"Where is that guy …?"

"You said the guardian guy? I’m afraid he’s been blown to dust. Even if he wants to cheat in a dark duel, I’m afraid he can’t escape God’s punishment. " Blade grunted coldly. "It’s no good to keep such an eyesore. Now get rid of it and save us trouble."
"Really …" Malik took a long breath and closed his eyes again. "I’m sorry … I’m so badly injured … It’s impossible to travel with you again … You go first … I think it’s better for me to have a rest here …"
Marek hasn’t finished yet. Gotham objected, "No, we dare not leave you here alone until the soul therapy is completed. There are many soul-searching guys in this world. If your soul is taken away like this, we can’t explain to the duel king Muto Game."
"That’s right, that’s right. If we leave you alone and the two of us are too familiar to go with acquaintances, there will be nothing new to talk about, and we are not the kind of people who leave our partners behind?" Before Marek could speak again, the blade also scrambled to cut off the woman. "Don’t say it again or I’ll be impolite!" I will take you with me whether I am carrying it on my back! "
"Then please … be my guest …" Seeing that they were so persistent, Malik had a wry smile and a big sweat came out …
"Oh, I can’t find it …"
Originally, I was still racing around the game, but now I hesitate to stop. I looked around. He has been chasing the mad king Bulong’s light to a residential area, but now I can’t find any trace. I can’t help but feel a little anxious.
"(Don’t worry, partner. Since we can’t find the light, let’s go to other companions first. If we can tie up other companions, there is always a way to find where Hualuda is.)"
"But the other me … even if we can find a companion, we can’t tell whether the other person is true or not …" The game hesitated. "Wouldn’t it be very troublesome if we fell into the trap of cadres in the dark world like just now?"
"(Let’s find the God Card)" Ah Tao did not hesitate to answer this difficult question "(It is impossible for the other party to pretend to be a companion to have a God Card and a dragon. According to this, we should be able to find Mr. Goth, Haima and Chenghe easily, and then we should rely on Mr. Goth’s God jewelry to distinguish the authenticity of the remaining partners, so that the trouble will be much less)"
"That’s true. It’s really a good idea." The game runs forward with a little hair. "Then let’s try to find someone else first. Another me."
As soon as the camera turned, he came to the front of Haima Paradise. The game was running quickly from one end of the street to the gate of Haima Paradise. Just as he stepped into the gate of Haima Paradise, he suddenly heard a dignified and cold voice coming from the front.
"the game! Are you here too? "
"Haima … Jun" saw the horse striding across the street. The horse showed a happy expression, but the horse became serious again. "You … are you really Haima Jun?"
"hmm? What do you mean by that? " Haima didn’t quite understand the puzzling words about the game. After all, he hadn’t received Goth’s warning before. "And … what do you mean by that look?" Why do you think I’m some kind of monster? "
"That …" The game faltered for a long time before continuing to say the unfinished words. "To tell the truth, because someone will appear in this world pretending to be one of us, and I have eaten those guys before, I want to confirm your authenticity … Haimajun, can you show me Aberg Sk’s giant soldiers or Clew’s teeth?"
"Hum, so that’s it. It seems that there are a lot of troubles in this damn place." Haima took out his own card set and drew out two cards, Aberg Skull and Clew Tooth, and handed them to the game. After carefully reading them, he nodded and said with a smile, "Well, it’s really the real Aberg Skull and Clew Tooth." Haima snorted impatiently and reached for the card. "So can I have the card back?"
"Well …" The game seems a little hesitant. "Actually, Haimajun …"
"Haimajun! !” A loud cry interrupted the game, and Haima was surprised to turn her eyes to the other side and saw another game exactly like the one in front of her. The street in front of the entrance of Haima Paradise was panting and pointed to her side. "That guy is a fake. Don’t give him the card! !”
"What?" The hippocampus was surprised and turned its head back in a hurry, but the "game" in front of it had already retreated three feet and hid in a few steps away, holding two cards in its hand and laughing proudly. The sly expression and the honest expression of the game were completely out of touch.
"Great muto game and Seto Kaiba! It’s really commendable that you can bring down the mad king Bloom and the army god Girba in the double kings and three gods of our cadres in the dark world! But now that I have the giant soldier of God Kario Berisk and the tooth of Dragon Creek Tungsten, I’m afraid it will be difficult for you to win again! "
"What are you from? Sign me up! " Haima angrily pushed to the fake game, but the other horse held up a lighter in the other hand, and after hitting it, he got close to the two cards in his hand, which made Haima have to stop moving forward.
"Damn … cowardly guy …"
"Hey, hey, that’s right, Seto Kaiba. Don’t pretend to be so scary. So is Wang Daren, the real duel over there. Otherwise, I’ll burn the card to ashes." Seeing the hippocampus and the game face is both surprised and angry, but the fake game face shows a smug look of trickery. "Compared with you knocking down the cadres in the dark world, I’m just a pawn, but I have a better mind than those high-level cadres to knock you down one by one. If you don’t believe me, let’s have a competition! I’ll accept you two great souls one
"hand in that card or I’ll make you regret it!" Hippocampus was angry and growled at the fake game, but it didn’t dare to take any further step, for fear that the other side would really burn the card because of the threat. That was really unimaginable and disastrous.
"Don’t talk like you’re going to eat people, Seto Kaiba." The fake game seems to feel that the lighter in your hand is a little hot and hot, so you close the lighter cover and put the card in your arms. "Come and have a duel with me if you want to get back to God or play Muto. It can beat my words, but if I win, you two souls will be mine!"
"Want to pick up the two of us at a time? You really have a good appetite! " Haima raised his fist. "I’ll take care of you myself, regardless of the game!" "
"No Haimajun!" Haima said a word, and the game horse expressed fierce opposition. "He still has the God Card, and it will be very difficult for you to win without it …!"
"How can I get a magic card to deal with this kind of third-rate stuff that can steal chickens and dogs? At present, the card set in my hand is enough to clean him up!" Haima unfolds his left arm and inserts the deck into the duel disc. "Come on, you bad guy who can impersonate others, and let you see what a real fighter is!"
"Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck …?" Fake game, the mouth is as bright red as blood, and the long tongue doesn’t match the game face. "Interesting, since you keep saying that you are a real fighter, let me, the dark world imitator Mimi, teach you what the so-called’ real fighter’ is like in this dark world!"
"Hum, this guy beat me to it …" Through a small glass window, dark tapir Liang was peeping out from the window at the upcoming confrontation in front of Haima Paradise across the street. A cold smile emerged from his mouth and then covered his whole face. "I want to tidy up these two people myself. It seems that it will be suspended for a while."
"(what do you really want to do? Don’t you want to help play them? )”
The angry question from the body has been pouring into the dark ears. This question not only did not make the dark eyes angry, but made his evil smile even stronger.
"Don’t worry about what the uncle wants to do. You want to watch this wonderful drama with me. It’s because you want the uncle to help them. I’m sorry, but we’re not the same kind of people. The uncle didn’t intend to go with them!"
"(even if you want to do what resurrection Baal plan game they also enmity with you? Everyone is a companion at least. Why do you always have to try to deal with them? )”
"Hu said! Who said they had a grudge against uncle! ?” Dark Kuang Liang flew into a rage. "That day killed Pharaoh Atamu … he searched and made the Millennium artifact, the flesh and blood soul, and the god officer slaughtered everyone in the big ye village! My parents and family, even my favorite, didn’t escape from that guy! That’s a hundred people, a hundred lives! Even if he is a Pharaoh, things can’t be allowed in disregard for human life! Uncle once swore by heaven to avenge his relatives and friends in the village. I will do whatever it takes to defeat the Pharaoh! Those guys are friends of Pharaoh. Of course I won’t let them go! Now that you’re an uncle, I can put up with your life, but if you dare to hinder uncle’s revenge plan again, you will surely disappear with them! Grandpa said it! "
"(you … you’re crazy …! )”
"Ha ha ha ha ha! ! Yes, I am crazy! I can sacrifice everything for revenge! Want that Pharaoh … that hateful Pharaoh can get what he deserves! " Dark tapir looked up and laughed wildly for a long time before he lowered his head. A drop of crystal liquid fell from his eyes and hit his hands on the windowsill, splashing a little bit of fine water droplets.
"Yes, I will sacrifice anything to avenge her …"


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