"Who else wants us to spend the night together tonight?"
It is obvious that this is a brothel.
Sweet Wen Tong finally gave this world story to Shen Yu at this time.
This time, the original owner is called Shen Shenyu, a child with a poor family background.
When she was very young, her mother was injured by her gambler father and died.
After following this father for two years, the original owner was soon mortgaged to a casino by this so-called father as gambling money, and because she was very moving at an early age, she was sold by the casino to the rejuvenation building, the largest romantic place in Beijing.
Maybe it’s because of bad bamboo that good bamboo shoots are produced. Although the original parents are not very good-looking, their daughters have been born since childhood.
The original owner soon became famous in the rejuvenation building with his beauty and became the head of the rejuvenation building.
And now the sinking fish is coming, which is the first night when the original owner was auctioned at the age of sixteen.
And on this day, a man broke into the original owner’s life.
The man’s name is Lin Zhaoyun, who was the second in the prime minister’s house of the dynasty.
Lin Zhaoyun is a very romantic figure, because he still has a eldest brother who can inherit his father’s family business. Prime Minister Lin has lowered his requirements for him a lot, which also makes him like to have fun.
The rejuvenation building is a place he used to come to in the past, and the original owner bought his first night today.
The charming owner is very popular with Lin Zhaoyun, but she is a □□ this identity is doomed to be unworthy of Lin Zhaoyun.
And Lin Zhaoyun, although he also wanted to bring the original owner back to his house, was never allowed to do such a thing as his father.
Lin Zhaoyun loves the original owner and hates the original owner’s identity. Then they finally got the understanding of Lin Zhaoyun’s father after going through a series of on-off and on-off things.
The original owner successfully entered Lin Zhaoyun’s backyard and became a concubine.
Sink fish brain after these plots can’t help but laugh at the system.
[Aren’t you sweet? Dare to ask them where the sweetness is? 】
Take it for granted
[Lin Zhaoyun is a noble prime minister, but he still loves the original owner and doesn’t abandon the original owner’s status. Isn’t that sweet? 】
Sink fish sneer [her identity? Is her identity an option for her? And since he is a flower-based, how come Lin Zhaoyun was the only one from the beginning? 】
This is not that Shen Yu is looking forward to the bad past of the original owner, but because in the original plot, although the original owner is a flower head, she has been taught some methods to seduce men by the pimp in the rejuvenation building for the past decade or so.
It was not officially listed until I was sixteen years old.
But in fact, girls in the rejuvenation building usually go through this kind of thing when they are fourteen years old.
It seems that Shen Yu’s original owner will be listed two years later than others because in the original plot, Lin Zhaoyun will return to Beijing from Jiangnan when the original owner is sixteen years old.
Then the two met when the original owner was sixteen years old, and the original owner was kept in his hand for another two years by the black-hearted girls who wanted to pick up several pimps every day.
Tong explained [because I am a sweet writer, the plot is arranged so as not to let the original owner really suffer from those disgusting things and be hurt by others. This matter has no host with Lin Zhaoyun, and the idea is too extreme. You can’t curse the original owner for a girl suffering from that kind of thing for this reason, and now this body is still the host. Can you accept it if your original owner really picks up the guest host? 】
[disgusting things? So you also know that this kind of thing is disgusting? Is Lin Zhaoyun different from others? Don’t they all come to the brothel for fun? 】
And it makes no difference for Shen Yu to leave an innocent body to someone like Lin Zhaoyun and others.
They’re just clients. Where can we tell who is nobler than who?
The noise outside the door continues to sink, and "selling money" has been shouted to a hundred taels.
This is already an incredible number. Holding this auction in Taiwan will make the pimp’s old face laugh.
The first night’s price of a flower-based woman who came out in front of the rejuvenation building is only 520 silver. If the auction has just started, the price is more than half higher than the previous peak.
How can the procuress be unhappy?
However, it is not surprising that the girl in the greenhouse behind her thinks that the other party can sell it at such a price.
It’s no wonder that these men are crazy about her. Fortunately, her wife had a good eye for pearls, and she saw that she is graceful now from the thin and thin figure of the other party.
How can she be afraid that she won’t make money in the future with such a baby in her hand?
All the girls in the flower house, old or young, have been inquired by Wei’s mother, and none of them is half as beautiful as Shen Yu.
"The princes gave 920 silver."
"Lin Gong gave a thousand taels of silver."
"Who else wants to bid? Without words, let’s sink the fish girl and spend the night with Lin Gong tonight. "
The procuress sat down in the middle of the stage with the best view and got up.
He is a man who wears white clothes and behaves with a sense of extravagance. He is about twenty years old and looks first-class and handsome.
At this time, the man is handing over to everyone beside him. "I thanked you for your painful love this time."
People around you can’t help but clench their fists when they hear Lin Zhaoyun’s remarks. They don’t like Lin Zhaoyun’s move, but they think Lin Zhaoyun is used to being cheap and telling.
If they still have money, how can they give up and continue to bid? They don’t want to give it to anyone else, like a stunning girl like the sinking fish girl.
You have something to say.
Double watch today
Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 75: 7: 16 ~ 76: 6 ~
Thanks to the little angel Benedict and Ling Qi Xian who threw the mine;
Thanks for irrigating a bottle of nutrient solution, little angel cat; 1 bottle of Tsing Yi;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
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