After hanging up, he looked back at the entrance of the competition venue and then smiled mysteriously. No one knows what he is doing, but it can be concluded that he is not a simple person. He didn’t come to watch the competition because he likes F so simple. Is it an ordinary person who can get to the bottom of the game tactics?

As the saying goes, laymen watch the excitement and watch the doorways. Ordinary audiences generally watch the excitement and hope to see the wonderful gunfight scenes and the hot head-to-head performances. They rarely analyze the tactics of both sides and seldom use their brains. The "tactical master" is obviously an expert and a researcher on tactics. He has never seen this figure in the professional circle, and no one knows his origin.
The game is still going on. Ye Qing and Thomas were killed by the other five people, and Pearl Krabs and others were forced back to the enemy base, but they didn’t dare to defend themselves at the other base. Then they went into their own snow and fled to their own base.
In the end, the two sides fought in the snow, and Pearl Krabs and others fought to the death to kill the other two machine gunners, while the three of them were finally killed by 7kgaug in born to die.
The whole city changed its strategy and got a good result. The score became five to three. When the club saw each other, even the sniper became a machine gunner, so Ye Qing did the same, which directly made Thomas give up the sniper to pick up another gun to fight, but he still picked up ak47 himself. Because he was not good at other guns, he was ak47. Once he chose another gun, his strength would be greatly reduced, causing great damage to the other party.
After Ye Qing picked up ak47, he quickly returned to the base and then entered his own snow. The other four people joined the whole city, and it was the same over there. So, the two sides joined first and then planned to wait in their own snow without any conflict for the time being.
Ye Qing is determined not to disperse his troops now, but to fight with the other side in the middle, so that he can give full play to his strengths, and with him in the team firepower, he will be guaranteed from being suppressed by the other side.
The whole city will not disperse its troops. When they close, they will attack the other base. Ye Qing knows that the other party has the advantage and will definitely take the initiative to attack. Because the attack is what the other party is good at, he will defend in the snow and wait for the other party to arrive.
If the other side relies on the gate of the base to talk to them, then they will step back directly. If the other side rushes out to fight them, then they have an advantage in geographical position because they have formed a crossfire network and the other side rushes out in a short time.
The whole city race quickly rushed to the I club base and then rushed out directly from the door without relying on the door to fight. They needed to show their strength and fight with each other instead of hitting the door in a wretched way. It was difficult to deploy people and it was easy to accidentally injure one of their own. They had to disperse people to fight again.
Ye Qing saw that the other party rushed out directly, and he was overjoyed. He just hoped that the other party would do it, so he showed his posture and made fire with the other party. The rest of the players also shot the whole city, and the competitors almost quickly showed their formation. 7kg flashed out at the door and a gun was directly killed by an I club machine gunner.
Ye Qing naturally won’t be silent. A few shots even explode two heads to respond to each other. The gunners on both sides are going crazy. After finishing the method, they remain calm. For a while, they are some shots, and then they become strafe. They are anxious to get rid of each other quickly.
The only calm person in the two teams is Ye Qing and 7kg, so their lethality is also the strongest. 7kg will take away a life every time a shot is fired, and Ye Qing ak has been growling rhythmically and constantly harvesting lives.
The two sides soon died almost. In the end, the I club was left with leaves and the whole city was left with 7kg. The two men were going to show their fate again. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the two of them. The top snipers were in a rapid momentum, and the new ak machine gunner was stronger. This world war I will meet a high.
Ye Qing retreated to the right wall and changed a magazine, then adjusted his breathing, and no horse flashed out. Because now 7kg has probably aimed at him in this direction and flashed out, it is estimated that he will be killed. He must find a way to avoid the first shot of 7kg before he can get a chance to kill with one blow.
7kg is also waiting for an opportunity. He is a sniper. Before he could not take the initiative to attack, he originally wanted to give up the sniper rifle to pick up aug, but he changed his mind temporarily and went to pick up the sniper rifle and then quickly returned to the base. Fortunately, Ye Qing and them were also thinking about combining forces first and then attacking the roots. No one stopped him.
At this time, it is impossible for him to change his gun again. He has to aim at the front leaf tilt all the time. He is also very patient. He has been waiting for the opportunity to appear. When he sees that he has never appeared, he will definitely worry that he will outflank the rear leaf tilt, just waiting for the other party to turn around.
If we can accurately grasp when the other party turns around? This requires a precise calculation of Ye Qing’s mind, calculating how long it will take him to outflank the other side from this place, and the other side will certainly turn around to guard against him at that time, but this may not be able to grasp the accuracy and take a chance.
As the minutes went by, 7kg realized that something was wrong. The other party had never appeared in front, and it was probably to outflank him. He turned around alertly and took a look, but he didn’t see the other party. He expected that the other party might not have arrived at the base. He immediately stood on his side so that he could observe both directions at any time.
Ye Qing guessed that it was almost time to flash out to the left side of the snow, 7kg sideways, and he immediately turned around. Ye Qing had already taken a shot at 7kg quickly, but he couldn’t hit the target. Ye Qing saw each other and shot it. He immediately lowered his gun and shot at 7kg.
The 7kg method got rid of the fire of Ye Tilt and was quickly swept to death by Ye Tilt, and finally lost this round. Club I continued to lead by three points six to three and scored another point. They sealed the victory before, which means that they have already got the match point.
Ye fell in love with the stone and finally fell to the ground. Now they can play boldly and safely. It is certain that they will get another point in morale now, and it is impossible for the other side to equalize the score.
7kg sighed and hit this match, but he was desperate. Although he was not ready to give up the game, he also knew that there was no way to win the game. The best result was a draw, but it was hard for the other side not to give them the chance. How could such a thing happen?
"It seems that the overall situation has been decided. It seems that it is difficult to equalize the score in this situation. This is really an unexpected result. Club I can get the match point so early and let Qingcheng get three points. They are really awesome!" Loli is very excited tunnel
Before the game, no one really thought that Club I would lead Qingcheng by so many points. They all thought that Club I would play very hard in this game, and Qingcheng would always lead Club I to catch up with each other. The score gap between the two sides may not be too big, and then the final two or three rounds will be decided.
Chapter 752 The whole city is more competitive.
The match point is in hand, and the club I has won the game. At this time, the pressure is exhausted, and the tactics are laid out. It is no longer a desperate situation. The morale of the whole city has plummeted. They are a super strong team, but now they are beaten so badly by their opponents, and their strength is not as strong as theirs. However, the other side is good at making maps, playing more and playing less, and always forms an advantage at the beginning of the fight, which makes them tolerable.
In fact, their psychological quality is quite good, even in the backward situation, they have never lost confidence, but now they have been cornered, and their first two maps have not established an advantage, so now they have no confidence in their hearts, and their mentality will inevitably be affected
They don’t want to lose. If they lose, they won’t qualify for the finals. Although the third place is good, it is not good for them because they have the strength to win the championship. How can they be willing to win a third place with a 7kg team?
Actually, the third place is not so easy to take. It’s hard to accept that the ag team and the Tiger Brotherhood are not easy to deal with, and it’s hard to get the third place and be excluded from the top three.
The ag team and the Tiger Brothers are still very anxious. Both teams tried their best to bring it in the third map. At this time, both sides won a map. The ag team played the Tiger Brothers in the first map, but in the second map, it was bare and elusive, which made the ag team feel overwhelmed.
The third map bare sniper rifle is still sharp, while the ag team has almost adopted the same tactics as the whole competition, that is, relying on the overall strength to fight with the other side bare is also a tactical genius, and his tactics are naturally subtle, compared with sometimes luring the enemy into the depth and sometimes retreating into the virtual reality, which makes the ag team very angry.
Evenak47 was supposed to kill the quartet in this map, but it was badly suppressed by Bare. For several rounds, he was shot and killed by Bare, who just stared at him to prevent him from living too long.
At this time, the score between the two sides is five to four, and the ag team is still one round ahead. even is badly suppressed, but the other members of the ag team are not vegetarians, and their snipers are also very fierce and often able to return the favor.
It is not known which team will win this game. If the ag team wins, the two teams will have to play another game because they both win one game and need to win two games to qualify.
In bare, such as dealing with Ye Qing, I haven’t thought of any good way yet. After all, bare, the gun speed ranks in the top three among professional snipers. He is a famous day trader, and it is very difficult to limit him.
Nevertheless, Ye Qing still hopes to play against the Tiger Brothers League again. Anyway, he can reach the final, which is enough. He can’t win the championship. It is also said that when you achieve a goal, you will have a bigger goal. For Ye Qing, when he reaches the final, he should want to win the championship.
Ye Qing wanted to win the championship and reach the final. He has brought the team into a big black horse. In this competition, his popularity has increased greatly, and he himself became famous in World War I. Didn’t you see the game? Are the media reporters already hungry? Just wait for the game to finish and hug him for photos and interviews.
If you can win the championship, then this trip to Fujian can be said to be quite perfect. In the near future, he and his team will definitely become the limelight. It is very likely that the titles of the five gun gods will change for a while.
Ye Qing’s mentality is very good. He wants to win the championship, but he doesn’t force it. Even if he can’t get it, he won’t regret anything. After all, he has achieved what he wanted to achieve. If he can win the championship, it will be complete.
In the tenth round of the I Club Qingcheng Competition, Qingcheng Competition had no expectation for the result of the competition. After picking up the gun, it was directly killed from both ends. This tactic did not receive much effect before. The best result was that 7kg and ak machine gunners killed three machine guns in the other side’s snow, and then Ye Qing and Thomas killed three machine gunners in their snow. Finally, both sides were left with two people.
Fortunately, the club obviously didn’t expect the other side to attack rashly when it was so far behind. Generally speaking, when the opponent has got the match point, the backward side will choose a safe way and won’t play like this.
It happened that the whole city was surprised by the I club’s playing like this. They were caught off guard, not 7kg, and two machine gunners were killed continuously, while Ye Qing and Thomas just picked up the guns and prepared to return to the wooden door. The three machine gunners had quickly rushed to the outside of the locomotive and then shot violently at the wooden door.
Ye Qing and Thomas were both dressed as 7kg of residual blood and shot again to kill the last machine gunner in the snow. This time, like venting anger, the rhythm of killing three people was well controlled, and no shot fell to show the style of being a sniper to the fullest.
After Jiang Yuhan retired, he called the highest sniper successor, which has been called by many people. When the contemporary sniper is there, he can’t be ignored. Now he is an extinct team and his lethality is quite amazing.
Ye Qing and Thomas were blocked in the base. The 7kg mirror covered the ak machine gunner and rushed forward, while the three machine gunners on the other side of the locomotive also arrived at the door. When the ak machine gunner was in place, the two men rushed into the enemy base together.
Ye Qing and Thomas both rushed in in the direction of the locomotive in the corner of the base mouth. Three machine gunners were the first to bear the brunt. Thomas, who was fully prepared, shot and killed, and the ak machine gunner rushed in outside the snow gate. Ye Qing shot his head with a few rounds.
At this time, two machine gunners left in the direction of the locomotive also rushed in. Thomas’s second shot was not ready. The other party had already fired and directly killed Thomas. Ye Ye showed his posture and exchanged guns with the other two machine gunners for 7kg. He was worried that two teammates were not Ye Ye’s opponents and immediately switched to desert eagle.
Ye Qing was eager to kill the two machine gunners, but the other side was very clever and scattered, and they tried their best to maintain their posture so that Ye Qing would not kill them easily. They all knew that they would not be rivals if they fought hard with Ye Qing, but they could still do it if they delayed.
Although the other party is so cunning, Ye Qing still points one of them to death with exquisite marksmanship. However, at this time, 7kg has already rushed in. The desert eagle in his hand has continuously fired several shots, and the remaining gunner has immediately slowed down his posture for some shots.
Ye Qing finally couldn’t resist being shot in the head by a shot of 7kg, which shows that the marksmanship of 7kg sand eagle is also very sharp. It is true that a high sniper must have a high pistol marksmanship.
It must be 6-4 if Qingcheng doesn’t give up hope, maybe it will be even. Once the score is even, they will also have hope of winning. The last round will be a life-and-death round.
Ye Qing certainly doesn’t want to drag the suspense of the game to the last minute, and he deeply understands that his teammates are all as effective as chicken blood when they are downwind. Once they are in a desperate situation, it will be difficult to exert momentum again. Once they are equalized by their opponents, their team morale will plummet and the last round will be quite dangerous.


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