Twice, the dragon sword in Lin Tianxiao’s hand touched a hard object and directly penetrated into the earth. However, Lin Tianxiao’s reaction also just landed soon, and then his strength did not disappear. His legs followed a push and pulled out the dragon sword, and he quickly flipped and cut it again to the blood frog king of magic dragon.

Once again, a blood spurted out and splashed Lin Tianxiao’s sword, which was sharper than the dragon sword. Directly in magic dragon, the blood frog king cut out a long mouth, and the blood kept dripping, which hurt the blood frog king in magic dragon.
Sharp teeth shot out from the mouth of magic dragon Blood Frog King like arrows. Without goals and rules, it was a crazy shooting.
Hey, hey, hey!
Sharp teeth shot in a wide range, penetrated the cliff, embedded in it, shot into the earth and shot into the dead wood.
Even Lin Tianxie’s speed is no matter how fast. In this way, he was shot in the body. Several teeth were so sharp that they all pierced the bone. Lin Tianxie kept breathing air.
Small Li Fei food fortunately hid far away, and a tooth just shot in the belly and directly penetrated the past from the back, which was the most minor injury.
The worst thing is to avoid it. Plus, he is a magician, and his speed is not too fast. He is covered with sharp teeth. If he doesn’t feel bad, he will eventually pull his blood volume to around 3, which is estimated to be dead.
Enduring the pain, I rushed to the small Li Fei cuisine and took a few big drugs in my mouth. I said to the small Li Fei cuisine, "Pull it out or you will die!"
Because the sharp teeth are finally embedded in the body, it causes continuous blood loss. If you don’t pull them out until the big medicine is gone, you will have a dead end.
Lin Tianxiao’s side has been put into action, grinning and pulling out his teeth. From time to time, he gives a piercing scream. If he is seen, it will definitely subvert his sacred image as the first person.
In magic dragon, the blood frog king has been entangled in the ghost dragon small four and five *oss, and he is summoned after his attack, otherwise he is not in the mood to do it!
Ghost Dragon Xiao Si is very crazy, especially just now, King magic dragon Blood Frog tried to swallow himself in one gulp, which made him even more angry. In his view, it was the other party who was challenging his dignity and the dignity of the dragon clan.
Blood cut Fengyun blood cut a blow was cast out by Ghost Dragon Small Four and directly killed magic dragon Blood Frog King. It seems that Ghost Dragon Small Four is really angry.
Five *oss is also very crazy, and their owners are hurt because they are not well protected. Even if the owners can bear them, they can’t help it. You know, they are absolute lords of five *oss.
White-shift tiger boss pounced and bit a blood frog in magic dragon, tearing a piece of flesh and blood directly from its thigh. Although it didn’t bite off its thigh, it also made the other party’s hand light.
Boss, the jackal, at that speed, you can see a black shadow constantly passing by the blood frog king of magic dragon, and every impact can leave a blood mark on him.
The flame lion boss has a big fireball to directly remove a red pit from the blood frog king of magic dragon, which is estimated to be ripe.
Hyenas and iron-horned rhinoceros didn’t ask magic dragon Blood Frog King to send them to where, especially the iron-horned rhinoceros braved the white gas with a brutal collision, so it was terrible that its two horns mercilessly pierced magic dragon Blood Frog King’s abdomen, followed by a hard jilt and two big mouths, and even its intestines flowed out.
Lin Tianxiao pulled out his sharp teeth and then killed his soul again. The three-shot curse bomb didn’t fall this time, especially the dragon sword kept leaving wounds in the blood frog king of magic dragon with the pace of Youlong.
For more than 40 minutes, the blood frog king of magic dragon finally couldn’t bear this group of people’s destruction and turned it into Lin Tianxiao’s experience, and his body was dead.
Bang, bang, bang!
A super big explosion is full of glittering objects. After cleaning up, a piece of thunder equipment unexpectedly broke out and was thrown to Xiao Li Fei’s food. He was scratching his head and reading aloud to himself before he could reach level 6!
"Thunder ring (ghost level high order)"
Physical defense 4
Magic defense 2
Physical attack 2555
Power +2
Agile +6
Physical strength +1
Attack power increased by 30%
There is a 10% chance of crit.
There is one grid.
Thunder package component 1


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