little Terran young guy blushed and ducked. Little girl’s eyes.
"That’s good. Uncle lost a lot in playing cards with others yesterday. Don’t pay too much attention to his anger today." Wing Terran girl pleaded with her uncle.
"No, how can I be angry with your uncle!" Finis blushed even more. He took out five months’ salary to buy a necklace that Fiona liked but could not bear to buy, and gave it to her.
"I saw this necklace when I was shopping, and I thought it matched you very well, so I bought it and asked you to accept it!"
"Really give it to me?" The little girl of Wing Terran blushed and looked at the same embarrassed. The young Terran said shyly, "Then can you help me?"
"Good" finis hung up this shiny platinum necklace with trembling hands. The little girl Boyi Terran girl was shy and kissed his face in a hurry and ran away.
So finis spent a happy day.
Time flies, especially at work, when the sun has set, and finis is still working on the first floor of the company, so he decides to carry out weekly daily activities.
Finis got up and quietly went to the boss’s office, listening to the shortness of breath of men and the high price of women.
"Ah, uncle, come on, I, I can’t! ! ! !” A high-pitched female voice rang, and soon their conversation came out of the office.
"Baby, why do you have a new necklace around your neck today?" The man said casually
"Of course not. It’s the silly little Terran in the company who sent him back. You’re my uncle. Can you really take me home? Ha ha ha! "
The two laughed at the ringing woman and continued, "Let me continue to act with him and let him please me with the money he earns every morning. Don’t you save a lot of money, uncle?" Do you want to thank me well? "
"Of course, baby, thank you. Let’s do it again?"
"Oh, don’t oh, don’t stop …"
After that, there was an unbearable feeling. After finis listened to all this with a smile, they went back to their desks one step at a time and still maintained their hard work.
Not long after, some little red-winged Terran girls came over shyly and said to him, "It’s late in finis. My uncle has something to stay in the company. I’m afraid to go home alone. Can you give me a ride?"
"Yes, of course!" Finis made a surprise sound.
After seeing Fiona off and returning home, finis took it out of a dark room two months ago, and after passing by the boss’s office, he secretly prepared a sword rope and poison to stare at for a long time and put it back.
Wait, wait for half a month before everyone is gone, and then let me have a good talk with you two winged Terran dogs and men!
Ps didn’t update Tianliang yesterday.
Chapter 53 Cover ()
On December 2, 163, at lunch in the village of 100 people, the original small terran, Outlak, Faranis calendar.
"Old man, wait and play with your black Qiu Er stuff. Come and have dinner."
This is a small Terran silver-haired old woman with a kind smile. She looks at the table and has set three vegetarian dishes outside the room to urge her wife.
"I’m coming, my wife, wait for me to put the things!" The old man in the old woman’s mouth is also a small Terran elder with the same silver hair as his wife. He got up from the stool and carefully hid the unfinished magic crystal bomb under the bed.
Although he is already a white-haired old man, the couple still love each other very much. You help me to take a bite of food, and I will help you to take a bite of food. The atmosphere at the table is very warm.
"Three days later, the clan should join the human army, right?" When the old man calculated, the tribe should have left the Utopian Alliance.
"Yes, I hope everyone can live happily in the human Beradia Empire and will not be taken to be slaves again!" When the old woman swallowed the food, she remembered that she had been arrested and taken away by the slave group. Her kind face showed some sadness and her eyes gradually became red.
"Forget it, it’s been several years. Didn’t Ilg and Sani leave with everyone? Maybe Sani will be pregnant again when she arrives at Beradia Empire!" Looking at since the granddaughter was taken away by traffickers, she will fall into sadness from time to time, and her wife and old man will comfort her.
"Yeah, maybe, old man. How’s your tinkering?" Wipe away tears and be strong. The little terran old woman asked about her old man’s preparation during this period.
"It’s almost a few days before the magic crystal bomb is ready. This is the bomb storage in our mountain. Let those damn slave catchers have a good drink!"
Speaking of the craft he learned from the old master when he was young, the old man was excited and picked his eyebrows, thinking that the food was good and he ate a lot.
"Ah, that’s good. When the time comes, the two of us will drag some bad guys with us, and we will have a companion on the road."
"Whatever you say."
Outside, in a gloomy day, snowflakes slowly fell into the house, and two old people in thin clothes could not help getting closer to the fire.
The magic crystal bomb is not a kind of thing like them. Civilians can make materials at will. The old couple have almost exhausted all their money. They can rely on their son and daughter to leave half of the house for firewood to keep warm before leaving. It is also very cheap food and wild vegetables dug by themselves in autumn.
Their faces are happy and happy.
Feather City, the main city of Terran, on December 163, Faranis Calendar.
"Nisha came to my house tonight and had some work to tell you."
"Good Mr. Izer"
Looking at tall, handsome, gentle and considerate people, the boss is a face of envy from several girls in the office. Looking at Nisha, a girl with a height of one meter and three small terrans.
"I really envy you. Is it the third time this month that Nisha has been so valued by Mr. Ize? How about Mr. Ize’s kung fu in that respect? " One of the snake Terran girls teased Nisha.
"Cut also said that I don’t Mr Riel also about you several times? How about your little hoof being well’ loved’? " Nisha had a strange blush on her face and fought back not to be outdone.
The topic was said, so the group of Yingying and Yanyan in the office also chattered. You can talk about my boyfriend and I can never talk too much about my husband and woman.


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