Goody’s face is similar to his expression. "Yeah, I think so."

So Leonardo patted his ass and looked at Guti affectionately. "Can I have the honor to kiss you and let your lips wash away my sins?"
"Of course I’m honored," said Guti, who got up and cooperated very much.
So two agents followed them for a day and saw that their hands were the most promising. Two stars shone in the moonlight and watched and kissed among the stars.
"They must want to scream, but they have to cover their mouths so that we can’t find them." After the kiss, Leonardo said, still hugging Guti and lying on his shoulder.
"It must be." Guti’s face is also full of tricks and smug smiles, but his heart is also full of joy of victory. Just now, he successfully completed a kiss with Leonardo, which means that his future career will not be limited.
"my dear Juliet, I hate to leave you. Are you sure you don’t want to be my girlfriend?" Leonardo asked half-truths.
"I don’t want to be a lover with another me, which makes me feel narcissistic."
Leonardo sighed, "Well, if you need to summon you, the knight Leonardo will appear in front of you immediately, Juliet."
On the day when the two men walked to the other side on the beach, they all had a good time and even had some impulse to be together, but the impulse was not so desperate.
"You didn’t send somebody else’s girl home? I think you are always gentle with your girlfriend. "Ryan picked Leonardo up.
"That’s my brother, not my girlfriend. My brother is strong enough. Besides, your colleague and her agent will send him home." Leonardo replied that he was somewhat lost in psychology and even felt lovelorn after a day of love.
"Brother? You didn’t make it? Didn’t they all kiss? You are so handsome that she refuses you? She won’t be lace, will she? " Ryan couldn’t help asking a lot of questions
"Come on, we are so much alike. I’m not Narcissus," Leonardo said.
On the other hand, Castro asked the same question.
"What’s missing? I think it’s better for us to be friends than lovers." To be honest, Guti does have a crush today, but he always feels that something is wrong. It seems that Leonardo is not the one for others.
"It’s not that guy. He’s too expensive." Castro breathed a sigh of relief.
The next day at the audition site
Luhmann exclaimed with surprise, "Yes, that’s the feeling. That’s what I want Romeo Juliet!"
Just after another kiss in front of him, Guti and Leonardo smiled at each other, and they looked very tacit.
I have something to say about my one-day love with Leonardo. I hope you won’t brush it after writing it. I hope they are together
In this Juliet casting, as I said in my article, in the end, claire danes was probably the first actress to play the spare tire, and in Natalie Portman, the director also said.
Venice Beach is a beach that I have never been to according to various travel guides.
Leonardo’s face value is really high in this play, especially when he appeared for the first time. There was sunshine behind the scene. The blond boy was really handsome when he was bathed in the sunshine. I was about to drool when I watched it, but when Juliet appeared, his mood calmed down immediately.
Although people don’t like Claire Dennis Juliet, she won the MTV Best Actress Award for her role. I’m going to let Miss Guti bring this award and get the Best Kissing Award.
"Romeo Juliet" is probably four or five kissing scenes, and then there is a scene in bed. I have carefully studied that a heroine wants to show her back, and then the positive words just happen to be that Leonardo’s body blocks the dew point. Brother Dong is ready to jump!
☆ Chapter 41
Luxurious and romantic with girlish atmosphere, a luxurious big bed in the bedroom, a pair of men and women are wrapped in a quilt, rolling from them and groaning occasionally. It is not difficult to know what they are doing.
Suddenly, a big woman came from a distance. "Miss, the lady is coming, Miss …" As the woman got closer and closer, the bedroom door slammed and the bed was divided immediately.
"Very good, this one has passed." Director baz luhrmann shouted with satisfaction.
With the director’s voice falling, the camera stopped at once.
Leonardo also politely turned around and took the pajamas handed over by his assistant. At the same time, Lucy, Guti’s assistant, rushed over at the first time and kept holding the pajamas in his hand, wrapping up naked Guti to make sure that he didn’t have a trace of skin exposed.
"That was a good performance." When Guti was dressed, Leonardo turned around and smiled at Guti.
Guti also smiled at him.
The two men came to the monitor together and carefully looked at the shot just taken.
"Look at how well my position has blocked you. There is no exposure at all." Leonardo proudly praised himself to Guti.
Guti gave him a pie mouth, and then Leonardo returned to Guti with a grimace. The two leading men and women were so reckless that they fought in front of people and attracted the workers to exchange a clear look.
They have seen too many scenes in which the two leading actors get along intimately since the crew of Romeo Juliet arrived. In the film, the two leading actors want to play a famous couple, get along very well on the set, and often go out to eat and drink together. In the eyes of these workers, the two actors have already made a fake scene because of the drama.
"how about it? Has it been finished? Do you need a remake? " Castro moved his fat body and came in from the door. Today’s filming is the only bed and play in the film. According to the usual practice, the director has cleared the scene, and no one can enter except the filming personnel. However, Castro still doesn’t trust himself to go to the door to guard the door, for fear that someone is peeping and taking advantage of Guti.
"Not perfect. As I said, the two of them are the perfect Romeo and Juliet in my mind." Luhmann said with satisfaction that he was glad to have given Guti another audition opportunity at that time. After spending a day with Leonardo, Guti and Leonardo had a very tacit understanding and they already had the kind of feelings he wanted.
These days, in the filming, Guti and Leonardo cooperated more tacitly, and many of them were able to make one pass, which made Luhmann more and more satisfied with them and wondered at the same time that these two people would not really fall in love, right?
"So that’s all for today’s shooting. Go back and have a good rest." Luhmann made sure that there was nothing wrong with today’s shooting, and waved to Guti and Leonardo that they could have a holiday. The rest of the shooting today was gone with them.
"Then I’m going to change. I bought Staples tickets. Today we are the Lakers versus the Bulls. We can have dinner together and then go and watch it." Leonardo invited Guti. During this time, he often invited Guti to watch the game or go somewhere to play.
Guti nodded. "Well, if it weren’t for the Suns’ game," he was a little disgusted. He said that once Leonardo invited him to watch the game at Staples to see if the Lakers were against the Sun. He just said hello to Buckley and was annoyed by that guy. That guy, who pretends to be his brother, took Leonardo as his boyfriend, asking questions and secretly telling him that Leonardo is a gigolo and unreliable.
Leonardo couldn’t help laughing. He also remembered the time when he watched the ball. Although he was able to get in close contact with NBA stars, he was treated like a prisoner, especially when the other person was still a bad guy. This feeling was really sour and refreshing.
"Then I’ll go change clothes for a while." Guti waved and followed Lucy to change clothes. Today, we should celebrate-he even filmed the bed and the play. Although he didn’t show his dew on the screen, he took off his clothes. Even after filming him, it is estimated that there is nothing to be afraid of.
"Are they really not in love? If you really fall in love, then the movie will also be a selling point, "Ruman secretly asked Castro.
"Who knows?" Castro mumbled a few words to himself. Guti told him that he and Leonardo had no love, but they got along so well that he was a little suspicious.
If Guti knew Castro’s thoughts, he would laugh. He would tell Castro that it was really impossible for him and Leonardo. Although Guti had an impulse to get along that day, he felt that it might be good to choose Leonardo’s boyfriend, gentle, handsome and considerate enough to cover himself. This is a good choice for Guti who is still adapting to his psychological changes a little.
However, Guti thinks that they are a little short of something. During this day’s filming, they took a kiss and went out together after work. The more they got along with each other, the more Guti felt that it was right that he didn’t agree to Leonardo’s request on impulse at that time. He felt that seeing Leonardo was like seeing himself in the past. Now in his eyes, Leonardo is almost as bad as his brother. He estimated that Leonardo thought the same thing. In Leonardo’s eyes, he estimated that he was already a brother of the same sex. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken himself to the nightclub and would have left himself to pick up girls.
When I got dressed and came out, Guti put his hand on Leonardo’s arm like these days, and the two left the set arm in arm.
As soon as he came out, Guti felt that there was a sudden light in front of him and he couldn’t help blinking.
"I don’t know which newspaper is this paparazzi? How many cameras can you guess? I guess five or seven lost. I’ll treat you to French food. "Leonardo told Guti while keeping his face smiling.


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