These pieces are exquisite, but they are invisible, and in terms of strength, they are equivalent to the level of ordinary instruments, and several key components have reached the level of Taoist refining

Li Bihu obviously doesn’t want to waste energy to make more powerful materials, which also means that a rebel material bomb can be done by a younger brother.
Li Bihu explained that mortal weapons are powerful because people who are familiar with the world of science and technology have no worse understanding of matter than immortals in the end. These things can be made by robots instead of puppet things, and there is almost no error.
Li Bihu gave these pieces to the puppet for final processing. In Leitian’s view, this kind of processing is also very simple and easy without magic in it.
It is very difficult for ordinary people to build the core parts of Li Bihu Road. Please watch my technique.
Li Bihu said that the samadhi fire will run slowly to refine and compress some metal leitian, and firmly remember the strength of these metal structural components.
Li Bihu Road can be made harder, but this level is enough for you to see.
Li Bihu has held up a metal cylinder in his hand. This metal cylinder is very rare, forming a complex sleeve. The core part is a heart pot made of a similar gem-like substance.
Li Bihu Road, you see, this core component also needs the initial fairy level to be qualified.
He can’t help but come to the world language. Fortunately, Leitian can still understand it. Leitian wondered, why can’t I see what power this weapon has?
Li Bihu laughed because I haven’t taken antimatter yet.
The world of science and technology has analyzed the form of matter into more than 100 elements, each of which is estimated to correspond to matter, that is, antimatter. In our world, antimatter corresponds to matter. Otherwise, it will have a violent reaction. The release of power depends on the weight of two substances. My antimatter bomb is enough to destroy a big state, which is even more terrible than the bomb encountered in Du Jie.
It’s so simple to be surprised
It’s not simple at all. Immortals can build those machines, but they can get antimatter because it’s too unstable. If immortals get it by magic, they may blow themselves up first. Even if they don’t blow up, they will be annihilated after they are produced. If you can’t keep it, you have to rely on scientific and technological means.
Leitian suddenly said that it seems that not everyone can do this in your world.
Yes, it is necessary to be extremely rich to build such a bomb, but the weapons that can kill the false fairy, the fairy fairy and the fairy fairy fairy have been flooded in that world. I’ve come to the scientific and technological strength because of my magical fusion. Do you think if I cooperate with the annihilation gun, the armor is very strong?
A cold sweat is coming, and the armor is strong. But if the alchemist is equipped with an annihilation gun, wouldn’t he dare to walk outside?
I dare not build such a weapon, which will lead to unknown doom. Li Bihu looks very solemn. You must keep the secret of his dialogue to death, and don’t tell anyone unless you leave Kyushu.
Chapter five hundred and one Heaven attack
Even if an alchemist is dull enough and the elixir is good enough and blessed enough, he can forcibly raise it to the elixir stage and achieve the elixir, so that he can perfectly control the falling armor.
Although the elixir is difficult, if you don’t consider the advanced fake fairy, you will be a true fairy, and you can help my brother achieve the elixir period, control the falling armor and equip the annihilation gun.
Leitian imagined it in his mind, and he felt incredible. The latest update is all there.
Li Bihu came to the front of the metal puppet to assemble large machinery and instructed Leitian to run this machine. Li Bihu said that it was too easy to get involved in this machine. Leitian felt that even ordinary monster beasts could control this extremely antimatter.
Of course, it is also quite dangerous to do so. Li Bihu said more than 100 times about danger in the process of taking antimatter, so that Bai Qi can memorize these steps.
Bombs are complicated, but they are nothing compared with hundreds of thousands of changing symbols.
When two people worked continuously in this secret room for half a month, Li Bihu built three antimatter bombs, two of which were given to Bai Qibao. At the same time, he also gave a group of metal puppets to Bai Qibao. These metal puppets have computing power and can accurately grasp the steps of rebellious material bombs.
Even if leitian exercises are not skilled enough, these metal puppets can repeat the process shown by Li Bihu.
I don’t have much time, so I’ll have another chance to see if I can blow up this thousand-faced buddha magic, thousand-faced buddha magic, and it’s extremely resilient. If I hurt him, you’ll be inhuman. Fang Ding will trap him.
Then how to do it? I feel a little helpless when I take a day off.
When the grinding wheel of heaven and earth speeds up, the speed of light will kill the other body as much as possible.
Wouldn’t it be a drop in the bucket to wonder that buddha magic’s body with thousands of faces contains great strength, and it’s not that the millstone of heaven and earth can be easily transformed into inhuman Fang Ding’s reversal of time.
That thousand-faced buddha magic defeated the Louvre Emperor, and his mastery of chaotic eggs is better than yours. If he devours the chaotic eggs in your humanitarian Fang Ding, his strength will exceed the world’s acceptable limit, which will lead to greater doom. Your humanitarian Fang Ding will also be absorbed by Li Bihu’s words, which will alert Bai.
If you can take other people’s power, others can also take their own power. This world will always be fair.


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