Hey, hey, I’m excited to watch. These are all strong places in the world. If I can play a game, I’m sure it’s very enjoyable. Long Yun, who has always been calm, can’t help but be excited.

Hi, China. Do friends drink? In the Saint on Zhang’s left, a young man magically shouted at Zhang with a few bottles of wine and some English.
Yes, monk Zhang smiled and said, thank you, my friend. We really want to have some wine if it’s convenient. It’s really cold here.
You picked up a few bottles of beer and the young man threw them at you. Zhang Monk immediately found that the bottles were covered with a layer of power fluctuation. If you don’t say it, this saint wants to test Zhang Monk.
Hehe, then we thank this gentleman. A few bottles of wine were miraculously suspended on his chest with a wave of Zhang Monk’s hand. Zhang Monk handed the wine to Long Yun and Zhang Hongyuan felt that he had also taken a bottle.
You are China monks, and the handsome young man who gave Zhang monk wine shouted again.
Hehe, it’s monk Zhang who took a sip of wine and walked over and said
People from other forces have turned their eyes to this place. They are eager for the Greek saints to have a big fight with China. People here are full of ulterior motives. It would be a great thing for other forces if one or both sides became enemies.
But the knot is to make those who have ulterior motives not
A young man with blue hair strolled over to monk Zhang and smiled and said, My name is Xinghe. Hello, I’m curious about your China. My brothers and I all think that the world is worthy of being friends with us, and China is a monk.
Xinghe’s remark made other practitioners dissatisfied, but at this sensitive time, no one came to take the lead. Several Nordic Berserker mercilessly stared at Xinghe, only to be stopped by the king who was dressed in a golden yellow armor.
Hehe, I’m flattered. We admire your saints very much, too. Although monk Zhang is funny, this population is not hidden at present, but he also has a good impression on his generous expression. He has already got these saints in his heart.
After the Milky Way came over, several other saints came over. Zhang monk had always heard that saints are the most handsome men in the world, but today he was ashamed. There were six saints, each of whom was a classical handsome man, not only with noble demeanor and elegant manners, but also with great strength.
Hello, Mr. Zhang, I’m Luo Lie, the leader of the Saint, a middle-aged man who is more calm than the Milky Way. Many middle-aged men smiled at Zhang and said faintly.
Hello, Mr. Luo Lie, it’s a great honor to meet the famous god, Mr. Luo Lie. Luo Lie’s name was shocked by the world as early as decades ago, and he was made the closest person to God by Greece, and he was also the leader of the saint.
Two groups of people are joking and kung fu. This time, the main event has arrived in Ka Miao, and several elders from the dark church, Pope Saloxiu, flew in a few giant bats. Ka Miao’s expression is not ugly. He attaches great importance to today’s battle.
Not long after the blood clan came, the Vatican also came, wearing a golden yellow mask, and the Pope slowly descended from the sky surrounded by three cardinals. Almost everyone turned their eyes to the Pope, the strongest in Europe, and made his first appearance in front of everyone.
The Pope’s white robe is very elegant, and his hair is golden yellow. Although he can’t see his face, Zhang monk thinks that this is a middle-aged man, a very attractive middle-aged man. The Pope is tall and straight, tall and thin, and a majestic momentum naturally emanates from him. This is a high position, and he is born with an momentum that is derived from others.
Now that the protagonists are here, it’s time for the emperor’s forbidden zone. Everyone is watching the masked Pope waiting for him to speak.
Hehe, welcome friends from all over the world to watch the battle of the dark church of the Holy See. I would like to welcome friends present in the name of the Holy See. The Pope’s voice is very neutral, which makes people feel very lazy.
Before the others could speak frankly, Xinghe smiled and said, Your Holiness, when will the forbidden area be hit? It is always not a way for us to blow on the top of the mountain.
Hehe, the Pope smiled twice and said, Mr. Xinghe is still so impatient. Well, it’s about time, so I’ll start the forbidden area.
At this time, monk Zhang suddenly mumbled-perhaps it was a meaningful speech or another attempt. Why did the forbidden area of Emperor Kai want the Pope instead of the Pope of the Dark Church?
In fact, everyone wants to know this question. Since the European battlefield is in the forbidden zone, what kind of blood clan has not opened the forbidden zone? This question is very intriguing.
Because this is the forbidden area, the Pope said
Since the Pope didn’t want to explain the meaning, no one here kept asking about it. Suddenly, there was a magic battle in the Pope’s right hand, a crystal clear magic battle, and the top of the magic battle pointed forward. A white light shone on a piece of white snow and refracted a colorful light, and then the light gradually became bigger. A bright door has already appeared.
Come in, everyone. The Pope suddenly laughed
At this time, monk Zhang discovered the treachery of the Pope again. Although the door is wide, it is not enough to let all the people in the forbidden area together, but there are several forces in the world. Each side is definitely unwilling to go in at last. Such a small problem may cause a friction, but fortunately, people who can come here are not idiots. First, Nordic Berserker was the first to go in, and the Egyptian Pharaoh Amon soldiers also went in. Then came the Indian ascetic monks, and finally the Greek saints slowly stepped into the door.
This is a world full of light, which is diametrically opposite to the secret realm of the dark church.
The sky is high and clean, because the earth reflects the blue sky, and it seems to be lovely. White clouds float gently like white sails floating in the sea.
There are many trees and flowers here, but monk Zhang frowned. Although Ka Miao can’t be afraid of the sun, it is too early to fight in this situation, which may not be fair to Miao.
Monk Zhang didn’t want the blood clan to lose. It was too ugly. He suddenly laughed. I think it is unfair for the blood clan to fight in this situation. It is well known that the blood clan is afraid of the sun, but the sun is shining here. Even if the Pope Pavilion wins, it must not be a very glorious thing.
The Pope turned to Zhang Monk. It seems that although Zhang Monk can’t see the Pope’s eyes, he also felt a sharp breath. The gentle voice of the Pope rang again. This is the representative of China Taoist School, Zhang Monk Xiaoyou. It’s really disrespectful to Xiaoyou that we didn’t say hello to Xiaoyou when we first met. This dark church and our Vatican certainly thought that Xiaoyou couldn’t understand what is called the forbidden zone here. Both the Vatican and the dark church are absolutely equal, and no one has special interests.
The sunshine here will not harm the blood clan. On the contrary, the sunshine here is just like the moon in the dark, which will add some energy to the battle. It is true that this sunshine will also help me. It is not unfair to say that it is here.
After listening to the pope’s long speech, monk Zhang looked at Saloxiu. Saloxiu first glanced at monk Zhang gratefully, and then said that he was right. It is fair to our dark church and the Vatican. Thank you, Mr. Zhang, for your kindness to our dark church.
Saloxiu is also really cunning, so it is convenient to take this opportunity to tell everyone present that Zhang Monk is actually an ally with the dark church, which, of course, has also dealt a blow to the recent arrogance of the Vatican. After all, China Taoism is the most mysterious force in the world, and these ancient countries are also afraid of China Taoism.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Ka Miao defeated.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Ka Miao defeated.


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