right after

As if it had a chain reaction, large pieces of broken lines appeared one after another, and the intact eggshell surface appeared one after another.
"Click …"
Another more clearly broken ring.
A head of immature horns automatically intertwined as if wearing a black crown black baby dragon head.
Forcibly smashed through the original hard shell from the giant egg!
Followed by more violent fragmentation
The eggshell is stronger than the dragon’s wing, and several pieces fall.
A juvenile dragon with a body length of more than 10 meters and a pure black body that reflects light is completely revealed!
Because of his birth, his tiny black Long Lin covered with skull-shaped lines was stained with a little sticky egg liquid.
At this time, the thunder and the wind seemed to be strongly stimulated as he was born. After a short pause, it was far ahead of the intensity and surged wildly.
But those continuous offensives stopped, as if they were saving all their strength and brewing a stronger blow!
To this, the black baby dragon shook his head slightly.
As if Root didn’t notice those movements, he warmed up.
Soon after
"dong! !”
It’s as if a giant god is trying to slap the dome in the distance!
Shake the world in a loud noise
Several flash lines, as complicated as cobweb veins, appeared in the surrounding sky at the same time.
Shape strength
Forced to condense in one place!
One second
A crimson shape like a pillar of fire suddenly drops!
It’s like a scourge from the world heading straight for the black baby dragon on the ground.
at this moment
That ray column irradiation should have been darker than the opaque [Israel] was abruptly dyed crimson!
Counting undead creatures is just like facing the real wave, and it is like being hit by a tsunami, and it is instantly crushed into powder!
And around him, even if there is a barrier to obstruct the life, if there is a sense of this movement.
Ruling the whole [world tree] [realm] and [Skopje protoss], the god king who is sitting in the temple and drinking wine in a cup directly transports his eyes across several distances and projects his eyes here.
Then they look
The black baby dragon, the target of the thunder column attack, quietly raised its head.
Take a deep breath
I sent out my first dragon roar!
"Ang ~ ~"
In his deafening roar, the black fog in Israel surged wildly.
Those broken eggshells around him automatically break into his body.
A dark dragon’s breath gushed out of his mouth, which was so thin as to be invisible compared with Leizhu!
His original ten-meter-long body is skyrocketing crazily again at this moment.
Every moment has expanded hundreds of times!
When the dark [dragon’s breath] red thunder column is connected,
He can cover thousands of light years around just by showing his dragon wings.
Counting black gas automatically overflows from his body.
Contaminated things, whether undead or stone things, automatically step into destruction without exception!
This belongs to [world devastator] and [natural ability]!
an instant
As the "Dragon Breath" thunder pillars collide with each other.
Strong than strong light is like the first aurora before the birth of Xinghai.
In the middle of rumby’s huge roar, it turned into a turbid ball that swallowed everything.


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