Li Yueling shrugged his shoulders and said, "It’s just so-so to play tricks casually. Brother Sun, your great intention is absolutely incomparable."

I didn’t think it was Sun Wu who had a serious face. Brother, brother, tell you the truth. In fact, you are not taking advantage of these three magic weapons, but the glass lamp is one of them. If you can finish refining it, I’m afraid it won’t be worse than my old one. Do you know that when I was stunned by the old gentleman?
It’s because I’m trapped by this treasure, otherwise, how can my old grandson catch up with me because of his speed of somersault?
Speaking of Sun Wu, the old gentleman, is also a little depressed, but he is full of laughter, but at least I ate up the old bull’s nose before this, and it’s not a loss to calculate it. Think about it at that time, the old bull’s nose was blowing and glaring, which was funny, haha
Sun Wu’s cheerful personality is also infected with Li Yueling’s jokes. My younger brother has been taught. Brother Sun, you are busy and your younger brother is watching the game, but my younger brother always feels that the black ball.
You also feel the divine light flashing expression in Sun Wu’s eyes gradually serious way
I don’t feel very good. I always feel that something bad is going to happen, like Li Yueling’s outspoken taboo.
Sun Wu nods, I also feel something is wrong, but I can’t say anything.
No matter how to smash this big jerk first, the sky is falling. I’m an old man. Just look at it. Sun Wu said, let it go, and don’t think about it any more. He also saw that Li Yueling was armed outside his teeth. Three golden-sun purple-flower protective pockets led the sky glass lamp to release the sky fire and protect the five elements of fairy armor. His body is almost equivalent to half a body being sanctified. It is estimated that even if Sun Wu has attacked Li Yueling, it will not be able to solve the problem of dealing with the huge external pressure for a short time.
When I was gone, Sun Wu’s sound started to blink, and the golden aperture suddenly disappeared around them, turning into a light dragon that rushed into Sun Wu’s hand and condensed now.
At the same time, Sun Wu waved his hands and liked the golden cudgel, but it was hard against the earth, and it was hard to distinguish with the naked eye. The speed was moving towards the black ball inlaid with five giant pillars.
Being able to act under such great pressure that Li Yueling can almost be imprisoned is still acting, which really makes Li Yueling realize once again that Sun Wuqiang is in multiple protection at this moment. Li Yueling did not feel too much pressure, but the magic weapon of Wei Shi Xianling’s force was extremely consuming, which forced him to take a flat peach from the cold-fighting ring to supplement the rapid consumption of fairy force.
For Li Yueling’s behavior today, if the Queen Mother sees it, she must be tickled with anger. It’s a sacred fruit of the flat peach tree. It took 12,000 years to produce only 100 pieces, but now Li Yueling supplements the fairy spirit to eat.
At the same time, a soul-stirring battle is going on in the land of destroying stars and devouring demons.
War impressively is that more than ten thousand years ago, with the demon emperor thousand machine feather disappeared in the sky, the first person of Yan Di Jie Mo Yu eats the spirit demon statue.
This fierce battle has been going on for five days and nights, and the heaven and the earth have changed color, and the sun and the moon have devoured the spirit. The magic palace was built hard, and it was also wiped out in the shocking struggle between the two.
At this moment, whether it’s Emperor Yan or spirit-eating, it’s all revealed. One is a flame giant with a height of thousands of feet, and the other is a nine-headed skeleton with a body full of evil spirits and black gas.
The magic weapon of the two men destroyed each other as early as the other day’s struggle, but now they have to repair themselves to make a final end.
Emperor Yan, when you are crazy, you are sad that you killed the statue in front of it, and you still made a fuss. Today, you are fighting for your life, and you will be swallowed up. The nine-headed skeleton-like demon statue is really depressed. For more than 10,000 years, he has been committed to one thing, uniting the purple mansion, but he doesn’t want to be ruined by Emperor Yan, a person who has never met before.
Not only that, but the strength of Emperor Yan also surprised the spirit-eating magic statue. After all, the first person in the demon domain of the spirit-eating body is only the Sanqing god who is worthy of fear in his eyes.
Those immortals, immortals and emperors, Jin Xian, have never been regarded by them.
But now Emperor Yan has broken his mind’s desire to fight for days and nights. If it weren’t for the spirit-devouring magic statue that sacrificed the lives of hundreds of magic teachers, it took Emperor Yan a lot of strength. I’m afraid he would have perished in his hands at this moment.
Don’t gossip about your more than 10,000 yuan. You know in your heart that you want to put those things first. After talking about Emperor Yan’s disappearance, it seems that you know everything. It is generally a worry in a language that eats the spirit and the devil has been plotting for a long time.
This can’t help but lead to chaos in the back of the head. But when I think that I am about to achieve something good, I am suddenly intervened by Emperor Yan to destroy the spirit-eating magic statue, and it is also fierce. Nine huge skulls roared and screamed in the sky for a long time, and all the creatures died when they heard it. Even some magic repair babies didn’t escape.
For a moment, the spirits flooded in toward the spirit-eating magic statue, but when he saw that his nine mouths were all together, he sucked up hundreds of thousands of souls in an instant, and many of them were magic servants and magic teachers, who were magic lords, infants and gods.
I got this new force, the spirit-eating demon statue, and the dark demon ShaQi became more and more strong, and the momentum was completely overshadowed by the whole body flame rising to Emperor Yan.
Sooner or later, the demons of chaos will be honored, but it’s just a little extra effort. Can you stop this catastrophe? Hahahaha.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-four The Great Sage Mantra
Sun Wu is now changing in size and flying around Li Yueling. Kiyomi is careful, and his eyes are tense. He is staring at the sudden variation of the black ball. Even with great magical powers, he feels inexplicable pressure from the surrounding atmosphere, which is a kind of oppression under the threat of extremely terrorist forces.
Bro, it seems that this disaster is a big one for both of us. Just after the black ball cracked, Yao Bai Guanghua disappeared, and Sun Wu suddenly put his great stick in his hand as a horizontal nai wry smile and sighed.
Li Yueling is also adaptable to the magic ShaQi because of the sacrifice of the devil’s soul-eating complications, but it is obvious that Li Yueling has judged that the strange black ball releases the magic ShaQi much better than the ghost’s soul-eating complications, and that evil breath is simply a suffocating feeling.
Brother Sun, do you know what happened? You saw that even optimism was a wry smile. Li Yueling suddenly understood the seriousness of the matter and could not help but ask.
Dude, you’ve seen it yourself. Sun Wuyao pointed out that Li Yueling followed his expectations, and it was also a horror.
After the harsh white light is removed, it is split in two, and the huge black ball has disappeared. Only one dark one can’t reflect light and can’t see things. The strange hole feels like a gateway to another unknown, strange, huge and bottom.
It is even more faintly audible that the black gas rushes from it, and it is as if several crazy beasts are gathering in one place to roar.
Is to undertake the five pillars of the black ball. At the moment, it is already a piece of black hole. The disconnection is radiant, and Optimus Prime is also dim. It seems that it has been lost by the crazy magic in the black hole.
That’s Li Yueling. It’s not that I haven’t seen a big scene, but the strange situation in front of him, Sun Wu’s serious face, made him realize that something big was about to happen.
Mind warning signs Li Yueling is also tight collapse eyes tightly pegged to the unknown mysterious black hole way.
I heard that it was a smell before, but I didn’t want to see it with my own eyes today. I even personally solved all the problems in the ban. In front of you and me, Pangu Emperor personally banned chaos and demons, and the magic method was in the sky.
What are the chaotic demons? How long did Li Yueling come to the purple mansion? However, it is impossible to know this theory that it was banned in three days.
Chaos in the universe, chaos in the universe and chaos in the universe.
It is known to all that the chaotic demons were born as early as the chaos in the world. Among them, Pangu the Great, the chaotic demons, was at the same level. Even Taoist Hongjun, the old master of Sanqing, was just a generation of chaotic demons. What decision did Sun Wu seem to make?
Turns out to be a sweep before serious expression with Li Yueling explained.
Sun Wu’s change also fell in Li Yueling’s eyes, but now he is more eager to know that it is chaos and all kinds of magic things, and he also asked Brother Sun, did you just say that the magic method was just smashed by the golden hoop?
Sun Wu nodded and shook his head, which seemed to be confusing. According to the fact that Pangu the Great single-handedly smashed the chaotic monarch.


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