It’s disgusting to play this game even if the horse doesn’t want to fight, not to mention the promise war and his followers are players and np. But it’s also disgusting to look at his followers’ innocent girl and extreme attachment, and I’m envious when I think about their followers …

"So she really killed many players in that battle in Dolson?" When I became a demon, I wondered, pointing to Lilina, and asked him, of course, that he knew that the promise war had brought its followers to kill and kill things. Compared with this girl in front of me, when I became a demon, I felt if my memory was wrong.
Yang Ye nodded. "Aha, that’s right."
That’s right …
A thought into a magic looked at Lilina swallowed saliva-this contrast is too big!
"Kaka Kaka-"
The three of them continued to move forward, and suddenly there was a strange noise around them, which was very dense. Yang Ye felt that he had heard this sound somewhere, but he was not sure that it was slightly different from the memory sound …
"What’s the situation?" Raise a sword when you think of it as a demon
"It’s strange." After sweeping around, Yang Ye saw the wild monster from the immortal bone from behind the huge animal bone-
Flower Manipulator Crazy Wolf (Normal)
Grade 55
Blood volume 22w
Fatal bite. Mm-hmm. How about a wallop? The mad wolf pounces on the target, rushes to the target quickly and launches a bite attack to cause damage and have a chance to disable the enemy!
Flowers bloom, flowers bloom! When dying, the flower manipulator will be mobilized to manipulate the wild wolf flower seeds to bloom rapidly, causing real damage to enemy units in a certain range around (directly destroying the flower seeds will cause the flower manipulator to die immediately, and the flower blooming effect will be invalid).
Flower manipulator viper (common)
Grade 55
Blood volume 22w
Poison spray. Taste my saliva. Bah bah … The poisonous snake shoots two tiny venom at the target, causing continuous venom damage to the target. The venom lasts for 5 seconds. At the same time, a new venom attack will refresh the previous time.
Flowers bloom, flowers bloom! When dying, the flower manipulator will start to manipulate the poisonous snake flower seeds to bloom rapidly, and the instantaneous explosion will cause real damage to enemy units in a certain range around (directly destroying the flower seeds will cause the flower manipulator to die immediately, and the flower blooming effect will be invalid)
In front of us are all monsters with the prefix "flower manipulator". They have no body and no meat, leaving a virtual shadow outside the Bai Sensen bone frame. From other places, we can clearly see that there is a flower growing in their bellies, and the roots of flowers are growing wildly in every corner of the beast’s body, connecting their bones and roots …
Before Yang Ye heard familiar sounds, it was naturally a large number of bone collision sounds. This sound was heard when Lilina’s evolution was completed, and the difference was naturally that there were plant roots in it, and some roots blocked the bones, which made it sound strange.
Apart from their unique skills, all these wild monsters are accompanied by a flower blooming with real injury skills. It is probably not difficult to bloom a flower, but if they appear in droves, I am afraid that Yang Ye is "beheading the emperor". Day solution "also can’t resist …
Those are real injuries!
Real damage is depending on defense and various states. Even if Yang Ye has a defense value of 10 million, but the opponent’s skill description has a real damage of 100 points, then Yang Ye must lose 110 points!
"The monster’s blood volume is 22w!" Yang Ye Shen Dao Many people know that he has "skills" to see the monster’s blood volume, and there is no need for him to cover it up here.
"oh? 22w is not much! Look at me … "
"Wait!" A dream of becoming a demon was about to be stopped by Yang Ye. "Let’s find one to come and see …" It’s really troublesome to tell a dream of becoming a demon … to be continued.
Chapter 331 Flower Seed Core
The flower manipulators are not close to Yang Ye, but are eyeing around, watching them crouch, curl up and make a low-pitched animal sound, as if a giant is yelling-
"Poof-poop-poop …"
Their bodies exude a strange smell and ask about the disgusting smell of the burial ground around them. It’s not that they smell with a little fragrance. If you take a closer look at the virtual shadow, there is a pale yellow gas floating towards the sky … It’s hard enough for these guys to come out of their bodies and gather into such a huge and thick piece.
Yang Ye’s body smell doesn’t feel like what they kissed, otherwise the burial ground wouldn’t be filled with strange smell. It is most likely that the potion "Hua Du Qing" given by Gru is starting to rise.
Carefully pull a "flower manipulator crazy wolf" over and look at the wild monster Yang Yeling coming over in a rage. Let the crazy wolf turn around this attack. Xia Ge? Aidijian gently lifted the blade and fell on the crazy wolf’s virtual shadow body, chopping out a lot of yellow "fragrance" gas and bringing out a piece of damage-
Thick blood and thin skin. This is the flower manipulator.
"Gee, promise, your attack is extremely arrogant!" A thought into a demon looked at the promise war attack floating out of the damage and said
"You’re not bad either." Yang Ye smiled.
Holding a 55-level spirit-mounted sword, one mind becomes a demon and one knife removes 522 blood. Compared with Yang Ye, it’s not too much to let two people cut off 1w blood from the flower manipulator with 22w blood, and then Lilina made up a knife. Although it didn’t hurt two people, it wasn’t bad …
I’m afraid it’s not too difficult to clean up this group of flower manipulators without making skills. Two people plus Lilina divided by three and five is directly to get rid of a mad wolf. Other flower manipulators around him are far away and have not come to attack and see if they don’t take the initiative to attract their hatred. They won’t come over.
The mad wolf’s final explosion was also a fright. Fortunately, when Yang Ye pulled him, he wouldn’t be bombed. This is also what Yang Ye wants to tell about the enchantment. That thing will eventually explode!
But this is not what Yang Ye wants …
The second skill of the flower manipulator Finally, the Yang Ye Miner’s Hat clearly saw that it said something different directly destroyed the flower seeds, which led to the immediate death of the flower manipulator, and the flower blooming effect was invalid! That is to say, if you directly destroy the strange things in these wild monsters’ bodies, they will die directly. Isn’t that a loss of experience and a fall?
Pull over a flower manipulator again. Crazy Wolf Yang Ye is going to try again.
"Hey, hey, promises are easy to kill. Let’s Dora a little." It’s a normal person’s idea to read it as a magic word.
"Wait, I’ll try again." Yang Ye frowned.
"Try what?" I’ve just known what skills to try when I’m obsessed with it.
"Try this …" Yang Ye said softly, and then stared at the flower manipulator, the wild wolf body, and Yang Ye gently raised his sword-
With a fierce stab, the sword shone brilliantly and pierced the body of the mad wolf. The tip of the sword happened to touch the "flower seed core" of the mad wolf-
"Ow … ow well! !”
Crazy Wolf suddenly screamed a whole body twitching violently …
"I wipe what circumstance? Does it hurt? " A thought into a magic stare is rolling on the ground, convulsions more than crazy Wolf paused just yu sword exclaimed.
"Er … maybe I hit its core."
At this time, the blood-filled mad wolf doesn’t live on the ground, shivering, not just attacking the three people. It means that the core of its body is punctured by the sharp thorn of Yang Yejian, and a dark yellow liquid is flowing in one place, and the strange fragrance around it is stronger …
"Ow … ow …"
Gradually, the sound of the mad wolf is getting smaller and smaller. After a while, I can’t hear it. The flower core of its body is no longer flowing, and the surface of the yellow liquid core is brown and no longer light green-withered!
A slight noise caused a piece of equipment to fall aside, and the news of battle victory also appeared in the unified battle display-
【 Killing 【 Flower Manipulator Crazy Wolf 】 gained 31,247 points of experience! 】
"Dead … dead?" I stared at the body of the mad wolf in front of me, and it had disappeared.
"The core of flower seeds is estimated to be their fatal point, which can’t be seen in other wild monster roots. After this is better, we will directly stab their core one. This killing monster, this upgrade should not be too fast." Yang Ye smiled
"Lying in the trough!" It’s rare for a demon to burst into swearing in a row. "Haha, no wonder you can go all the way from grassroots to where you are now. This brain is really clever. I’m still glad that this monster is still good to fight, and you’ve found a special way to fight it now! Nie, let’s kill all the flower operators here! I’ll pull the blame … "
"and so on" yang ye and let this some acute a thought into a magic and so on.
"What’s the matter?"


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