Chapter 39 Said the dragon

"Heromus … said dragon?" Hani narrowed her beautiful eyes. "No, even if the dragon wants to defeat God, it can’t do anything worse. It’s willing to be driven by human slaves!" "
"Whether you can defeat God or not depends on reality!" The city refers to the mother goddess of Hani’s venue "blade master Kea Flieder, go and break the mother goddess of Mute. It’s a very black sword! !”
"The guy who throws straws against the wind wants your dirty sword to touch the noble mother god!" Hani angered the mother god and raised her staff in her hand. "Great mother god, Mutyo, you are angry. Crush the other side’s humble monster!" At the foot of blade master, duel field instantly collapsed and fell into the earth. Pieces of fractured rocks floated half in the cracked ground, and hot magma kept pouring out, making it almost difficult for anyone in the place to breathe.
"When the other monster takes the initiative to attack the Mother Earth God, I can launch the site magic" Angry Earth "from the card group! In this venue, the attack and defense value of all monsters except Mother Earth will drop by 5 points and continue to drop by 3 points from the second round! When the attack and defense value drops, the monster will be forced to be sent to the cemetery! "
When the earth cracked, blade master’s attack and defense value really dropped by 5 points and became the state of attack 21 and defense 17. However, this did not stop blade master’s footsteps. Seeing that he kept jumping to the middle stone, he flew over the lava pool beautifully and came to the front of the mother earth god. He cut his sword to the mother earth god.
"Stupid … idiot! !” Seeing that the city is still so stubborn, Hani can’t help but yell, "The attack power is 21 points, and blade master will fight the attack power at 6 points. Is your brain broken?"
"Who stipulates that attacking monsters at 21 o’clock can’t hit you at 6 o’clock?" The city smiled coldly. "Launch the extremely black sword, the special effect of Hailumes. When a monster equipped with it fights with a monster with higher attack power than itself, sacrifice a cover card in our field to exchange the attack power of both monsters!"
"Idiot save it! Your equipment card is a fusion of two monsters, and the effect is also a monster effect, and the monster effect doesn’t matter to the mother goddess! " Hani’s face is full of disdain. She doesn’t know what city is losing, but she still calls. Is he really an idiot?
"Hey, hey, the monster effect is not good for Mother Earth, but it is still good for me in blade master?" In a word, the city threw a pot of cold water on Hani. "Although your mother God’s attack power is less than 21 points, my blade master attack power will rise to 6 points, which means that the result of the battle is …"
"… kill each other! ?” Watching her mother god and blade master disappear together in the explosion flames, Hani almost fainted on the spot. I didn’t expect that she tried her best to summon the strongest trump card to settle the silly city in just one round, and with the disappearance of her mother god, the "angry earth" summoned by special effects was also sent to the cemetery. Now her field and hand are half a card, and there is no such situation. It’s like her nightmare!
"It’s not over yet. I’m playing a game of folding cards and launching a trap’ life and death call’ to resurrect from the cemetery. A monster attack means to be present! I want to resurrect the black dragon LV of Horus! " City stretched out his hand and pointed to the field, and immediately the huge black dragon appeared again, growling with a hot black gasp.
"What do you think? Does Black Dragon with 3 attack power want to settle my 66 health points? " Although there is no Mother Earth, Hani is still confident of her chances of winning. She still has a great counterattack in her deck. If she can survive this attack once, she can immediately counterattack the city by drawing her hand card. On the contrary, her life is 42 points, and the city is much more dangerous than her. But she ignores that there are still folds in the market …
"Don’t do this, you can get away with it. I want to end the battle in this round!" City refers to Hani Field "Black Dragon directly attacks players! Take it! Punish the black inflammation bomb! !” Hani’s health suddenly dropped by 3 points to 36 points, when an inflammatory bullet from Heiyanlong exploded past.
"Hum, it seems that that’s it for you …" Hani waved her hand in embarrassment and gave a quiet sneer at the dust. "Let’s end the round quickly. It’s a big talk to say that it’s the end of the fight in this round!"
"Who said I want to end the fight? !” A blow to the hand city reached out and pressed the fold field, and the last fold immediately turned up. "I played the fold and launched a quick attack magic’ my sword’! All my life is worth my own attack power to directly attack each other! After the end of the battle round, the other side is still talking, and my health will return! "
Guiping shouted excitedly, "Wow! The city is going to give its life! " The game and others were also stunned by the city spirit. Everyone didn’t expect that he was actually present and ambushed such an attack card!
"How could this happen!" As soon as Hani froze, she watched her life value collide and return in the city, and after winning, the city was provoking a thumb to watch the game and others, with a confident face.
"I won the victory. Uncle Ke Ye is not a vain man!"
The surrounding white fog gradually faded away, but it still didn’t mean to dissipate. Hani slowly looked up with a wry smile on her face.
"I can’t help it if I lose … then Chengke will ask you to take a part of me according to the rules of Sennett’s game."
"ah? I really want to take it … "By this time, the city has hesitated. Although it is a victory, it has to do something more brain-wrenching than failure. If it is not handled well, it is likely to be called a pervert …
"hurry up! Are men and men still so slow? " Hani is in a hurry. She is used to being sexually arrogant, but she never wants others to deliberately play her slowly after getting the better of her. That is more painful than killing her.
"Well … I want to ask you something." But Naicheng got up the courage to go to Hani. "Are you and that Hani … I mean, little Hani the same person?"
"No," Hani answered simply, "I am the soul of Mott, the mother of Thebes, and Hani … is just a device for me."
"Are you? Then I’m relieved. "Cheng assumed a sigh of relief and smiled and held out his hand." If she becomes as troublesome as you in the future, I wonder if anyone will marry her … "
"I want you to take care of it …" Although she felt uncomfortable after listening to the city dialect, Hani closed her eyes when she saw her hand reaching out to her. After all, she was still a child in her bones, and her temper was more or less scared. However, after a short wait, she felt a slight pain on her head, but there was nothing else special. When she opened her eyes in surprise, she saw that the city was smiling.
"Then I’ll accept a hair of yours. I hope that pulling out a hair won’t make the big lady bald in the future. What’s the matter? Does pulling out a hair hurt? Why are you looking at me like that? "
"Hum Chengke, I remember you, too." Hani smiled knowingly and the white fog around her quickly passed away. "If you lose to Miss in the next duel, I will pull out your hair and let you go bald first …"
"Fuck this bitch, she still keeps her mouth shut when she loses." The city grinned only to see that the white fog wrapped in Hani shrank rapidly and eventually dispersed and appeared in the fog, but it was just little Hani who had been missing.
"ah? What’s going on? Brother mediocre man, why are you in front of me? Is the duel over? " Hani rubbed her eyes with her hands and looked at the city with a naive face. At the moment, she was in distress and had to know what to say to her.
"Ouch, this is really terrible." Gotta laughed and walked over to Hani and picked her up and carried her on her shoulder. "You little guy is really a snoozer. If you fall asleep in a duel again, I’ll punish you for copying your karma a hundred times, remember?"
(Games and others cold corporal punishment teacher …)
"We can go if there is nothing to do, right?" The game pointed to the rear gate. "I didn’t see the hippocampus when I came out just now. They must have followed Miss Ji Sha to another road. We have to hurry …"
"Shit!" As soon as I arrived at the hippocampus, their Gothic face suddenly changed. "The hippocampus seems to have had an accident! I just gave Mr Knight a game, but now I can feel that they seem to be facing two powerful souls … One should be Puta but the other … "
"Let’s start without delay!" The game took the five keys handed by everyone and inserted them into the five lock holes of the silver gate. With the "click", the silver gate slowly opened and appeared behind the door, which was a scene that everyone could not imagine …
When they returned to the hippocampus and others went underground, they were walking towards the stone steps of the back temple of Puta Temple led by Ji Sha. They walked for a long time for five minutes, but they didn’t see the end of the export. The hippocampus was impatient and couldn’t help but speed up the pace and walked side by side with Ji Sha.
"Hey, how long do we have to walk to get to Puta?"
"It’s such a long road. If you have no patience, don’t go." Jisha’s words are even worse than Haima’s satirical city words. "If you want to see Lord Puta, just keep your mouth shut and don’t make any noise there. This is the Hualuda Temple. Where is the place where guys like you shout and show off?"
The hippocampus was silent again, but his face was not very good. Marek and others wanted to laugh but were afraid to laugh, and their faces turned red.
"Speaking of which, I don’t know what happened to them …" Qian Liang was a little worried about entering the golden door game and others. "If they lose, wouldn’t we …"
"bah, how could they lose the game?" Malik immediately cut off the conversation. "It’s rare that everyone has come here. Can’t you read some?"
"No" walked in front of the hippocampus. "Even if they are knocked down, I can get rid of the rest of the guys alone. You are my guests in this operation, and anyone who is knocked down except Guiping will not hinder me."
"This guy is really a cold-blooded animal …" Malik almost jumped on the stone steps on the spot, but when he looked up again, he accidentally found that the exit was already visible.
It was hard to see the exit, and all the people accelerated their steps. At the moment when Jisha and Haima stepped into the arch side by side, an elegant sound entered the ears.
"Welcome, welcome, don’t waste my waiting here for such a long time. The first batch of personnel finally arrived."
"Are you Puta?" The seahorse looked coldly at a young man who was perched on the throne at the heart of the temple. He was dressed in a snow-white ancient Egyptian official’s head and a golden crown, and his short dark brown hair was firmly tied to match his handsome and delicate face. The first impression was extremely noble and dignified.
"I have been sleeping in the seal of Egyptian mythology for thousands of years, and I am a god official of the dark nation, Ahriman. Putage must be the god official who serves the Pharaoh, Seth, no, Mr. Seto Kaiba?" The youth slowly got up from the throne and walked step by step on the yellow stone steps of the throne pyramid. "I’m here to fight the king Muto Game. I didn’t expect to meet the pavilion first. What an honor!"
"Cut the crap and hand over the soul you took away with the phantom company shares and get out of here." Hippo resumed his rude tone when he spoke to Puta. "If you don’t want to, I’ll let you know that I’m good!"
"Shut up and don’t you talk to Lord Puta like that!" I don’t like the arrogant tone of Haima. Jisha couldn’t help yelling at her, but Puta waved her hand as usual. "I can understand Mr. Ji Sha Haima’s mood now, and it’s normal to talk too much. There is no need to be so nervous, but Dragon and Anna are also …?"
"I’m really sorry for them …" Ji Sha lowered her hair and sobbed in a low voice. Puta immediately understood the end of the matter from her actions, so she turned and walked to her and patted her shoulder to comfort her. She conveniently took Joanna back to her arms. "After the resurrection of the god Ji Sha Hualuda, I will try to return his and Anna’s soul. Don’t be too sad. It must be very hard for you to take them all the way here behind Anna’s back. Take a rest. Since Mr. Haima is going to fight it out with me, then I will take care of it. There is no need to
"No, Lord Puta!" Jisha shook her head obstinately. "I won’t take care of Seto Kaiba … I will never let him go. I will knock him down myself. Please don’t interfere in my duel with him!"
"Jisha, of course, I can understand your feelings. I am also deeply indebted to Mr. Gangsaburo. Now I am as eager as you to get rid of the guy who killed him, but you are so tired now. If you don’t have a good rest, I am afraid it will affect your duel state. If you lose because of this, I will feel uneasy."
"Even if I lose, I believe that Lord Puta can save my soul. Don’t worry, compared with the degree of fatigue, Haima will never be less than me. I won’t lose." Jisha smiled confidently at Puta and turned to Haima. "Then I will be your opponent before your strength can reach Lord Puta!"
Puta knew that it was impossible to stop Ji Sha’s hippocampus from fighting at this moment, so she shook her robe and held Joanna on the throne of stone steps, carefully put her on the seat, and then gently stroked her hair with her hand. Everyone was surprised to see that Joanna’s hair was emitting a strange light in his hand, but Joanna woke up and looked at Puta in a trance.


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