"The specific location of a grassland more than 50 kilometers outside the south of the city is unclear. We will look for you carefully when we pass. Don’t worry, I’ll call you when I find him. Now I won’t tell you more in the car!" Big honey hung up after saying that and then absorbed in the car.

Pearl Krabs heard the busy tone of the mobile phone, and the whole person just stood there for a long time before making up his mind and then stretched out his hand and stopped a car.
After the car, Pearl Krabs said that he would go to the south of the city, and he said that it was almost 50 kilometers away. As a result, the driver said that it was too far to go to the city guest Pearl Krabs Ned’s car, and then he stopped a car, and the result was the same.
She stopped five cars in a row before one car was willing to go outside the city, but this car was quoted directly for 300 yuan without playing the meter. Zhenzhen couldn’t find another car and was willing to go to Ned and agreed to get off.
The driver is probably also familiar with the terrain in the suburbs. After the car started, he said to Pearl Krabs, "How do you get to such a remote place as a girl? Look at you. You’re so beautiful. You’re not a monster, are you? When you get to a remote place, you will show your true colors and eat me, right? "
For the driver’s humor, Pearl Krabs root has no mind to understand her absent-mindedness. "I’ll find someone to know where it is in more than 50 kilometers, and I don’t know exactly where it is. Just send me to 50 kilometers then, and I’ll look for it myself."
"What’s the name of the place you are looking for? Some village? Or is there any landmark building that I know better about around here? Tell me maybe I can find it? " The driver is very talkative and he is willing to talk to Pearl Krabs because Pearl Krabs is very beautiful.
Pearl Krabs thought about it and felt that the driver was right. What if this person can find it? Then he can find Ye Qing as quickly as possible.
She said that the place was a pasture and there was no landmark building. When the driver heard this, he was suddenly silent for a while, probably after recalling it for a few minutes. The driver said, "There seems to be a pasture 50 kilometers away in the southern suburbs that was contracted to feed cattle. I wonder if it is the place you mean!"
"Really? That’s great. Take me to that place first! " Pearl Krabs is very excited tunnel
"That place has been abandoned for a long time. There is no one left. How can you be in that place if you are looking for someone?" The driver asked in some surprise.
"Don’t ask, just send me. The fare won’t be short of you!" Pearl Krabs urged.
Chapter 1 Finding Leaf Inclination
Big honey drove out of the city and went directly to the south for more than 50 kilometers. The speed is not too fast, and it can be reached in about an hour.
Dong Laoer sat next to him drowsy. He didn’t sleep all night. He was so sleepy at the moment, and he was worried that someone from the other side would be there to guard himself. If he had no spirit, how could he fight with those people?
At this time, he can’t help but regret that it would be much easier to rescue Ye Qing if he could call some people there, but it is too late to call those people there now, and he only let them go yesterday and called them up today. He still dismissed the idea.
Big honey didn’t think about these questions at all. Now she wants to get to that place quickly and find Ye Yu. How many people are watching her? Have you thought about going there?
Pearl Krabs will leave later than Dami and others at this time, but because the taxi driver is familiar with the road, he has already gone to the front. They are not taking the same road. Taking a taxi is the most correct route and naturally the shortest route. I don’t want to find a direct way to the grassland.
The drivers were chatting with Pearl Krabs all the way, but Pearl Krabs was not in the mood to deal with it. An hour later, the taxi arrived at the high and barren land, and the car stopped firmly on the side of the road. Pearl Krabs looked at the grass ahead and there was still a road with fresh rut marks, so she guessed that Ye Qing might be at the end of this road.
"Can the master go in?" Pearl Krabs shook his head at the driver. "No one has been in there for a long time. Look how tall these grasses are. I don’t know what road conditions are inside. If you get stuck in it, you will be in trouble. Is your friend in there?"
Pearl Krabs didn’t answer him either. She directly gave the driver 300 yuan and pulled the door. She decided to walk in and the taxi driver left.
Pearl Krabs looked at the road covered with weeds on both sides, and felt a little weak. It was too remote and horribly quiet around here, and I didn’t know what dangers were hidden in those weeds.
She took a deep breath and then got up the courage to go in. The road was muddy and rutted, and there was still water in it. Pearl Krabs had to walk along the edge and try to pick up a dry place to step on, but he still stepped on the mud.
The further you go inside, Pearl Krabs feels more and more afraid. When you look back, the road is blocked by grass. There are borders and weeds around you, and occasionally you can hear birds chirping. It’s a deserted place.
I don’t know how long it took Pearl Krabs to walk. She felt that her shoes were heavy and there was a lot of mud stuck to her face. She had to stop to have a rest, and then she broke a straw and scraped the mud off the soles.
Ye Qing leaned against the door of the stone house for a long time and didn’t see Zhang Xuan’s gang come back, so he put the hand rope on the corner of the stone house and ground it for more than 20 minutes. Finally, he broke the rope and felt that his hand was liberated. He breathed a sigh of relief and then supported it to move a sore spot.
His physical fitness is indeed quite strong, and he has been beaten several times by several people. Almost all of them are traumatic bones, and his hands and feet can move. He is black and blue everywhere, and he is a little uncomfortable and hungry. Instead, he is more desperate than before.
If Zhang Xuan and others really left him here, it would be difficult for him to live, because there are no people around here to find a family to go out, at least for a day, and he will lose his strength before long without water and food.
However, he didn’t give up his desire to survive. After the festival was held for a while, he walked outside along that road. Not far away, he saw a figure in front of him, and suddenly he got excited and finally met someone!
And when he saw that the figure was a woman, I could tell from the color of the clothes, and it was vaguely long hair, which means it wasn’t Zhang Xuan’s gang who were too far apart to see each other clearly. Ye Qing hurriedly stepped up and walked past.
Pearl Krabs’s feet were sore when she walked, but she still didn’t stop. She believed that she would find Ye Qing. When she turned a corner, she found that there was a straight road in front of her. At the end of the straight road, there was a stone house. In the middle of the straight road, there was a tall figure coming towards her.
"It’s Ye Qing!" Pearl Krabs was suddenly excited in her heart. From that figure, she could tell that it had appeared in her mind for thousands of times. As soon as her eyes turned red, she fell into tears of excitement, and then she hurried over.
In the crowd, Pearl Krabs saw Ye Qing’s sample and Ye Qing also saw her sample. Two people immediately embraced excitedly. Pearl Krabs leaned his head on his chest and cried. Ye Qing naturally felt particularly cordial when he saw the first familiar person in this desperate situation.
He couldn’t help kissing Pearl Krabs on the forehead before saying, "How did you find here?"
Pearl Krabs controlled his emotions and whispered, "I heard that you were in a grass field, so I took a taxi to come over. Why haven’t they arrived yet?"


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