"It’s great to be here!" High winds exulting skills rev speed again is a few minutes?

Looking forward, the stone in the flurry heart fell by half again, and no one stopped him. Suddenly, the flurry saw a golden rainbow flying at a high speed ahead, which made people unresponsive and looked at the direction of the golden rainbow-
The goal is yourself? I hope it’s not …
"pa!" The golden rainbow directly pierced the body of this high-flying assassin and immediately answered his guess that the target was him!
"What’s the situation?" High wind exclaimed that he didn’t react at the moment, and he didn’t recruit anyone to provoke anyone …
Will the golden rainbow flow move? Suddenly, when Juli comes to the high wind, the assassin is pulled up heavily …
"Grass!" When the flurry falls to the bottom, it’s time to recognize yourself …
Gravitational manipulation successfully pulled to the target. Yang Ye was happy, but at the same time he didn’t dare to stay where he was. No matter who he was, everyone saw who was an eyesore, so he threw his skills at who he was. Long Ge came, and he was also pulled by the instantaneous seconds-kill gravitational manipulation. Yang Ye quickly left his place after eating a few skills, and the miner’s hat found a narrow position without skills.
The high-wind assassin has completed the transition from great joy to great compassion in the middle of the flight process. When he landed, he was absolutely killed in an instant. The fact is as he thought-
"Bang!" A muffled blast hit the assassin’s body hard around the ground. Players are also quick-eyed and like to fall into the well. How can you not stop when you see a crisp blast?
Suddenly, all over the sky, the skills of arrows and arrows were intertwined and flew towards the high-flying assassin. The high-flying assassin was pale and knew that he would die. He didn’t think of anything to pray for his death. Don’t explode and desperately grab the material …
No explosion? That’s impossible!
After the lamp, Yang Ye kept an eye on the shards of the ghost beads in the backpack of the high-wind assassin, which lived up to his expectations. The high-wind assassin was instantly dropped by a piece of black debris, and several players around him wanted to pick up the things that the player died and dropped immediately when they saw them. But anyone can pick up the shards of the ghost beads that broke out with Yang Ye’s hard work. How can you easily pick them up for others? Blade a young figure flashed-
"Emperor-style flash!"
In a flash, I was close and tried to pick up a few players. In an instant, I was stunned to the ground by a gourd, and the emperor-style flash Yang Ye naturally stopped at the Linggui Pearl face with a hand-
[You picked up the ghost bead fragment 1]
Get it!
Even if Yang Ye is well equipped, he dare not kill people with the hatred of a large number of players. Now he has robbed a piece of equipment, and a dozen players around him are staring at him with red eyes.
"Lilina! Pick me up! " Yang Ye shouted.
Lilina was even more excited when he heard his brother’s "rescue", and the light of science and technology was even worse. The gear rotation was even crazier, and his mouth was screaming "Lily … Lilina is coming …"
Then wielding the technology too knife to slash the super attack power and directly slashing the player whose blood volume is less than 1/4 to death. The number of people killed here in Yang Ye is constantly refreshing …
Lilina rushed to Yang Ye and suddenly felt that the pressure was greatly reduced. He swept around and found no mo Li, but the number of people killed kept rising.
"Hey hey hard, I can’t fall behind" Yang Ye smiled and tightened his sword in his hand. "Lilina is not allowed to push the propeller until the dangerous moment. Now follow his brother to kill this battlefield! !” Yang Ye’s sword refers to the other end of the battlefield.
"Oh, my brother go!" Lilina has long wanted to do this.
The fighting was fierce, and the whole swamp was shouting, beating and killing, and white light kept saying that people were dying.
Compared with the time when the boss died, the number of players in the ancient city of the battlefield has been much less now. Most players left and stopped stepping in after their death or after gaining benefits, and some large and small guilds and workshop bosses also quickly evacuated from this area. Members suffered losses in vain, but no one compensated you for their death here.
Yang Ye and Mo Li have already met again. Together, the three of them have killed 134 people, which translates into 134% experience plus their own experience. It’s really a level and a half!
"Still kill?" Mo Li asked if it weren’t for Yang Ye’s level potion and his own crit to suck blood, Mo Li would have been lying down as early as ten minutes ago.
"Why don’t you kill it now? It’s hard to upgrade to the highest level of 36. How can you let it go if you can upgrade well?" Yang Ye said that his attack on blood-sucking was a little worse than Mo’s attack on this assassin, and he had a lot of blood.
"Well, go on, be careful. It seems that someone has recognized you as a promise. Mom is afraid that they will rise up and attack, and then we will be in big trouble." Mo Li did not see that he was worried at all.
"Let’s kill them first!"
Together, the two men rushed into the crowd again, and one player after another died in the sword. Such an amazing attack by two people naturally attracted the attention of some players. They were all asked on the ancient city regional channel-
[The tiger body in the area shivered. Is it a promise war to kill people everywhere in a fire throat suit?
[regional lace * * seems to be a bit like a wandering girl who always follows a cute girl to see the knife-Lilina?
[regional pure lovely Kotaro grass is a promise war! I’ve just been killed by him. Does it show that it’s a promise war? It’s impossible to have the same name. He must have a screenshot!
As soon as the players in the ancient city checked that it was a promise war, they were all angry at once-
[regional axe paralyzes him. A rainy city player came to our ancient city to kill people? What do you mean?
[What do you mean by regional two roads? We ancient city players are good at bullying! Paralysis, regardless of whether he is the first player in China to play in the ancient city, please aim your weapons at outsiders and kill the promise war first! !
[regional teenagers are not young! No one in the ancient city can bully us except ourselves. Get out of here! !
[regional crazy bad bird ancient city is our war and allows us to hit people or kill ourselves! Promise war. Get out! !
At one time, the screen was full of "promise war get out" and someone crossed a main city to kill people and killed many players in the ancient city. All of them were resentful.
Players in the ancient city on the battlefield can naturally see the regional information-before they take it seriously, rookie players who were killed first found a lame excuse to cover up their embarrassment of being beaten early, but it turned out to be a promise war!
All the players in the ancient city in the swamp have an idea at the same time. Is the promise war killing us ancient city people? Grass we bully our own people, but we can’t promise to fight you!


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