"Have you forgotten something?"

"I forgot to make an appointment to have dinner with you. Today, two newcomers came to the team. We trained together too much. I forgot what I gave. I know that you are the most generous and you will not be angry with me." Ye Qing hurriedly explained that in fact, at noon, the south and the hipster had already left, but Ye Qing used it as a shield.
Big honey gave him a white twist. "Here come two new people again? How is the strength? Don’t lose money in business! "
"The strength is very good. It has been recognized by everyone. By the way, we are going to find a new place to be the headquarters of the club. It is not the same thing to stay in the coffee shop all the time, right?" Ye Qing took the opportunity to come up with the idea that he wanted to move the team.
"Well, it doesn’t feel very formal, and it’s really time to find a place. If you have it, go and find a place. If there is not enough money in the bank card, I’ll take care of it." Big honey nodded and agreed.
"There are more than one million in Cary, but after finding a new place, giving the players a salary may not be much left, and the team will need to form a second team in the future to buy brains, and the salary expenses will become bigger …" Ye poured out bitter honey with the wave. "I didn’t say that I didn’t care if I didn’t have enough money? Can you give me the money even if you spend it? "
"Your branch is not also want to spend money? I mean, we should also find a way to make a profit instead of always relying on your continuous investment, "Ye Qing said very seriously."
"Profit? Your idea is good, but how should it be profitable? Let’s hear it. Manager Ye Da "Big Honey turned to look at him and asked with interest.
Ye Qing embarrassedly scratched his head and said, "Actually, I’m not sure whether you are the big boss or you have to make up your mind. I just know that an advertising sponsorship is an income. I don’t know anything else. After all, I’m not a business material."
Big honey took a pen and turned a thoughtful tunnel in her finger. "The team’s current fame is not enough to attract advertising sponsorship. Naturally, it won’t work. No one wants a team with no name to invest in sponsorship. That’s a loss of business. My dad is also because of me. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so stupid to invest 2 million yuan. It doesn’t help the restaurant at all."
Speaking of this, Ye Qing is a little embarrassed. At the beginning, Da Mi’s father invested in the club because Da Mi supported his daughter’s career on the one hand, and because he thought Ye Qing could make a name for himself after he became famous, he could speak for the restaurant and increase its popularity. But now Ye Qing has failed to bring benefits to the restaurant, which makes him feel a little ashamed.
"Other ways of making profits are also based on the reputation of the team. Forget it for the time being. You’d better try your best to lead everyone to make a name for yourself. When you get a few champions and the media are scrambling to cover and report, natural money will find the door. Now don’t worry about the need for money. Tell me how much money I need to put into that bank card. I don’t care because I believe you will create rich returns for me sooner or later." Honey then told Ye Daodao that she was full of confidence in the team.
Ye Qing was very touched, so the boss really didn’t have anything to say. Now he can’t stick to it with enthusiasm. Few bosses can continue to throw money into it in this situation unless there is endless money. Apple watches give dogs that kind.
Chapter 15 Current
Big honey’s words Yuzryha also understood what he is at present. He must lead the team to make a name for himself as soon as possible to create benefits for the team, otherwise the team will always rely on big honey investment to maintain it. It is a huge branch.
Now Dami has to prepare a restaurant behind the branch. These places need a lot of money. I really don’t want to add any burden to Dami. So he secretly vowed to lead the team as soon as possible to make a name for himself. The influence of the Spring League is not enough, but there are no other games to play at present. After the Spring League is finished, there will be a large-scale event. This year, fpl is coming, and Club I has won the fdl championship. However, this league is the top F League level in China. Quite a few teams are strong teams, including nb team, Tiger Brotherhood, ag and Qingcheng Competition. It is really difficult for super teams to win the championship.
Ye Qing doesn’t think that Club I can win the championship in fpl. He is sure that he can beat some first-class teams, but he is not sure in the face of Tiger Brothers, ag, Qingcheng Competition and other teams. Although he defeated these teams in Qilele Cup, that doesn’t mean that they are better than each other. fpl champions have a high gold content, and all major teams attach great importance to this competition and will strive for the championship.
It’s quite difficult for club I to beat these teams. Anyway, Ye Qing is not sure at all, but these teams are relatively easy to fight. Ye Qing thinks there is still a little chance of winning, and once you meet the nb team, you will have no chance of winning. Forget it, it’s a crossing the mountain. At present, no team has ever beaten the nb team. At most, it is impossible to win the final victory.
Nb team is now the strongest team in the history of F. There is not a sniper. Jiang Yuhan is a vertical and horizontal enemy. Several machine gunners are the top masters of the spear god level. The array is so luxurious that people envy and hate it. Once this team is met, there is no other result except defeat. It is quite clear in the heart.
Jiang Yuhan’s attitude towards the game has always been very serious. It is absolutely impossible to talk about who the opponent is in the middle of the game. He will go all out. Even when he meets the Tiger Brotherhood, he has not shown mercy to his disciples and still suppressed his temper.
If there is a nb team to participate in the competition, then there must be no suspense in the championship. If the club wants to win the championship, it must avoid the nb team. Only if the nb team does not participate in the competition can they win the championship.
Ye Qing is now bent on leading the team to fame. The quickest way to doubt is to beat the nb team, even if it is not in the finals, in the group stage or in the semi-finals, then their team will become famous in World War I. You know, they beat the best team, which will definitely attract widespread attention.
It’s like a famous pawn directly defeated the Wulin leader. It will definitely become famous, and the stars and leaves are very aware of their team’s strength. Now it is impossible to defeat the nb team. This way of becoming famous is obviously not desirable.
After fpl, there are still many games to come. Ye Qing thinks that there are always some games that nb team will not participate in, which is their team’s opportunity. Besides Yu Youhe, almost all five nb team members are veteran professional players, and they have to debut earlier than sir and even. sir has retired now, and they will naturally retire soon. It won’t be long before they play.
Once a few people in the nb team retire, the nb team era will be over. At that time, Ye Qing and others will be suppressed by the nb team when they take off. There will never be a Ye Qing, but many rising stars, such as Xiao Ran, want the nb team to have a bright future without them in one day
Bare, in fact, is not in a hurry, because Jiang Yuhan is not his obstacle, but his driving force. Jiang Yuhan will become extremely wonderful in the professional circle. He wants to play against Jiang Yuhan often and learn more to improve himself. You know, the condition for Jiang Yuhan’s comeback was that the Tiger Brothers League could win three championships, but the result was bare. Jiang Yuhan made a comeback and won three championships very hard, which led to Jiang Yuhan’s rapid comeback.
Jiang Yuhan’s strong appeal quickly formed a luxury array, and even the famous and shining ones claimed that they came to hug their thighs, showing how influential Jiang Yuhan was. Ye fell in love with the team, and it was clear that the two snipers were no match for Jiang Yuhan now. When they faced Jiang Yuhan, they didn’t even have a chance to shoot or escape.
Once the sniper is suppressed, the gunner’s attack becomes insecure, and Jiang Yuhan can attack the gunner unscrupulously. His terrible marksmanship and gun speed threaten the gunner too much, which is like a nightmare.
It’s hard to keep your brow locked at the thought of nb team Ye Qing!
Big honey has bowed their heads and settled accounts at this time. It seems that Su Yanbing is not angry with him for breaking a promise. Su Yanbing came over with a glass of juice and gently put it on the coffee table. "Just squeeze the juice and try it."
Ye Qing quickly picked it up and took a sip, then gave a thumbs-up and said, "Delicious!"
Su Yanbing smiled heartily, then sat down beside him, picked up his mobile phone and played music, then put the headphones in the headphones and leaned against the sofa very quietly to listen to music.
She didn’t worry about disturbing the big honey account branch. Big honey was almost in charge. Su Yanbing was very capable of helping big honey, which made Su Yanbing very attached to the big honey to take charge of the branch. She felt very relaxed.
Ye Qing looked at Da Mi’s busyness and didn’t want to disturb her, so he leaned his head against Su Yan’s body, closed his eyes and dozed off. Three people suddenly formed a stable and harmonious picture.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Qing to feel a little itchy in his nose, but when he opened his eyes, he saw Da Mi smiling at him with a hair in his hand.
He looked around and found himself lying on the sofa at the moment. Su Yanbing was gone. Honey saw him open his eyes and said with a smile, "Are you going to sleep on the sofa as the director tonight?"
"Of course not Yan Bing?" Leaf tilt asked curiously.
"Have entered the room to sleep? Do you want to sleep with her? " Big honey curled his lips and asked


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