When Zhao Yi said goodbye to her mother, she went straight to Zhao Zhen Yard and heard the crisp "snapping" of the bottle falling from a distance.

Zhao Yi called a outside.
Hearing the sound outside, Zhao Zhen suddenly felt wronged and couldn’t pull the door. He just ran out and threw himself into Zhao Yi’s arms, crying bitterly.
"You all go! I’m here!"
Zhao Yi commanded the girls who stayed outside to be like amnesty immediately. These girls flew quickly and disappeared from the front of the two men.
"Be wronged?"
Zhao Yi smiled at Zhao Zhen’s hand and lost tears in her face.
"My sister also laughed that my sister was going to suffer in the desert. I don’t know who came up with this idea and let me know about cramping and skinning!"
Although this is fierce, it is the little girl’s heart but it doesn’t look evil!
"I have good news for you this time!"
"What good news? Could it be that the butler cancelled the marriage? Did someone else go instead of me? "
Zhao Zhen immediately came to the spirit and suddenly stood up. Looking at Zhao Yi’s expecting expression in his eyes, he obviously hoped that these two guesses were right.
"Ah, what good news is that? Forget it. Now the good news can be to get me out of my misery, otherwise it won’t count even if Jinshan Yinshan moved here! "
Zhao Zhen immediately discouraged!
"I said it was good news, of course. Although it is not to cancel this marriage, wouldn’t it be good news if someone could stop it?"
Zhao yixiao is somewhat pondering.
"Who can stop this marriage? Brother thirteen? Hum, he’s unreliable. He dare not fart in front of the butler. He’ll know that Nuo Nuo is passive. "
Zhao Zhen, this girl doesn’t even pay attention to what she says. Even such vulgar words can be said.
"You ah which have said that his brother? What’s so rude like my beautiful monarch with a big mouth? Can’t it be anyone but thirteen brothers? For example … "
"That damn fool?"
Zhao Zhen suddenly stare big eyes looking at Zhao Yi. Obviously, she hit the fool in her mouth, which is the name that the two sisters didn’t say in their hearts!
"This ….. how is that possible? He is just a small and scattered official. Even if the official regards him with special respect, how can he change his mind because of him? "
Zhao Zhen suddenly became confused. She wanted to hear from Jane, but she didn’t want to hear from him under such circumstances, which made her look weak and powerful.
"Don’t say that the way is really what he wants!"
Zhao Yi smiled and thought about Zhao Zhen waving and whispered in her ear. She heard Zhao Zhen’s eyes suddenly pop out.
"No, no, how can you let him make a risk? Even if I marry myself, I won’t let him do it! "
Zhao Zhen blushed and hurried to defend his Mr Right. That’s 600 royal accounts and riding. It’s impossible to wipe them out without ten times the troops, and his Mr Right dares to fight with 300 people. What is the good news? It’s a terrible news!
"This fool, this fool …"
Suddenly, Zhao Zhen’s tears came again. The word "fool" is still effective for someone!
"streamer has his own idea, I think it can be tried!"
Zhao Yi also wants to say something.
"No, I can’t let him take such a risk. I’m going to see him!"
Zhao Zhen suddenly rushed out in panic and Zhao Yi was busy tearing her up.
"What’s the hurry? What’s the hurry? When did he decide to be persuaded? Just like you, he is stubborn, and I have seen his 300-man musket guard. It is really sharp and can hit the enemy through armor hundreds of steps away! "
Zhao Yi quickly explained
"Is … is that bastard doing strange things?"
Zhao Zhen really cocked his head and asked.
"Not him or who?"
Zhao Yi didn’t good the spirit replied
"I knew he was a wise man. He did those things. None of me in Dasong could do it. He could do it."
Zhao Zhen seems to be longing.
"If he goes that day, I will go with him, even if I die!"
Although I am very excited about Jane’s musket guard, I still believe from the bottom of my heart that this suspect is a suicide.
"Nonsense! Nonsense! "
Zhao Yi hurriedly interrupted her gibberish.
"Not a sister, I’m not fooling around. I know he has a wife and a son. I also know that he and his sister are different, but … so what? He can die for me. What regret do I have? I am willing to go with him, even if I die, I will be together! "
"I shouldn’t have told you this!"
Zhao Yi sighed and felt a little self-defeating, and especially the general statement that he and his sister are different turned out to be knowing that he and Jane had something to do.
"Sister’s husband is so demanding? Isn’t it? "
Zhao Zhen smiled slightly, and the corners of her mouth became warped, just like looking at Jane at the edge of the lake pavilion!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Second Ring Resentment
Winter in the north is always earlier than that in the south.
After a whole day’s blowing, the wind yard was finally blown clean as if it had just shaved its face, but it was also a little deserted and clear around on this day.
"Come and come to Dad!"
Jane squatted on the ground and smiled and waved to the faltering tiger head, trying to make it swing to her side.


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