It’s also good that the personnel will not be too complicated, and it’s not that easy if the murderer wants to continue to harm him.

Let Tianyang rest assured that there is an iron wall team to protect Liu Jinglin. I don’t know what news the city guards got or because of Liu Jinglin’s identity.
When everyone was comforting Liu’s wife, Tianyang came to the visiting window of the ward and looked at Liu Jinglin in the room through this window.
Liu Jinglin has been transferred from the operating cabin to the intensive care cabin. The treatment cabin is slightly tilted so that visitors can directly see the patient’s condition.
Tianyang suddenly saw Liu Jinglin’s fingers move and slowly opened his eyes with others.
He’s awake!
Tianyang rejoices in his heart. Since Liu Jinglin wakes up, there should be no danger. He will be treated and rest. I believe he will be discharged soon.
Liu Jinglin woke up and looked around blankly. When his eyes came to the visiting window and Tianyang’s eyes were opposite.
I don’t know what he suddenly got excited and tried to raise his finger to Tianyang.
Tianyang Zheng didn’t know what happened to Liu Jinglin, so he saw a doctor communicate with him. Then the doctor walked out of the ward and cleared his throat and asked, "Excuse me, is there anyone named Tianyang among you?"
Everyone, including Liu’s wife, was surprised that Liu Jinglin woke up without his wife and colleagues to see Tianyang.
Most people don’t know who Tianyang is. Lao Xu and Liu’s wife looked at the teenager.
Tianyang’s previous step "I am"
The doctor nodded. "Please come in with me. The patient wants to talk to you. Remember not to talk too long. He is weak and needs rest."
After disinfection in the disinfection cabin behind Tianyangmen, I changed my clothes, put on a hood and a mask, and gave my equipment to the nurse to take care of it. Then I started to walk into the ward.
When he came to the treatment cabin, he saw Liu Jinglin close his eyes again and called out worriedly, "Miss Liu?"
Hearing his voice, Liu Jinglin’s eyelids fluttered and opened. Although she was weak, she smiled a little. "There you are."
Tianyang Shen said, "Who is Teacher Liu? I will help you catch him!"
Liu Jinglin seemed a little surprised, but said, "It doesn’t matter. Do you remember the pen I gave you?" Tianyang nodded.
Liu Jinglin made a sign to ask him to reach out and then a finger boy wrote two words in his palm.
The sun shook.
Liu Jinglin’s writing is wrong. It’s not a teenager who has studied for a while, otherwise he doesn’t know what the lecturer wrote.
Liu Jinglin wrote Su Lie!
Su Lie again!
Did he get attacked with Su Lie?
Then what is Liu Jinglin and Su Lie?
Tianyang looked doubtfully at the man Liu Jinglin in the treatment cabin, but closed his eyes. "I’m tired, please go home first."
Tianyang knew that Liu Jinglin was worried about being known what information he handed to himself. The boy nodded, "Miss Liu, rest. I’ll see you again tomorrow."
He walked out of the ward.
Liu’s wife and others asked Tianyang for an excuse, so don’t leave the medical center.
He doesn’t want to wait for the direct bus to return to the apartment for a moment.
As soon as he entered the room, Tianyang rushed into the bedroom and found the pen that Liu Jinglin gave him.
Looking at this pen cap with beautiful patterns in my hand, I can’t see what’s in it.
He took off his cap and turned the pen to take out the ink bag.
But I didn’t find anything special when I took the whole pen apart.
Suddenly he looked at the top of the pen cap, and the top connected with the pen holder seemed to be playable.
Tianyang found a carving knife, carefully inserted the tip of the knife into the gap between the top and the pen cap, gently pressed the carving knife and jumped out at the end of the pen holder.
There is a small piece of paper folded into a square at the end of the hat.
Tianyang tore down the paper and found that there were numbers on the surface.
Teenagers can’t help frowning. What’s the meaning of these numbers? Suddenly, he patted himself on the head and found out Lao Xu’s "Inverse Text Analysis"
This is written by Liu Jinglin, and just now Liu Jinglin handed him the information in reverse. This paper figure is very likely and available.
"If the first number in each set of numbers is the page number and the second number is the page item …"
Tianyang took a piece of paper, turned over the corresponding page number and item according to the face number, and then wrote several inverse characters.
Yellow, faint, ten, two, music, chapter!
"Twelve movements at dusk?" Tianyang Zheng took a long time for Liu Jinglin to give himself a message pointing to a music score?
I’m not sure that the teenager started the home intelligence system. "Help me check if there is the music score of Twelve Movements at dusk in the fortress."
"Please wait"
"You are inquiring"
"The query result, such as Twelve Movements at Dusk, is that a score was found in the inverse world, and it was included in the fortress library. If you need to read it, you can borrow it from the library."
Tianyang was surprised from ear to ear.
There is!
This music score is actually true and included in the fortress gallery. I made a mistake myself, but now it seems that Liu Jinglin handed him information and it is really this music score.
What’s the secret in this music?
Chapter 13 People about after dusk
Knowing "Twelve Movements of Dusk" will make a big picture of the library. Tianyang doesn’t want to delay for a moment. Although it is already noon, he left the apartment and went straight to the library of the fortress city without worrying about lunch.
The Great Library is located in the fortress city, which contains all kinds of rich collections from the inverse boundary, thanks to the exploration of the inverse boundary for decades.
Came to the library Tianyang went straight to the management office and found the library administrator.
The librarian is a woman in her late forties, wearing a dark blue hair of the library, and she is meticulous. She wears a pair of glasses and her lips are tight, so she can tell that she is a serious person.
The teenager is stunned "What’s the name?"
The administrator’s mouth sank. "Of course it’s your name. Is it me?"
Tianyang asked politely, "Hello, I want to ask if there is a music score of Twelve Movements at dusk in the library."
The administrator looked up at his name.


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