"So good!"

Say that finish words PangXia and nine Gang two people to a palm is agreed.
Pang Xia is drinking a drink in the pub in Zhongnanshan village, holding a sea bowl and taking a big gulp of scarlet drink.
After waiting for about half an hour, Jiugang came to the pub with a face of reluctance.
Jiugang looked at what he was drinking, and Pang Xia realized that Pang Xia was drinking. He smiled and said, "I didn’t expect you to be a good drinker and drink so readily!"
Take a long drink PangXia said again "what wine that unhealthy drink who drink?
This is strawberry juice, which is rich in minerals and vitamins, and it is a drink for strengthening the body. "
Looking at a face of serious PangXia nine Gang canthus jumped some don’t know how to answer the words.
But then seven evil spirits is the mouth.
"Hey, my eldest brother is very important this time.
If you can help my eldest brother with your heart, then I’ll apologize to you. Before I … I shot you!
How young are you? You must help my eldest brother! "
Pang Xia looked at a face of sincerity and a little embarrassed. Seven evil spirits suddenly felt that this person was very interesting.
Pack up the slowness and straighten up, and the complexion is a little serious.
Only slightly, of course.’
Chapter 272 Attract senior np or mouth gun!
"This time, according to the original words, it is bound to go through a long period of wild fighting and escape pursuit.
We must prepare all kinds of medicines, especially the specific drugs for detoxification of snake venom.
After all, Ouyang Feng is known as Xi Du, especially for snake venom. We must make preparations.
There is also something like fire folding in the backpack, which must be seen in the wild.
Come to us again. Peach Blossom Island must be with Hong Qigong and them. It’s best not to leave because of that guy Ouyang Feng, but we can’t resist him.
And Peach Blossom Island is that big, and then the vast sea needs to ensure its own safety first! "
Pang Xia, looking a little dull, curled his lips and said, "Seven evil spirits, don’t you want me to prepare something?"
"Uh-oh, I’ll go now."
Suddenly got up, the seven evil spirits rushed out of the pub and rushed into the nearest drugstore.
Jiugang Nai shrugged his shoulders and said, "Please forgive my brothers and children."
"I think it’s good that you have a good brother."
Jiugang smiled and nodded and said, "It’s true. It’s enough to have seven evil spirits to accompany me."
"Since you know that, why are you so depressed? Since something is a thing of the past, don’t think about it. Who hasn’t met a few idiots in this life?"
"Ha ha ha I know.
Look at the fact that the fat shrimp that has always sprayed venom is safe to speak. I want to get up again …
In fact, I didn’t become like this because I was away from the future.
I lost to a famous player because of a very tragic result, which is a little depressed. "
Hearing this, Pang Xia thought for a moment and said, "If I guess correctly, the man who defeated you should be a sword player, right?"
! "
Slightly one leng nine Gang expression immediately dignified.
"The man, is he very tall and looks very friendly?
More importantly, he has some freckles on his face. "
Jiugang’s expression changed rapidly. He said slowly, "What’s this man’s name? Where did you meet this man?"
"His name is naturally the third innate player who was promoted after me.
He studied under Xie Xiaofeng, who is a sword god with great strength.
Where did I see him … I saw him around Chu Qianqiu.
He was around Chu Qianqiu when he besieged the top of the light! "
Hearing this, Pang Xia’s face suddenly turned a little pale.
After a long time, he said with a wry smile, "I didn’t expect my Jiugang to be so annoying. Even if I quit the guild, I still have to find someone to kill me!"
At this time, seven evil spirits came back with medicine.
As soon as he came back, he saw Jiu Gang’s pale face, and immediately the seven evil spirits shouted at Pang Xia, "What on earth did you do to my eldest brother!"
The body of the seven evil spirits is always faster than the brain.
When he roared, he had already blasted a one-handed fist at Pang Xia, which was one hundred percent powerful.
Pangxia one-handed palm directly met the seven evil spirits fist.
I heard that Yi Long Yin Qi Sha was directly blown out by Pang Xia’s palm!
Nai sighed, gave Pang Xia an apologetic look, and then walked out of the pub to see the situation of the seven evil spirits.
Pang Xia got up, and his butt chair was broken by the seven evil spirits "Kill Boxing". He didn’t have the habit of sitting on a stool and torturing himself.
It wasn’t long before the seven evil spirits came in with a reddish face and nine Gang.
Seven evil spirits bowed to Pang Xia in great shame and said, "I was too impulsive just now. Please forgive me for not helping my eldest brother."
"Since I promised you, I will definitely help you do it well.


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