When Zhang Ping saw that his goal had been reached, he pulled himself out and flew back. He was extremely strong and used his golden knife all the way without leaving a line. When he saw a figure flash by, he disappeared. Just as Zhang Ping was about to jump off the wall, he suddenly saw a big drink "what a timid thief" and saw a big man coming with a knife ahead.

This big fellow’s knife chop is ten times stronger than Wang Jiajun’s hand knife check. Zhang Ping also dare not despise a deer galloping attack on the other side and a deep hiding name at the moment of close-quarters key. The Chinese big fellow quickly closed his knife and defended Zhang Ping. At this time, he stretched out his finger and grabbed the Chinese big fellow at the blade. "Aren’t you afraid of the blade?" So after a little hesitation, I saw that Zhang Ping’s finger had caught the knife, only to find that there were still several inches between his palm and the blade. Suddenly, the sword popped up with a single finger, and Zhang Ping’s right hand leaned out and slapped it on his shoulder, and then an ape jumped out of the wall.
Zhang Ping left the Golden Knife Gate and went back to the inn to have a rest. He came out of his body to investigate again, but when he saw the Golden Knife Gate, it was a mess.
Seeing Wang Yuanba, the enemy of the Golden Sword, sitting at the head, he asked the Chinese man, "Can you tell the martial arts skills of the attacker in Bofen?"
Wang Bofen replied, "I can feel that this man is a first-rate figure in Wulin in terms of lightness skill and kung fu, and the last finger seems to be a famous swordsman, but it is incredible that this man is short and seems to be a child."
Wang Yuanba turned his hands and said, "This matter has been speculated in my heart as I expected. That person is Yu Canghai Jiajun, the head of the Qingcheng Sect, but his right leg is completely broken. It must be caused by the Qingcheng Sect’s destruction of his heart. Plus this person is short and light. There is really no second person in the martial arts."
At this time, Wang Zhongxiong, next to Wang Bofen, said, "But our Qingcheng School used to resent the recent hatred, so Yu Canghai has no reason to shoot at us."
Wang Yuanba replied, "I think Yu Canghai is a drunkard’s sake this time, mainly to test that my golden knife gate is actually aimed at your sister’s in-laws, but this Yu Canghai martial arts is really amazing. Judging from the situation of Bofen’s fight, my father is not his opponent. We will make plans after we have patience with today’s things for a while."
Wang Bofen was angry and said, "This Qingcheng Sect is abhorrent. If you have a chance, you must look good."
Wang Yuanba said, "Bofen can’t be reckless. Yu Canghai has high martial arts skills. We shouldn’t have a head-on conflict. This matter is over. Go back and deal with this matter. If you are not angry, you can go back to practice martial arts and find the field in the future."
Zhang Ping heard here that he had stumbled into the Qingcheng Mountain School by mistake, and he went to the satisfied soul and body.
Chapter 31 Kanli siddhi
Zhang Ping continued to practice the body and learn medical skills from the Golden Knife Gate, and the night passed quickly.
The next morning, Zhang Ping retired from the guest room after breakfast and packed up and headed for Songshan.
This Songshan Mountain started from Zhang Pingchen, west of Luoyang, and arrived at the foot of Songshan Mountain at dusk. It didn’t take long for Zhang Ping to set off for Songshan Sect, and it turned dark. Zhang Ping took advantage of the out-of-body experience to explore the way ahead, launch one mind and two controls, and then proceed carefully.
After a journey, I suddenly heard that two jade dragons hung straight from the cliff like thunder, and the two jade dragons plunged into the double waterfalls. Zhang Ping saw a stone tablet "Shengguanfeng" next to the side peak of the waterfall, and the mountain road became more and more dangerous and steep. Seeing the interruption of the two peaks, naturally a high wind blew out clouds from the cut-off place, and three vigorous Chinese characters "Chaotianmen" were engraved on the side. Zhang Ping turned to the northwest and reached the peak of Songshan Mountain, which was called "Eji".
Zuo Lengchan, the head of Songshan Sect, although he has a word "Zen" in his name, is not a Buddhist brother, and his martial arts are close to Taoism. Therefore, Zhang Ping is not afraid that there are a lot of Buddha statues and Buddhist scriptures in it. Zhang Ping’s soul entered the temple and saw the ancient Baisen Hall and the Buddha hall. Although it is much worse than the Shaolin Temple’s Daxiong Hall, it is not as good as it is.
After confirming the safety, Zhang Ping decisively went to Zuo Lengchan’s wing, the second generation brother of the Taibao Sect in Songshan.
Although I had known that most of the exquisite martial arts in Wulin were memorized by word of mouth, most of them were residual tricks, but Zhang Ping still didn’t give up and went through many Songshan Taibao and the second-generation brother’s room to find a handwritten copy of Songshan Jianpu. Zhang Ping’s martial arts practice has been deeply studied and he has finished memorizing it after reading it several times.
It can be said that the 17-way swordsmanship recorded in Songshan Sword Spectrum is exquisite, and its swordsmanship has been rigorous and vigorous, and it has recorded the length and speed of swordsmanship, which can exert great power on various fighting occasions and situations.
Finally, Zhang Ping went to explore Zuo Lengchan’s room and saw that Zuo Lengchan was studying a few cheats and writing a cheat himself. Zhang Ping quickly drifted over and saw that it was Songshan’s method, Songyang’s palm strength and a broken turtle’s breath tactic, while Zuo Lengchan was writing that Zhang Ping saw that it was a cold force that got such a good opportunity. Zhang Ping wrote these cheats overnight and hurried to the mountain at dawn the next day.
Zhang Ping, who went to Deshan, focused on the study of Zuo Lengchan’s writing of this skill. There are still differences in the operation method of Yin Attribute Force that he learned in Chivalrous Island. The operation method of Yin Attribute Force in Chivalrous Island is to change the Yin attribute of force through special operation, while Zuo Lengchan wrote this skill about how to cultivate a Yin attribute force and nourish it in Dantian to drive its growth when practicing.
Zhang Ping hurried to the mountain to rent a small farmhouse and studied this new achievement.
Zuo Lengchan’s writing skill was named by Zhang Ping. The key point of the cold planting method is to inhale the cold in the night from Baihui point through the midvein into Dantian every day, slowly compress it, and then restore yourself to the true qi. Zhang Ping feels that this method is similar in daily gas production, so he set out to prepare for cultivation after thorough research.
Zhang Pingxian condensed and expanded the cold species in January, and then after work every day, he ran it according to the Xuanyin method of Chivalrous Island to give birth to a new cold species, which was really two points colder than before, but his meridians seemed to be unable to stand this extremely cold force. Zhang Pinghad to turn the force to extreme yang for a long time before resolving it.
Later, Zhang Ping thought that the cold force was too cold. It wasn’t long before Zhang Ping decided to create an opposing skill, that is, an inflammation tactic, to create a balanced cold species.
Zhang Ping has learned a lot, and the realm is already high, and there is a cold tactic and a big song yang strength as a reference. In March, he successfully created it, and he created an inflammatory species at noon every day to create a cold species, and then he was strengthened by the special power operation method of Chivalrous Island. Finally, he nurtured each other and neutralized the achievement method. Zhang Ping felt that this achievement method still needs to be improved, because it would be better if the yin and yang forces could be perfect.
Therefore, Zhang Ping carefully fused a yin attribute force and a yang attribute force. On the spot, it almost caught fire and scared Zhang Ping to quickly mobilize a lot of force to suppress it before it hurt the tendons.
After this, Zhang Ping’s experiment became more and more careful, but he was afraid to act rashly before he had a mature idea. Zhang Ping felt that all his strength was from Taoism, so he felt that the answer should be found in Taoist classics.
On this day, Zhang Ping was thinking about Taoist classics, and it suddenly occurred to him that he was familiar with Lv Zu’s hundred-word tablet at first. In this inscription, it is said that Qi Hui Dan is self-contained in a pot, and it is said that it is yin and yang, but where is the pot? But it has always been a problem. Zhang Ping managed to find a way of thinking, but the more he thought about it, the more chaotic he went out to prepare for fun.
Zhang Ping went out to Songshan Foot Town and went to the forest. After practicing the fencing of Songshan Sect for two hours in the forest, he was ready to go back.
Walking back to the town, I just saw an old farmer selling bamboo baskets. The old farmer seemed to have a bad business. When Zhang Ping came, he quickly shouted, "Little brother, take a look. Everything in the bamboo baskets is convenient and strong for the old man."
The old farmer’s words made Zhang Ping suddenly move in his heart. He suddenly laughed and threw a handful of copper coins to the old farmer and said, "Thank you for your kind words." Then he cast his flying skills and ran to the yard to leave the old farmer with Zhang Ping to leave the copper coins there at a loss.
When Zhang Ping returned to the yard, he immediately prepared to close it. Today, he realized from the old farmer’s words that the pot was to be made by himself.
So Zhang Ping calmly adjusted the state to the best, and his basic force formed a ball to wrap the two forces of Yin and Yang. After the preparation, Zhang Ping decisively controlled the integration of Yin and Yang, and the two forces merged again, but the surrounding spherical force layer actually succeeded in merging into a new force.


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