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"Don’t worry about kaos. Although there is indeed a gap between our strength and Kara’s old demigod, there are three demigods exposed in the Beradian Empire. Just now, the demigod who should be the assassin of Rommel, the dark Lord, has been sent out to help the small terran. The other demigods will stay in the Beradian Empire honestly, or they will deliberately fight with our utopian alliance. In the outside, it is a fear devil who relies on his fear field to deal with those godless professionals. It is simple to believe that he will soon solve the battle and come to help us."
See brother face aren’t angry, brother Nero comfort in dietra’s demigods.
Nero and kaos are the twins of the dietra family who became demigods in recent decades. They are the blood clan deity Braud Dieter. They have been eating and living together since they were born. After they became demigods, they also chose the same field. Plus, the twins are connected with each other, which leads to a shocking situation-their brothers can almost consume the power to transform from one person to another.
That is to say, when the two brothers fight together, the field can be started twice as fast as the demigod of the same level. With this, even the two demigod brothers who are slightly better than them can win by the war of attrition.
And what makes the blood clan god look forward to is this: when the two of them establish the kingdom of God into a god, can they combine the kingdom of God into two, so that one plus one is greater than two? In this way, their combat power will far exceed that of the same god, and perhaps they can really achieve the feat of two high gods defeating the Lord God.
Although the development prospects of the two brothers are very good, it is a pity that they are now facing the age of becoming a demigod, which is bigger than the two brothers combined. The Kara brothers can also delay the time by changing their fields with each other.
At this time, Kara was thinking recklessly with two blood clan demigods. Although Nolon said he could deal with the fear Lord, the title of the fear Lord "natural enemy of the weak" was so loud that he was really worried.
But these two blood demigods are really not weak. My strength is stronger than that of the average median god. But these two little guys who have not become demigods for more than 20 years can even with me for a while. They are the most acclaimed blood demigods in the future.
It’s better for the blood clan demigods to let my blood demon Kara’s name resound through the mainland of Lafia again!
After thinking it over, Kara will no longer leave his hand. He holds the knife in his right hand and presses his left hand on the blade of Cuixin with a gentle stroke, so that blood will gradually fill this Cuixin.
Cui Xin’s blood did not flow slowly as before, but gradually spread from the blade to the whole body. The whole blade changed from green like jade to bright red, and Carla’s forehead also appeared a scarlet line similar to vertical eyes.
He grinned slightly, gently licked Cui Xin’s knife back, and looked at Nero and kaos across the street with gherardini eyes.
Damn it, look at your bloodthirsty look. Are you a blood clan or are we a blood clan? ?
"Look at it, blood clan kids. This is the gap between my old demigod and your new demigod!"
Kara will attack them with a lot of divine power in his legs that exceeds the dynamic capture ability of the blood brothers. Two blood demigods can defend Karana back to back, and it is obvious that the attack has fallen into the wind.
"Damn it, this is in our field. How can this Kara have such a strange speed!" In just one minute after the outbreak in Kara, the blood brothers have more than ten wounds, many of which are still crucial. If they had not been nourished by divine power, ordinary professionals would have been seriously injured and died.
"We can’t go like this. Before his divine power runs out, we have to step down first. Let’s pack up the field and retreat!" And narrowly escaped Kara’s Cui Xin. Oh, no, now it should be called a pure heart and almost a blow to the neck. Nero said to his younger brother with a dignified face
"Damn it!" Although kaos shouted angrily, he immediately put away his field and made the blood clan secret together with his brother, and quickly fled in the direction of Utopia Alliance.
Forget it, let’s just let it be this time. Watching the brothers escape, Kara didn’t go after them. Even if the demigod blood clan made them escape by the secret method of blood fog, the two brothers would be greatly weakened. If he really wants to leave the brothers here, he will have to make moves, right?
Kara still exudes a little bloody breath, and he is moving in the direction of Utopia Alliance. Looking at the sky, he can faintly feel that there are several powerful breaths behind him, and many breaths are hidden behind that cloud, and several powerful breaths behind him are far from each other.
He smiled and then turned and rushed to the battle. He was facing Rommel in the sky and the Terran demigod on both wings.
The two winged Terran demigods have just seen that they are not the same as them, but they are better. The blood clan double actually fled in the fog and the state is not right. The little Terran demigods also rushed over to them with malicious intentions, and they were so scared that they desperately waved their wings and fled back, but Rommel once again blocked the dark field for a moment. When they were released, they were surrounded by Rommel and Kara.
At this time, the battle in the field of fear of the Lord of Fear also won the battle
Back to half an hour ago, the fear Lord pulled Dubai Lawrence to rush to the migration team, laughing.
"Hum, it’s just a fear demon. Just look at me!"
Sally princess royal summoned her blue cross gun and changed back to unicorn form. Kiki was about to meet the Fear Lord, but Patton stopped her quickly.
"princess royal Temple, although you lv3 God relatives are naturally not afraid of just the fear Lord, you are a fierce and famous demigod against the fear Lord. How can I explain to you in case of any accident!"
Facing the cold stare at himself, Barton in princess royal Temple braved the cold sweat and stopped her. He didn’t know that Sivir was watching here. In case something happened to the Princess Temple, he probably wouldn’t live long this time.
Aside, Nolon smiled gently at Sally, pulling Ellie and said to her, "Didn’t princess royal Temple say that I would handle this fear Lord? You can’t go back on your word! "
Looking at Nolon’s face and smiling, Sally princess royal somehow put away her blue cross gun and gently cut Nolon’s collar.
"Then Nolon, you should be more careful and don’t get hurt."
Looking at a rare gesture of tenderness, Sally Nolon’s little heart suddenly jumped twice, but fortunately, he remembered that Ellie was by his side and gave Sally a stiff smile and turned to look at the dive and feared the devil.
However, there are no eggs in the sky. The fear demon king’ haha’ smiled and held out his hands and shook them together. The little Terran sacrificed to Melvin, the two-handed weapon warrior, General Dalkambarton, Sally princess royal, Nolon and Ellie all pulled into their own fear fields.
"Three soldiers, two mages and a priest are simply standard methods of pastoral configuration! So boss, are you ready to be pushed, Mr. LaDubai Lawrence? "
Although I don’t know what he started the field, there are three young people whose faces remain the same. They are not affected by his fear field like the other three guys who are already sweating, and I don’t know what this man said about boss. But La Dubai Florence also recognized Nolon’s provocative intention from the tone. Even if these six people are lv25 professionals in front of him, he can handle La Dubai Florence’s disdain. Hehe, a smile, a slight bow in the middle, his hands holding his chest and commanding, he said
"Come on, you weak guys, let me fear Lord Labidu Lawrence and see what tricks you can play before you die!"
The villain died because of his words, and he died because he refused to be cruel. He was convinced of this judgment, and Nolon immediately threw out the puppet that had been rushed by Ellie, and twice made the opportunity demigod break the field. This kind of demolition worker is most suitable for tall and powerful.
"demigod puppet!" Looking at Nolon, he threw a demigod puppet, which is the highest level in all planes. His eyes were going to pop out, and he immediately rushed to Nolon to kill the master before the puppet started.
But one side Sally drank the forehead tattoo suddenly, and the light was generous. After a moment, Ellie was wrapped in a set of light armor with a blue and white photo, and her hand also turned into a blue Guanghua cross gun, riding an armor formed by golden light and covering Kiki with a pistol, and she rushed to the dive and feared the devil.
Blue cross gun lv15 (said) has been activated.
Sally Ruska Beradia
Attack 13-26
Attack speed 1
Strength +3 Agility +3 Speed +3
Knight Skill +3
Abnormal state resistance +5
It has the effects of destroying evil spirits, demons, sharpness, lightness, bleeding, armor-piercing, blood sucking and restoring physical strength.
(The artifact transformed from the odd knight gun of Sivir Shyvana when he was young, few people can escape from awakening it.)
The ps field is equivalent to a special scene that makes the divine power strengthen itself and weaken the enemy. If this scene is blown up, it will be finished.
Chapter 59 Utopian alliance pursuit (3)
"Ha ha!"
In the face of the rapid rush towards her, the female knight eats by agility, and the demigod La Dubai Lawrence still evaded Sally’s cross gun, still sneering in the middle and reaching out to take it away.
Sally smiled in her heart and pretended not to dodge. She was caught by LaDubai Lawrence, but the Lord of Fear was not happy for long before she was injured by the ban set by Sivir, a blue cross gun.
Pull Dubai Florence a pain call hurriedly let go of the pike in his hand and retreat to one side. Sally princess royal rose in power and tide wait for no man. At that time, she forced the Lord of Fear to strike back again and again. Finally, the Lord of Fear enhanced his divine power and released a small piece of energy barrage to distance herself from Sally princess royal.
On the other side, the semi-god puppet of Nuolong earth element is destroying the territory of the Lord of Fear. Strange trees are uprooted and acid is flowing. The river is directly filled up by the semi-god puppet. Even the sulfur mountain range hundreds of meters high is broken by the earth element puppet. Look at it. Just get rid of Sally princess royal’s entanglement. The Lord of Fear is torn apart.
"Don’t let me meet you again after hateful humans!" La Dubai Florence watched with distress that her field was destroyed by these humans, and nearly one-tenth hurriedly wanted to pack up the field and escape.
In the face of Sivir’s crazy bitch lv3 (he recognized Sally), there is also a real demigod puppet that must be made by the Lord God to embed the deity, not to mention that he has never seen through the little girl’s bullying and fear of hard work, and now the Lord of Fear wants to escape from this area quickly.
Utopia alliance can’t go back to the human empire, not to mention that I’d better go to the devil mountain in Hyderabad and hide for a few months. So thinking of La Dubai, Florence immediately withdrew her fear …
"What’s the matter? I can’t get it back in my field! ?” Somehow, the Fear Lord tried several times, but his field just couldn’t be taken back.
"I have already settled your territory without pulling Dubai Lawrence. I knew that you timid and fearful demons wanted to escape when they saw something bad. I settled it as soon as I entered your fearful territory!"
Looking anxiously hovering in the sky, Nolon, the demon king of fear, talked nonsense about where he settled in the field of La Dubai Lawrence, and the root of La Dubai Lawrence was done by an ignorant person himself.
The position of Titan’s high-ranking deity Ellie is also much better than that of La Dubai Rennes. Although La Dubai Rennes can put Ellie into his own field, it needs Ellie’s consent to take it back later, otherwise it is wishful thinking to suppress his low-ranking deity with the high-ranking deity.
This is also the reason why many gods do not want to bring high-ranking gods into their own kingdom even if they choose to fall and sleep. Please ask God to make it easy for them to fall and sleep, and they may be resurrected. However, if the kingdom of God is plundered or broken, they will be able to turn to ashes and never live again.
Therefore, if a low-ranking god is willing to let a high-ranking god set up sending coordinates in his own kingdom, it is enough to prove that this low-ranking god believes in another high-ranking god.
However, Lawrence of Labdubai didn’t know the identity of Ellie. On the one hand, he shouted angrily, "It’s impossible, how can there be props that can hold the field?" On the other hand, a sudden burst of divine power attacked Nolon.
Although killing this kid will definitely annoy * *, if I don’t kill him now, I will be killed! Meter can pull Dubai Florence crazy burst of divine power left Kiki far behind, grim-faced palm is still a blackened right hand.
However, it was already prepared that Nolon activated his backpack with only two holy lights hanging around his neck. A hazy holy light covered Nolon and Ellie around him. The fear devil grimaced and increased his strength. His claws were a little dark green and rancid, and even if he was slightly injured by the holy light, it was nothing to pull Dubai Lawrence. Now he is bent on catching this human being and letting him destroy that ghost prop and quickly pack up the field and escape.
However, poor Labidu Lawrence underestimated the great props of Nolon. Although he caused more than 3,600 points of direct damage and dozens of points of continuous damage per second to this holy light eggshell with one claw, it was only half of the shield value of thousands of holy light, but it was a demon and shadow attribute. He was seriously injured by the holy light.


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