The faint cold murderous look behind her made Xiaoxiao irresistible and made a cold war. She slowly turned around a little.

Depend on truth and falsehood
It was dark, and a group of people were wearing black cloaks, just like falling from the sky. They all brushed behind her, least of all, and nearly a thousand people suddenly reacted. Where did they dare to be beautiful, intelligent and proud? They turned around and ran back.
Her run was like touching this group of man-machine and jumping towards Xiaoxiao. Just then, Yan and others rushed to stop them, and they protected Xiaoxiao in the process and formed a protective circle to protect her.
At that time, the sword was heard all the time, and he bowed his head and gasped, and his big eyes stared around nervously. Fortunately, these people are all masters in Junge, and they can calm down even if they don’t know martial arts. If you pay some white powder from your small bag, it will be his most lethal in the end.
However, these black bats in cloaks are all in charge of attack, regardless of defense. When the dead are very aggressive, they will break up when they want a few people. When they pull a horse, a group of people will become a group fight.
Quick protection girl frost shout
Seeing Xiaoxiao in danger, but they can’t get close, so many people are desperate.
Mom, don’t be polite to them. The wind roars. Don’t let these grandchildren see our jokes at Junge.
You’re right. It’s rare to see a handsome man. A folding fan is danced by him tightly, not to mention that he never tells the enemy about his feelings. On the surface, she is a delicate woman but a killer family. Practicing is killing people, not to mention frost. She is always provocative and will play to the fullest.
Around the bodies piled up quickly, but those people were getting more and more brave and desperate, and they rushed forward and surrounded them again.
Suddenly, there was a dark shadow overhead, and when I looked up in surprise, the black cloak was aimed at her and covered it.
Ah Xiaoxiao turned and ran away, not wanting to face another swinging knife.
Damn it, she was so busy bowing her head and rolling on the spot that she was in a mess. Just when she wanted to get up, her waist suddenly tightened and someone was pulled up.
She screamed in fear. Let me go.
A black bat grabs Xiaoxiao’s other knife and raises it to stab and move in one go.
Xiaoxiao panicked and was too scared to want to scream.
In an instant, the shadow swept so fast that I couldn’t catch Xiaoxiao’s eyes. I didn’t see what was going on yet. Holding her, the black bat was stiff and motionless, and then her head fell off and rolled away along her feet. In a second, she was already taken into cold arms.
Xiaoxiao tried to stare big eyes for fear that he was wrong.
Three seconds later, she suddenly shouted and hugged him. I knew you would show up
The people of Junge are as excited as the chicken blood when they see that it is the owner of the pavilion.
No aggressive eyes, indifferent eyes, excited eyes, hugging his woman, who asked you to ask questions, but full of deterrence.
Xiaoxiao looked up happily and blurted out, but I had let myself come.
At this time, a black bat rushed forward and waved a knife behind Duan Fei. Xiaoxiao exclaimed that he had not sent it yet. It was like he had eyes behind his head, but he just raised his hand gently and the man just fell flat.
She just leaned against Duan Fei’s chest and was shocked. Her mouth has become O-shaped. What is tough? She finally saw it.
After all, a dead man is a dead man. There is no concept of death. I know that I keep fighting. Duan Fei still wants to say something, but I am constantly rushed by the enemy. My eyebrows are slightly frowning all over my body, like a hurricane blowing, and my body is plain and clean. Before a danger comes, he has his hands.
Staring at Duan Fei’s constant shuttle around her, the bodies of black bats are getting higher and higher, and Xiaoxiao has been surprised to say nothing.
Saying that killing people is a cruel thing gives another layer of meaning on the basis of cruelty, that is, liberation as if being killed by him is the real liberation, and it is the only way to redeem the sins of this life and rush to bliss.
In an instant, hundreds of bodies were stacked on the ground, and the blood was a river, but Duan was not touched by a drop of blood. It was not until he was threatened that he threw the remaining black bats to him and slowly walked back to Xiaoxiao.
Gulu Xiaoxiao swallowed his saliva, and his killing was always replayed in slow motion.
You know martial arts, he asked.
Xiaoxiao bowed his head and hurriedly answered honestly that he would not
I didn’t know it was dangerous here
to come
She came to you in a lower voice.
A strange surge in the eyes disappeared in a flash and the injury was healed.
Xiaoxiao shook his head like a child who made a mistake.
How dare you come? His voice is not as low as before.


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