One of the only female brothers, Richie’s eyes flashed, and this guy’s disappearance for two days turned out to be a distraction for the master’s adult. It seems that there is a big problem here, unless this guy is an illegitimate child.

Guang Han Zuo’s only female brother thinks at sixes and sevens in his heart.
Cold and cold to restore cold and calm, proud and charming. A plant in the same pond is cold and enchanting. The only thing that shows a trace of anxiety is to dispel and cover up Chapter 516 What a coincidence!
Mr. Meng, you finally came back, but you suddenly felt a little relieved in your expression.
Meng Fei chuckled, although he knew that this heart was largely due to the upcoming test contest of Lian Fu Association, but his heart still felt comfortable and laughed, but the old man took up the interest and talked more, which worried Mr. Guang.
Wide cold smell speech heart slightly awe-inspiring Xiao Meng Fei said that the old man is a person, but for his mouth chatting is a little don’t believe.
However, since the poor predecessors will obviously not want him to know that this old ghost will not ask more questions and nod with a smile.
Yangling and others can’t figure out what charades these two people are playing, but they are also well-advised and don’t ask much. It’s the beautiful eyes that are cold and cold.
Meng Fei bowed his hand and said, "I’m a little tired these two days. I’ll rest in the first step room. Don’t let anyone bother me if I have anything to do."
Say Meng Fei nodded to several people and turned away.
Ice on cold up cold way I also went back to the room.
Without two people, the rest of the hall is divided into people in the East China Sea, and the wide cold face is a little more awe-inspiring. In the future, you should try not to disturb Mr. Meng, Miss Bingyuehan, or you will never be spared if the old man knows.
No, don’t go near Mr. Meng Fei’s room these days
The old ghost looked at Meng Fei’s departure direction and felt envious. Presumably, Mr. Meng got some benefits from his poor predecessors. This opportunity is really enviable.
But in this way, the possibility of turning over in the East China Sea is even greater. The old ghost is not much satisfied with his home vision when he thought of this.
Meng Fei returned to the room, though not widely cold, but he really got a lot of benefits from the steering of Lingmu City, and he had seen several kinds of seven-charm symbols.
However, Lingya was too poor to save the two Johnson, and he was not generous enough to give these precious charms directly to him, but Meng Fei was still extremely satisfied with the thought of some materials in his hand.
The material is in your hand, but it takes a little time.
We lack everything in our hands, but we feel that we have a lot of time.
Wave and cloth are forbidden to gather in this spiritual mother city, especially when the examination contest is just around the corner, and the number of cultivation is growing rapidly. Meng Fei doesn’t want to get his secret exposure because of carelessness and then end up on the run.
This ban on Meng Fei can be described as a strong hand, even if people want to storm in, I am afraid it will take a lot of hands and feet
After this, Meng Fei was satisfied and nodded, and the figure suddenly disappeared.
Fufang’s trial of the talisman is the best thing to do in the life mansion.
Meng Fei sat in front of the island with four jade slips, all of which contained precious seven symbols.
However, this jade slip can be shattered and dissipated after a practitioner probes into the gods.
Moreover, Meng Fei made an oath in two old deathlessly forcing Naifa, which must not be outside, otherwise it will be pursued by them.
But even this Meng Fei heart is still very satisfied.
At the moment, take a god’s knowledge and instantly enter it.
Seven shinto symbols
Seven-digit dust-removing symbol
Seven-median pulp-cutting symbol
Seven animal soul symbols
All seven talismans except the seven animal soul talismans are lack of the most important materials, except for the devil’s spirit method in Zhenjunjing. The rest of the talismans, Meng Fei, have knocked down two materials from two old ghosts.
The reputation is to test the charm, otherwise, don’t blame him for the failure of the test during the competition. Although I know the advantages of this small opportunity to extort money, the two Johnson are frustrated and eventually compromise.
Meng Fei is full of ambition and can win benefits from the old ghost in the real king’s territory, which makes him feel quite fulfilled.
However, leaving the sequela is to wait until things pass, and it is very likely to face two old deathlessly retaliates. Although this is a headache, Meng Fei did not hesitate to decide his hand after thinking for half a ring.


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