I was pulled by a skill from the other side! !

The sudden turn of events made the Longshan cannon feel like a nine-turn, ten-bend, sometimes anxious and sometimes soothing, and his heart alternated in acceleration, peace and stability again and again, but at least he was also a person who had seen the scene. The situation just happened so fast that some of him didn’t follow the rhythm and now he woke up, which was different.
Being pulled away by "gravitational manipulation", as soon as the Longshan cannon body landed, it twisted and jumped up. At the same time, the technical halo broke out and a golden virtual shadow several times larger than his own bucket and then shrank to his body and disappeared in his body. At the same time, the Longshan cannon itself was covered with a faint Jin Hui-
This is the knight soul skill!
The level 4 heavy knight skill can summon the knight’s soul to attach to his own blood by 3%, the movement speed is 1% higher, and the magic defense is 11 for 2 seconds, which is a very powerful tank skill.
As soon as the knight’s soul came out of Longshan cannon, it settled down a lot, but his resistance also attracted several people from the other side to fire and besieged it, reducing his pressure and winning the opportunity for his teammates to help him. After his right foot was gently lifted, he stepped heavily-
"Blood and bones trample!"
"boom! !”
Fierce shock waves spread from his body, and the earth seemed to be trampled and trembled slightly …
What he didn’t expect was that the offensive slowed down as he expected, but it didn’t appear on the contrary … It was bigger!
"Kill and charge!"
"Crazy front three companies!"
"Blunt your teeth!"
"Cut! Chop! Chop! Chop! Cut … "
Li Yanxin’s double-edged saber is afraid of outputting the most ferocious weapon at this time. He is crazy about beating Longshan cannon. It seems that he has just been humiliated. At this moment, he has to turn these attacks back to Longshan cannon. Even if the heavy knight is bloody and thick, he can’t stand it.
"Don’t leave some blood for me like this by new B!" Cheng Jun shouted at the back of the team, and at the same time, the long bow in his hand was full moon-
"falling into the moon!"
"whew!" Cheng Junchao’s arrows in Tianyi burst into dots like stars in the middle … Instantaneous arrows fell like a rainstorm in front of the Longshan workshop, delaying their support speed.
Give back what you have done.
After falling into the moon, Cheng Jun kept his chest muscles open, his right hand was stretched again, and his longbow was shaken into a full moon-
"Full moon strike!"
The full moon strike was supposed to be able to accumulate energy for 2 seconds, but Cheng Jun didn’t do it here. He shot the arrow with a bow in an instant, followed by the bow string-
"Floating vector!"
Heavy bow control skills can make the target float for 15 seconds after hitting the target, but is Cheng Jun just floating the Longshan cannon? Of course not!
Cheng Jun’s eyes narrowed, his right foot forced him to push himself to the left side for a long distance, then he turned his back, his left leg stepped forward, and his body sank slightly. His hands held the bow and arrow high above his head, his arms straightened, his index finger, middle finger and finger hooked the bowstring, and then he slowly moved to the left side. The bow and arrow was gradually filled when he was moving …
When the bow and arrow reaches the right position, Cheng Junshen takes a deep breath, and the strength of his right hand will be more than two points, and then the already tight bow and arrow will be forcibly pulled by two points.
"Gravity through! !”
"Hum! !”
The bowstring trembled violently, and the arrow pierced like a flash, and with a sharp wind, it passed through the body of the gun that was hit by the floating vector and fell to Longshan!
The arrows pierced the Longshan cannon with a horse’s strength, but the momentum did not decrease and rushed towards the remaining seven people in the Longshan workshop-this was Cheng Jun’s calculation.
"grass! Hide one! " Seven people in Longshan Workshop just went forward with a "falling moon", and now an arrow with "gravity penetration" flew in. They know something about this skill, and if they dare to get caught like this, they can escape.
Just from the flying state, the Longshan cannon felt dizzy and forced to calm down. When it was trying to find out the surrounding situation, it suddenly got stuck in the middle and could not move-
Nail it!
This nail is Bin Song.


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