The door was pulled. A middle-aged man with a shorter stature and a older age walked slowly into his feet without making any noise. His eyes rested on the word he had just written, and he suddenly praised that a good turn of heart seemed weak and soft, and he had reached the ninth realm of Shuiyu Gong. I didn’t expect you to make another breakthrough before ten years.

Hehehehehe, the middle-aged man smiled and turned around. It seems that I am not the only one who broke through the cloud recently.
Compared with the patriarch of my realm, Shuiyun is still far from smiling. Staring at the big water word on the wall, he frowned and said slowly that the patriarch had done great things for twenty-three years, but he just took an evil Sect.
Evil Sect’s face is a complex and stretched at will. Evil Sect is not afraid of it. It can be broken in the hands of evil Sect. Even if evil Sect doesn’t provoke North Emperor Zong, it is always unbearable. If they fight one day, the result is just that evil Sect destroys North Emperor Zong’s vitality and hurts evil Sect. Now it is not a bad thing.
Having said that, this old man is not saving oil lamps. He also thought that otherwise it would not have passed so long, and there was still no movement. If Tianchen Magic Wu Da Hui’s ambition was exposed, if he took the initiative to provoke us, the Northern Emperor Sect would stand by and make a profit.
Water and sky are calm, eyes are as fierce as eagles, enemies are dark, and I’m also a dark evil sect. My hiding skills are amazing, but it’s crazy to find out the details of my Southern Emperor Sect. The evil emperor is not a reckless man, so he should know who will move first and who will passively tie the knot first if he can’t find out the depth of the other party. Are they serious about the four gods, and we are qualified to challenge? The silence of the Northern Emperor Sect of Evil Sect is waiting for an opportunity, and we have tasted otherwise.
Chapter 314 Water clouds
Who is the water and the sky? When the emperors of all countries see it, they should be polite to the patriarch of the Southern Emperor Clan. He is most familiar with the strength accumulated by the Southern Emperor Clan and the Northern Emperor Clan over the past ten million years. There are two ancient trees that have been growing in the sky for ten thousand years. The storm may shake them but it is impossible to uproot them. The evil tree may have branches and leaves of sufficient height, but its roots are by no means the same.
He can also see clearly that the evil Sect has brought about changes in the pattern, and he is not surprised or chaotic
Shui Yuntian went on to say that Ye Chen, who lives in the evil dragon city, makes me care more. Although I haven’t been in contact with him personally, I let people observe his every move three years ago. After he came back, I also watched him every day. The longer I failed to see this person, the more puzzled I became. I also said that this is an extremely difficult and dangerous person, and even if he becomes a cripple, I have to be cautious.
Break the clouds, otherwise you have told me many times about this person. I am still the sword of the South Emperor. If the inducement fails, I will directly coerce him, but when he waves so much.
Some things are not as simple as they seem. At the beginning, he took the initiative to find Meng Chan and admitted that he knew that Nanhuang Jian was wise, but he didn’t expect it to be bullied, which was a curse to his family. Maybe this is because he took the initiative, and even we had to be afraid to recruit Nanhuang Jian. We had to make a careful decision about the first three years, even if he was a sham shot, we couldn’t take risks. After all, Nanhuang Jian was important. If we lost its news by any means, we would regret it. Even if Ye Jia was killed and Beihuang Jian was powerful, you already knew that Nanhuang Jian
Shui Yun’s broken face and thoughtful expression suddenly asked, "It’s not possible. The sword of the South Emperor is actually in Ye Chen’s hand."
Shui Yun Tian ha ha smiled and nodded slowly. Of course, it’s not impossible. According to 170 words hidden in the windy army in those days, Ye Chen’s strength was strong, but he couldn’t match the wind rising sun. But in the end, he suddenly split an amazing sword, and the ground was split in half, which was more than a hundred meters long. This sword is far beyond the physical strength. It is not an artifact that can be attached. The most suspicious thing is that the sword in his hand has been wrapped in flames and endangered his life. He still wants to hide the sword’s shape. Hehe, something is strange. This may
What? The water cloud broke suddenly.
It’s also possible that Shuiyuntian raised his hand and said, at the same time, I don’t think that Nanhuangjian will recognize a cripple. Wait until I have no patience. I can’t finish it by hook or by crook that day. His eyes turned to the door, saying that evil things should wait and see.
Shui yun pushed the door and went away.
Walking through a colorful flower garden, stepping on a pavilion and standing in front of a closed wooden door, Shui Yuntian stopped and pushed the door after a short silence.
A middle-aged belle in a light-colored dress in the room glanced at his arrival, but she was a little pale in the middle of the year, but her outline still exuded noble temperament from her bones, which showed that she must be charming when she was young.
Fu Mei, my water and jade skills have finally reached the ninth level, and I have crossed the threshold of Shinto. Don’t you make me happy? Shui Yuntian walked up to the middle-aged woman and said cheerfully
Middle-aged women’s eyelids droop and they don’t look at you. Your water and jade skills have been stained with fame and fortune. Being violent and powerful will bring even greater disasters to the world. I want to be happy.
Shuiyuntian has long been accustomed to her tone of indifference. Even if you lose, you don’t waste your life. It’s the best way to live up to the world. You still can’t be white today, Fu Mei. This is not my choice, but also my family’s hope.
The middle-aged woman didn’t reply, but silently raised her eyes and looked at those cold eyes as if they were pointing straight at the water. In the silence, she smiled at her mouth.
This is a laugh, but I heard a sarcastic voice and handed it to his heart. He regretted himself. She talked about this topic with a sigh and turned around and said that it is not good for you to walk more. You have been weak since childhood and are always confined in your room.
Walking from the room, his heart is once again familiar with depression and resentment, which can make this foresight not to be surprised by the patriarch of the South Emperor. This is just the middle-aged woman named Shuifuer, who is his wife and a matriarch of the South Emperor.
Less surface is this.
Shuiyuntian walks in a castle, but he has moved in another direction. Whenever his mood is depressed by Shuifuer, he always goes to see him, so that he can balance his mind and get better as soon as possible.
There is a madman in a dark prison. It is said that because of this madness, other people detained in the dungeon are completely sleepless. So he was detained alone for more than twenty years. When he rebelled in the South Emperor Sect, he eventually became crazy. He has been detained there for a long time. The solitary prison has gradually become a nest of reptiles and mice. When it gets closer, it makes people want to faint. This prison is not guarded and no one wants to stay in such a place and send a meal to the madness every day to prevent him from starving to death.
Except for the other, facing that madness once is enough to have a nightmare for one night.
Shuiyuntian walked for a long time and stopped on a land full of weeds. On the ground in front, there was a Fiona Fang hole less than one meter. Weeds spread around the hole and covered it for less than half of Shuiyuntian. A little body jumped up and then fell straight into the hole.
This hole is more than three meters deep, and it is a passage about ten meters long. At present, it is dark, and its feet are full of stinking mud. As the water clouds fall at his feet, more than a dozen mice have fled, bringing up the surrounding rats. The noise is endless, and the water clouds step by step.
The mouse chaos woke up a pair of eyes in the sleeping crazy darkness, and suddenly a desperate beast roared hoarsely from the end of the passage, which was even more harsh and terrible in this darkness.
Ah, uh, ha, ha, ha, ha, uh, ah, hey, hey, hey, oh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
It’s strange to laugh and roar for a long time. Occasionally, it’s often unheard of among the Southern Emperor clansmen who pass by nearby. A little light in the dark lit a lamp on the wall of this humble dungeon.
It says it’s a dungeon, not a rough-dug cave.
At the end of the cave, by the faint light of fire, there appeared an evil ghost. His clothes were broken into coarse rags, and his naked skin was extremely dirty and gray. His messy hair had grown to almost mop the floor. As he roared, it shook to cover his face. Even if it was not covered, it was still a black face. How can you see his true face?
His feet, hands and neck are wrapped in golden chains, which, after more than 20 years, are not dirty and rotten at all, and the candlelight still reflects the bright golden luster, and the water sky is there quietly watching this madness.
Now, no matter who sees it, you will pity you, hate you and avoid you for fear of nothing but what. Even if you have become a crazy fu sister, you will still remember you for years. If it weren’t for her, you would have died as early as 23 years ago. I am middle-aged, but I have to say that a word of love is harmful.


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