He propped up the car and took the two boxed calligraphy and painting from the back seat and went in.

"Comrade framed calligraphy and painting? 「
Just take the door to a voice asked
Li Chu followed the sound and looked at the past. Inside the glass counter sat an old man in his sixties with a cigarette pot in his hand.
"Hello, is your name Chen? 」
"Yes, it’s me, and you are …" The old man in the counter let go of the smoke pot.
"Oh, Wang Wen is my brother-in-law. I came here today to find out if you can repair calligraphy and painting here. 」
"Repair calligraphy and painting? 」
The family name is Chen Laotou. He hesitated for a moment before asking, "Can you let me see something first? I dare not say if I don’t see the damage?"
"I brought calligraphy and painting." Li Chu put the creaky nest with two boxes on the counter.
I think it’s strange that this calligraphy and painting is in a fashionable place, but it gives me the feeling that it’s like being fished out of the water and dried, and it drops off when it moves.
Mr. Chen was just about to pack a box and have a look. After hearing Li Chu’s words, he paused, and then he was more careful to take the box wrapped in an elastic band and gently packed it.
There are calligraphy and painting in the box, and the paper has turned yellow, not to mention the corners are still cracked.
Age some suspicious glanced at Li Chu "comrade, where did you find this thing? Won’t be … "Here he stretched out a finger to refer to a.
He got Li Chu back with this move and looked down at the soles of his feet for a long time before he reacted. What did people mean?
Emotional people regard him as a local husband.
"Master Chen, you misunderstood that this is a friend who collected things from others 20 years ago. Before that, we forgot that there were still these things because the street office had to close the house. We found them when we went to sort things out."
For Li Chu dialect, Chen Laotou is still a little skeptical. If he hadn’t just said when he entered the door, he would have called Wang Wen’s brother-in-law and estimated that he would have been thrown out by now.
"Lao wang didn’t go to go to the opera these two days? 「
"Ah, my brother-in-law never goes to go to the opera."
Li Chucai reacted when all the words were finished. Is this testing him or not believing what he said?
"Sorry, little brother, I have to be careful. If this thing really comes out from the side, it’s a crime."
"Nothing, nothing" Li Chu waved his hand. What could he say?
"It’s really because you don’t look like a flood."
Chen Lao explained it, and then he took a look at the other box, which was in the same state at the front.
"I’m sorry, I can’t fix this. If we rush to fight like this, it is estimated that this painting will be completely destroyed."
"Master Chen, how do you think this is caused? When I first saw it, I also suspected that it was not caused by flooding."
"I don’t know. There may be too many cases. As I said just now, it may be that the noodles have come out, or it may be soaked in water and not properly treated."
Age head to cover the two boxes again and elastic belt to Li Chu pushed over there.
"I really want to say who is likely to repair it, but I want to ask Ma Lao to make moves …" Age shook his head.
I can’t think of anyone who can repair it in the 49 cities for a while.
Li Chu looked at the two boxes at the counter with some regret. "Well, I won’t bother you much. Thank you, Master Chen, for your advice."
"I can’t thank you for not helping."
Seeing that the old man is still full of wariness to himself, Li Chu won’t stay any longer, pick up the two boxes and leave.
After watching him go by bike in the counter, Mr. Chen quickly came out from the inside and went straight to a store next to him. He said hello to the boss, picked up the counter and dialed out.
He is still a little uneasy to make a phone call just to confirm one.
He knows that Wang Wen has a brother-in-law, but he has never seen him. He is said to be an army, but he knows his age, right?
As far as he knows, Wang Wen’s wife and brother are in their fifties, but this young man is in his thirties just now.
No one answered Chen Lao’s disappointment all the time. He hung up and looked up at the wall table of the canteen. Only then did he realize this point. That guy can’t be at home. If he didn’t think wrong, he must be at Shichahai.
Thought of here, he went back to his shop and pushed out a second bicycle from the inside, turned around and locked the door, and rode over to Shichahai.
When he arrived at the teahouse, it was busy inside. It was cold, and these old men were worried that there was no place to play chess.
You can’t go to the lobby on the first floor on the second floor. There are four stalls of chess around to see people, and that’s even more.
"Let me ask you something when Lao Wang comes out."
"What’s the matter with Chen? 」
"Come on, let’s go to the door and say," Mr. Chen dragged Wang Wen from a chess stall and pulled him to the door.
"What’s so mysterious? I’m playing chess and I’m almost winning."
"Cut the crap. Let me ask you. I remember you said you had a brother-in-law, didn’t you? 」
That’s right. This teahouse is my wife and brother. Why? 」
"How old is your wife and brother? 」
"It seems to be fifty-one, but …"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Walking
But what? 」
"But my brother-in-law is younger, and the biggest one is in his thirties. I said, Mr. Chen, what on earth are you doing to inquire about my brother-in-law? 「
"Thirty years old. Are you sure your wife and brother look like thirty years old? "Age didn’t answer the question of Wang Wen, but some surprise asked.


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