Thought of here, Pang Xia reached out and stepped into the tomb of Zhongnanshan.

For Pang Xia today, the ancient tomb is not a difficult place to enter.
On whether it is in the mountains or the sea or high clouds.
Pang Xia can reach that place freely.
When Pang Xia came out of the crack, he had already come to the ancient tomb.
But to Pang Xia’s surprise, there is no trace of life in this ancient tomb.
Not only Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl are not here, but even the yellow shirt girl is not here.
Obviously, whether Yang Guo, the little dragon girl couple or the yellow shirt girl live elsewhere is not in this cold ancient tomb.
Wanted to think PangXia suddenly thought that if it is not in another place of the tomb, it is very likely that it is where they are.
Thought of here, PangXia will not hesitate to reach out and row directly to the inside.
Then in several breaths, he came to the cold pool at the bottom of Desperate Valley.
As a result, I haven’t waited for Pang Xiashui to go to the other side to see if Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl are among them.
Immediately, several women dressed in white and women dressed in black rushed over.
At the same time, behind these women dressed in black and white, a woman dressed in yellow slowly came along.
When the yellow shirt girl saw Pang Xia, the whole person was slightly stunned.
Then waved to the maids in black and white around them.
Seeing the yellow-shirt girl waving her hand, the maids in black and white retreated to both sides.
Go to the front of PangXia yellow shirt woman said to PangXia "elder is to find condor heroes couple?
Want to elder is very familiar with here, so I won’t bother elder, elder also please go by yourself. "
Nodding at the yellow-shirt girl, Pang Xia’s body is transformed into a true qi hood that covers himself.
Then he stepped into the water step by step and walked towards the other side of the cold pool.
Pang Xia walked out of the cold pool step by step, and there was no trace of water on his body because of the cover of qi.
Fang Pangxia glanced at it as if it were a fairyland. "Dragon son, are you here?"
Pang Xia’s voice broke and he came to the front of Pang Xia with a blink of an eye.
Looking at it, it can be said that it is a middle-aged man. Yang Guo Pang Xia laughed and said, "How about not seeing you for many years?"
In the martial arts world, sometimes NPC has some problems in logic in unified arrangement.
For example, at this time, Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl are only seven years away from Xiangyang War in their view.
Little dragon girl and Yang Guo child have not yet been born, but there is not much difference.
However, the yellow shirt girl who was born in the plot of "Eternal Dragon Slayer" is already slim.
It stands to reason that it should be impossible for Yang Guo, the yellow-shirted girl, and the offspring of Xiaolong girl to appear.
So they made some changes so that they could get along at the same time as much as possible.
Of course, for Pang Xia, these are all side details and I don’t care.
He was very pleased to see Yang Guo, and Yang Guo was also very happy to see Pang Xia, a person who helped himself many times in his youth.
In particular, Yang Guo has regarded Pang Xia as his reliable elder and has raised a sense of closeness in his heart.
Although we haven’t seen each other for many years, the two men smiled at each other and their feelings rose as before.
In Yang Guo, he led Pang Xia to follow Yang Guo to build a cabin with Little Dragon Girl.
I have to say that after living together in Yang Guo, the little dragon girl looks more beautiful with a touch of human touch.
When she heard Pang Xia’s voice, the little dragon girl prepared some food on the wooden table of the cabin.


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