Isn’t it carrying artifacts across?

Fu Chen was shocked by this sudden discovery.
What are you still doing there?
This is the first time that Song Qingdan refined the artifact. Of course, his expression stirred up, but he recovered in a moment and immediately shouted, bring me a glass of water. I want to refine the weapon for the last step.
Fu Chen knows that refining weapons can help him to do odd jobs. To be continued.
Chapter seventy Vision of heaven and earth
Chapter seventy Vision of heaven and earth
Song Qingdan changed his previous fatigue after learning the news that he was going to refine the artifact this time. At this time, he was full of strength, fighting hard and not losing his youthful spirit as if he were suddenly twenty years younger.
It’s the first time that Song Qingdan knows that in addition to those ancient weapons, Biyuan mainland may have a strong spirit to refine Lingwu weapons. It must be the first time that he will glow with passion.
Fu Chen was carrying a glass of water to refine weapons. In the past five days, he can’t remember which glass of water Song Qingdan drank.
Song Qing-dan is still sending a blue jade light beam with both hands. This is the most important fire source of green magic fire and the fire source with the most destructive energy. The zodiac tripod is still hanging in the middle and the zodiac is constantly running around the tripod.
Although Fu Chen doesn’t know the doorway inside the refined weapon, he can guess a thing or two from Song Qingdan’s state.
Song Qingdan embraced the destruction energy of the Yuan continent in a spirit fire. Although the green magic fire is the tenth in the spirit fire list, Fu Chen knows very well that the spirit fire list is ordinary. Fu Chen believes that he is definitely not an opponent.
I might have been able to fight for it before, but now I have been almost exhausted in Fu Junhong’s battle. Now I have little chance of winning even if I touch ordinary spirit fire.
The greater the power of spiritual fire, the better Fu Chen’s mood. This time, Song Qingdan, a wonderful doctor, helped to find spiritual fire in the Mogan Desert, and this spiritual fire is the fourth in the spiritual fire list, and its ranking is still in the green magic fire power, not to mention.
Suddenly, Fu Chen’s mind suddenly passed by and saw too few palace lords, Li Guanjia, in Black Rock City. Generally speaking, when Song Qingdan was refining weapons, he shouldn’t think of these two men, but why would he think of this?
Li Guanjia almost took Fu Chen’s life in Black Rock City, and Fu Chen always remembered it. At the same time, Li Guanjia’s posture was magical and unpredictable, which made him even more afraid.
No matter who Mr. Li is, Fu Chen has already given him an ultimatum to die. After the success of devouring the spirit fire, we must find out what is behind Mr. Li’s little palace master.
Maybe Xiao You left the Fu family.
Fu Chen thinks like this. In fact, this idea has already lingered in his mind, but he has been afraid to look at it.
Just then, Song Qingdan was paralyzed when the tripod hanging in the middle of the guard zodiac suddenly fell to the floor.
Weapon refining finished Song Qingdan strength said
A dazzling and blinding red brilliance came from the dragon mouth of Dinglongkou, the guardian zodiac.
It’s like a burning fire in a room.
Fu Chen Adam’s apple rolled, and the Lord walked over. A handful of blood was lying there glittering and translucent than a sword.
This sword is about 1.7 meters long and 10 centimeters wide. It seems that the towel has been infected with blood and is generally red and terrible.
This sword is an artifact, so it should be introduced
When Fu Chen thought like this, he couldn’t help but go to the guardian zodiac tripod. When he saw that the sword was not steaming, he couldn’t wait to get the sword in his hand. It was strange that the newly refined sword was not as hot as expected, and there was a faint warm feeling.
Fu Chenping calmly saw that the ancient compass of Linghai, a blood-like sword, actually rose slowly. When he saw this sword, his first feeling was that it was not a sword but a part of Linghai ancient compass.
After this feeling, Fu Chen remembered that he was tied to his red line after entering the guardian zodiac tripod. It seems that the red line was analyzed from the ancient Luo plate. Was it also melted into this sword?
Guarding the uniqueness of the zodiac tripod can not only shape the weapon, but also restore the weapon to normal temperature for a short time without damaging it.
Song Qingdan is weaker now, but he still helps Fu Chen to explain his doubts.
Refining a weapon won’t make him so weak that he doesn’t even have the strength to stand up. It’s difficult to refine the red line analyzed by the ancient compass, that is, refine it. It’s also difficult to refine it successfully without the cooperation of super spirit fire.
Of course, all this is not difficult for Song Qingdan, a wonderful doctor with magical fire. The only need is to consume a lot of qi for a long time.
Fu Chen looked at this weapon that belongs to him intently. According to Ding Ling, he woke up in advance. He once said that it was an artifact, so the sword should also hold the interface.
Thought of here, a little thought immediately entered the towel, and a world full of red was now in front of Fu Chen.
Red sky is red, and the gas in this world is glowing red. Fu Chen’s eyesight is about one thousand meters when he looks at it.
Master, you’re here.
This sound seems far away to Fu Chen, but it seems to ring in his ear.
Looking around, I didn’t find the source. Because of my previous speaking experience, Fu Chen wasn’t surprised. You are Jie.
Yes, I am a part of your body, and now I am still weak and need energy to evolve.
Energy Fu Chen knows that he lacks weapons, and his combat effectiveness will definitely drop to a higher level. He can’t do it for the time being. If weapons are not in his heart, he will always be uneasy. In the past two days, he always feels that he is going to touch something. The enemy is busy asking what energy he needs. Tell me.
Lei Jieyin is still dull and has no feelings. Go.
As the dielectric sound falls Fu Chen, the idea is also crowded.


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