"Old Ye Xiaoyou has a plan that I just don’t know if Ye Xiaoyou dares to go with the old man!"

Suddenly an old man’s voice at the door came to Ye Lingfeng. When she was surprised, the beauty dance answered her hand and stared at the door.
"Brother Gongsun!"
Yan Lan looked at the door and saw that the old man slowly entered. It was Mr. Sun, the head of Confucianism.
"It’s you!"
Ye Lingfeng cocked a little and didn’t like this old man Ye Lingfeng much!
"It’s just that I haven’t seen Ye Xiaoyou for many days!" Mr. Sun nodded and smiled at Ye Lingfeng, who shook his head at random with a face of nai.
"Mr. Gongsun said that there is a plan that I don’t know!" Ye Lingfeng smiled jokingly and continued to dance in circles around her wrists.
"hey!" Mr. Gongsun sighed, "My Confucian fingers have done a lot of things against my will in the mysterious man for many years, which goes against my Confucian ancestral teachings. This time, it has made my sister’s life even more sinful. I have been tired these years, and I have a heart to solve this matter completely with me. I hope Ye Xiaoyou can promise me one condition!"
"Oh, what is it!"
Mr. Gongsun stared at Ye Lingfeng’s eyes and said slowly, "If one day Ye Gong is in charge of Zheng, he can give me a chance of Confucianism!" Such as! "
Sun’s remark was a blank stare. For example, he didn’t expect his senior brother to say such a thing. Instead, Ye Lingfeng smiled. "Why should I promise you!"
"Ha ha!" Mr. Gongsun smiled and slowly took out a purple jade token from his arms and put it on the table.
Ye Lingfeng stared at the purple jade token and asked, "What is this?"
"The secret book hidden in weizi, a military strategist, relies on this thing to reveal that the secret person in weizi, a military strategist, is the owner of a big family or the family is in it!" Mr. Gongsun smiled and pushed the table purple jade token forward in front of Ye Lingfeng.
Ye Lingfeng holds the purple jade token in her hand, and sees the carved dragon and painted phoenix and purple jade engraved with a word. On the back, the symbol of a big family shines slowly!
"Ye Ge has an idea!"
See Ye Lingfeng for a long time nothing happened. Sun was forced to stay and asked.
"This means frost!"
"Yes, the princess came to Confucianism a few days ago and gave it to Zai and said"
Before Mr. Gongsun finished speaking, Ye Lingfeng suddenly pushed him to the wall and asked, "Where is the frost? Where is she!"
Chapter two hundred and ten, the meteor
Weizi, this is the second time Ye Lingfeng has come to this place, and he has been here with Chenxi evil and others, but he has teamed up to play a good play and split the big family.
Whether it’s the Confucian Mohist school, the Yin and Yang school, the Legalist school, the Li family, the Chen family and the Zhao family, Zheng is in a state of being caught between Scylla and Charybdis because of its geographical location. But if the two countries dare to push Zheng to the other side, things will be all right. So Zheng is a chaotic place. Most people who are suppressed in Qin and Chu have chosen to settle down in Zheng, just like Ye Lingfeng’s first thought of and came to the place when he fled. So was the family of Zheng Guoda, and Ziyunxian evaluated northern Xinjiang. It was a big trouble for Zheng, and at the same time, mutual benefit won a breathing space for a big family. However, if former Ye Lingfeng still thought Ziyun Fairy was extraordinary, it was not until he got Ziyun Order from Sun that Ye Lingfeng deeply discovered that Ziyun Fairy had a big chess game that Ye Lingfeng dared not even think about it. As a result, many problems were solved. For example, what would be a ghost master in Chuqinghe, but he became a military strategist, and he would experience those things. It is not surprising that Ye Jia is a descendant of death. Ye Lu almost went against her own identity and sister’s identity, which is reasonable. Although Ye Lu’s final height is a little lower than that of the six masters, it is not difficult to leave a posterior path for her descendants after all. However, Ziyunxian’s dark game is too far away. If it is not for the death and the ghost master, he has learned that at the end of the resurrection of hades, I am afraid that Ye Lingfeng, a generation of Ziyunxian, can’t guess what Ziyunxian is up to, but now even if those high-ranking people have seen through the fate, Ye Lingfeng will also go against it once, otherwise he will not be
Perhaps in the eyes of many people, they all have the idea of challenging everything, but when they are knocked down by fate again and again, I am afraid that the word "destiny" will not be spoken, but it will also deeply hurt their heads.
"Please inform Ye Lingfeng of Yin Shuang Pavilion to meet Priestess of Death of Yin Yang Family!"
Ling Ye Feng, outside Ziyun House, gave a moment’s salute to two delicious little girls with a fuels.
Those two little girls are just 16 or 17 years old and are in bud. They grow up freely in this weizi. Although they haven’t been away from Yin and Yang, they are no strangers to Ye Lingfeng. It is said that Jia Gong, a young man with the strongest limelight in Zheng, has stirred up the Lianghe River in Xiliang. Ye Xiaogong, though handsome, should be cold and straight. Unexpectedly, he is a handsome and polite man.
One of the girls turned around and went in to inform the other, holding her fists and apologizing, "Ye Gong, please wait a moment!" The speech girl is a little shy and bowed her head. Ye Lingfeng is a big shot. She is a little nervous to talk face to face with him like this.
"It’s good to wait as long as weizi is so beautiful and there are so many people in front of it!"
Today, Ye Lingfeng wore a rare purple robe with blood wings rustling in the breeze. In the purple robe, Ling Ye Feng gently put her hand on the doorman girl’s bun. The girl trembled and wanted to draw her sword, but then she didn’t move. She said, "Respect yourself!"
Ye Lingfeng ha ha a smile seems to be so rejected for the first time.
"What’s your name!"
"Hua Yuqing!"
"I said, do you know who I am?"
Ye Lingfeng touched her head and some don’t understand what this girl means before. From seeing her expression the most, Ling Ye Feng didn’t think she would look at herself like a stranger, but compared with the cold attitude at the moment, the gap was too big. I couldn’t help Ye Lingfeng being curious.
"I know!" The girl named Hua Yuqing cocked her head and said, "You are Yin Shuang Pavilion whose owner is Ye Xiaogong. Not long ago, in Lianghecheng, she killed the demon king Tiger and repelled the demon attack. It is a big shot. I heard that you are still our princess fiance. It is not good for you to carry the princess out to hook up with other women like this!"
"Amount!" It’s really rare for Ye Lingfeng to be speechless by a little girl.
"I said that you are close to women!" Ye Lingfeng raised her eyebrows and looked at the little girl from beginning to end. It’s quite interesting. A little girl is just a little young and hasn’t developed well!
"Hum, I knew you weren’t kind. I have nothing to do with women. I am a woman!" Hua Yuqing, my little girl, is very upset. Ye Lingfeng looks at her eyes very much. Her newly developed chest seems to be showing something!


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