As Zhang Ping unhurriedly turned away, the old man surnamed Sun in blue shook hands, and the cigarette rod made his wrinkled big hand "crunch".

One side braided girl saw that her grandfather had such an expression. She couldn’t help but wonder at the fading away. Zhang Ping looked at herself again with a strange look. Grandpa’s white hands like lotus roots couldn’t help but hold his grandfather’s big brown hands.
The old man in blue looked back at his granddaughter, looked at her with big eyes full of longing, touched her head involuntarily, and then took a heavy drag on his cigarette.
After waiting for a long straight white smoke, the old man in blue finally said, "First, Xiao Li came back from the outside suddenly, and then this mysterious purple blood demon stepped into the rivers and lakes. It has been stormy since then."
At this time, the braided girl questioned the old man in the blue shirt and said, "I know he is good at kung fu, but can he compare with such masters as Xiao Li’s flower detection?" I think he’s about the same age as me, and I’m a martial artist, but grandpa, how strong can you be if you teach him yourself? "
The old man in blue shook his head and said, "If a man can practice swordsmanship to his level, it is a piece of cake to be in the top ten of the weapon spectrum."
Braid opened his cherry mouth in disbelief and said to the old man in blue, "Really?"
Walking outside a teahouse, Zhang Ping feels the trickle of the body and the rareness of heaven and earth at this time, which is better than the breath of heaven and earth.
However, at this time, Zhang Ping, the 11th floor of the Dragon Elephant Prajnaparamita Kung and the 11th floor of Jade Kung Kung Kung, looked at the whole world and fought alone. Zhang Ping was no longer afraid of being challenged by others.
Besides, I have just seen this mysterious old man in blue, Zhang Ping, and I have a preliminary understanding of each other’s strength. Although a family’s kung fu is difficult to see the specific degree after returning to the original state, the confidence of a fighter can be easily seen.
Zhang Ping, the old man in the blue shirt, knows that this man’s kung fu has reached a very high temperature with a little temptation. Unfortunately, in the face of Zhang Ping’s provocation, he has no strong heart. Combining all the signs, Zhang Ping concludes that this old man wants to come, which is the first-ranked old man in the weapon spectrum, Sun Baifa.
Zhang Ping inquired about an escort agency, Golden Lion Escort Agency, at this time. It is said that this escort agency has also made quite a name in the Jianghu in recent years.
Cha Meng, the chief escort of the Golden Lion Escort Agency, is a famous person. Anyone in the Jianghu has to give a thumbs-up and say "Yes" to take over the Golden Lion Escort Agency. In recent years, the two of them have been working hard to manage this brand of Golden Lion Escort Agency, which is getting louder and louder.
Although Hexi Town is a small town, it is located in Chongyao and actually has a Golden Lion Escort Company semicolon, which saves Zhang Ping most of his efforts.
After a while, Zhang Ping looked up at the semicolon gate of Golden Lion Escort. The mighty lions at both ends of the scarlet gate suddenly disappeared in front of the semicolon gate of Golden Lion Escort.
After Zhang Ping reappeared in the road, several principals of Golden Lion Escort Agency Hexi Town suddenly felt groggy in their heads, but they couldn’t remember what had just happened.
Some people are drifting away from each other. Zhang Ping mumbles with a smile: "It’s better to come early than to be clever. The flurry sword Zhuge Lei is interesting …" To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Game-writing protocol double snake
It’s like winter and summer are opposite, one is full of flying snow, the other is full of heat and drought, the other is a lonely world of ice and snow, and the other is a world of flowers and flowers.
There is a small town at the outer junction. Years of wind, frost, snow and rain have wiped out the stone tablets outside the town, so let’s just call it a town.
The snow outside crossed many obstacles, accompanied by cold winds, which turned this small town white.
The small town inn will not stay long. Zhang Ping will have been full of passengers blocked by the snow, which makes it particularly crowded and lively.
There are more than a dozen straw mats covered with darts in the courtyard, and the straw mats are also covered with snow. There is a sauce-colored gold-edged dart flag obliquely inserted in the east eaves, which is so loud that people can hardly tell whether it is a tiger or a lion embroidered with gold thread.
Zhang Ping never forced himself into this small inn. He walked past the big man who showed his bare breasts and showed that he was not afraid of the cold. Zhang Ping saw a man with a purple face and a big fat face at a wide table.
Looking at each other that is fatter than a fat pig, it is hard for ordinary people to think that each other will have a nickname "Blast Sword".
Zhang Ping saw this person’s eyes swept away and saw a middle-aged man with a melancholy face and full of mature male charm sitting quietly together at one end of the corner table, and the middle-aged man was whispering something to the middle-aged man by the middle-aged man.
Then Zhang Ping divided several big men in front of him into three steps and made two quick walks to this table. Then Zhang Ping smiled at them and asked, "I wonder if you two would mind having another glass of wine here?"
The middle-aged man raised his face, which had experienced many vicissitudes. First, he saw a pair of young eyes in Zhang Ping’s eyes. These eyes were strange, but they seemed to be bright green, as if the spring breeze were blowing the willow branches, gentle and flexible, as if the summer sun and the sea were full of pleasant vitality.
Then Zhang Ping listened to the other person’s magnetic voice and said, "If you can drink, you must be a good friend. Please sit down, Taoist priest."
Just as Zhang Ping had just sat down for a glass of wine, the thick cotton curtain outside the inn was suddenly rolled up by the wind.
The images of the two people were blown up by the wind like snowflakes. Both of them were wearing bright red cloaks and wide-brimmed snow hats. They were almost the same in shape and height. Although you couldn’t see their faces, you couldn’t help but see their eyes staring straight when you saw their outstanding flying clothes.
The middle-aged man’s eyes are always staring at the door, because when the curtain was blown just now, he saw the lonely boy outside the door, and it seemed as if he had been a lonely wolf for a long time. Although he was reluctant to leave the door but was afraid of the dazzling fire, the middle-aged man sighed lightly and turned his eyes to two people.
Zhang Ping suddenly asked at this time: "Who can make Xiao Li sigh at the end of this day?"
Hearing what Zhang Ping said, the real armor beside Li Xunhuan cried and asked, "Who are you and what are your intentions?"
Zhang Ping suddenly drank a glass of wine and said to the real armor, "It doesn’t matter who I am, it’s important to have a drink."
"It’s really not important to have wine to drink. Let’s drink."
"But master …"
However, the answer to the real armor is Li Xunhuan Zhang Ping’s glass collision.
At this time, the two men who had just appeared at the door had slowly walked in and saw that the two men had slowly picked snow hats to reveal two yellow, thin and ugly faces that looked like two yellow wax heads.
The two men are almost identical, but the one on the left is pale and the one on the right is as black as the bottom of a pot.


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