"I really didn’t," Fang Siyi said with a wry smile. "I really feel guilty, okay? Beauty what … which have our YingBao beautiful? "

"Don’t change! Do you think I don’t know that you like this kind of light mature woman? " YingBao flustered and frustratedly said "Fang Siyi! You can hide it from others, but not from me! I … whoops … you bully people! " At some point, big tears fell down.
Fang Siyi with coax along while, but obviously YingBao is absolutely not easily by Fang Siyi.
Although there is no crying, making trouble and hanging three times, the direct consequence of this incident is that Fang Siyi has been banned from Y for more than a month.
And in order to prevent Fang Siyi from going elsewhere, Yingbao also followed Fang Siyi every day without giving him the slightest gap.
However, following Yingbao found something was wrong.
It’s true that Fang Siyi didn’t go to see his woman again. During this period, Fang Siyi seems to be happy every day and doesn’t feel wronged and dissatisfied because of being banned from Y.
On the contrary, it is because Fang Siyi is forbidden to climb their beds that Gao Yuanyuan and Ya Ya often look at her with a very bitter look.
Yingbao feels like a sinner instead.
But god pity shows that she wants to punish one party for thinking of escape!
But what makes her depressed is that not to mention others, even herself, is going to stop.
After all, it’s normal to be tired of being together when you are young and have a good relationship
Although it is not necessary to strike every day, it is normal to have two or three times a week.
It would be too uncomfortable to suddenly break at this time.
Yu Yingbao found that she had a pimple in the middle of her forehead!
Squeezing is not staying, nor is it.
Depressed yingbao wants to hit the wall
Is this to punish him or herself?
We can’t go on like this!
She’s going to do something!
Chapter 31 Busy Spring Festival (6)
Ying Bao and Ya Ya and Gao Yuanyuan conspired to discuss when Fang Siyi was really relaxed.
Although he has always been in good health and has always been interested in nourishing and exercising, he is not inferior to those popular small meats in terms of body shape.
But the problem is that he does have more women.
Don’t mention Yingbao, Yaya and Gao Yuanyuan. Just say that the one who lives in the golden house outside now has another "pet".
Although five women don’t necessarily need it every day, they are squeezed almost every day. For men, there is a feeling that life is worse than death.
Just return the law and refuse.
The one who is hiding in the golden house wants to have a child.
"Pets" are newcomers, but the demand for mature women is also quite large
When he got home, Gao Yuanyuan stopped talking. The only thing that pleased him was that Ya Ya was not keen on this kind of thing. Of course, in most cases, Ya Ya was very considerate and slept with him without urging him.
Yu Yingbao’s demand is not very good either. Just twice a week.
Now Fang Siyi has thoroughly tasted the pain of women.
I can’t take care of these five. If there are more …
Fang Siyi somehow remembered the special products in the pyramid.
This is why Fang Siyi chose to let "pets" into the company this time knowing that Yingbao would be suspicious and would know.
Obviously, with Yingbao’s return to absolute being, he almost got a crooked nose.
This hateful bad man!
However, just as Yingbao was going to talk to Fang Siyi about her life, Fang Siyi announced her new film plan.
And Yingbao didn’t react, and the situation quickly entered the cast.
Get later YingBao but some in distress situation found Fang Siyi actually unintelligent!
This coward!
Yingbao snorted and gradually disappeared.
Although angry, Fang Siyi somehow didn’t fool her. This root cause made Yingbao feel comfortable.
To tell the truth, Yingbao is angry rather than trying to let Fang Siyi know that she is very angry about his line.
Since Fang Siyi is unintelligent Yingbao, there is no need to pursue him.
After all, men have recognized whether they are good or bad.
This may be too cowardly for many so-called keyboard players, but just as shoes are comfortable, who can tell right from wrong?
Although Fang Siyi announced the opening of a new play this time, many people have a strange feeling.
It’s very simple because Fang Siyi’s filming is a TV play.
Although a top commercial director in China is not well-known because Fang Siyi doesn’t like appearing in front of the camera, it doesn’t mean that his career is not well-known!
But this time Fang Siyi’s shooting is a TV play.
This makes many people don’t understand.
Although Fang Siyi was praised by the media as a new generation of director Dong Liangcai to some extent, who has ever seen a commercial director who doesn’t do it, but why does he shoot a TV play?
Fang Siyi’s explanation for this is very simple, because this time he filmed it, he released it a long time ago.
That is, Hua Qiangu.
Fang Siyi wrote many controversial but well-known TV drama novels in later generations before he intended to lay out the layout with Cheng Yingbao’s solid backing.
Like Hua Qiangu.


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