Black dumpling forming face upwards an earth-shattering roar, and soon the huge body was turned into a black thunder, and the huge body moved directly to detonate several forces, which was quite shocking.

Black dumpling is almost in a flash is arrival to the black light group. This time, the black light film didn’t get the previous effect. Facing the black dumpling body, it contains great power. The black light film also explodes violently, and finally a bang turns out to be a direct burst.
Haha, no matter how strong the seal is, it’s hard to reach me. Seeing the light film burst, the two elders around are also one laughs.
The seal will be cracked. Seeing this, Lin’s heart is also tight.
It’s not that easy before. You underestimate the old man in Kurome. The mink laughs at this. It seems quite disdainful that a pair of dry yin and filial piety work together.
Oh, Lin moved to smell speech, and my heart was also micro-moving. He was also aware of the horror of the old man in Kurome. When he looked intently, he saw that many black veins in the black light mass were actually moving at this moment, and then shot quickly and then condensed in the light mass in a short blink of an eye, which turned out to be a virtual shadow the size of a human head.
It was the elder who looked at the virtual shadow of the head size. Lin’s eye pupil suddenly shrank, because he was sitting in the light group and the virtual shadow was impressively the old man Kurome he had seen in the altar.
It’s just that he left a residual image. He doesn’t have spiritual wisdom, but it’s enough to make Yin Jingzong have a headache. The little mink gloated
That virtual shadow of Kurome’s old man just now is to point your finger gently at the roaring and black dumpling.
With the guidance of Kurome’s old man, a very mysterious force is also spewing at his fingertips, and suddenly the roaring black dumpling is shaking. The body turns into a dying ember in an instant, and even the powerful force contained in it seems to have been recorded and taken away by dissipation.
Lin moved a little shocked and looked at the black dumpling that dissipated. At that moment, he felt as if those forces of heaven and earth were all dead in Kurome.
Even the force of heaven and earth is able to slay what terrorist means this is.
The death force tut tut, the old man in Kurome turned out to be so strong that he was able to control the death force and control life and death by handshaking. At this time, the sable was amazed.
Death force Lin Zheng for this kind of power he had never heard of.
Don’t think too much about that kind of power, but now you can count on it. Even if Nie’s nest is strong, you can touch that kind of metaphysical power. Maybe you can reach that kind of sky-high level after that. The sable laughed
Lin Dong wry smile is true. Now he even has to look up to Nie’s nest, which is even worse in his eyes. This kind of metaphysical environment that can control life and death can’t even think about it.
Hum is strange, no matter how tough you were before your death, but in the years, you were also scattered with ants to the patriarch. The gloomy eyes were also solidified in that horrible place where Kurome’s old man’s virtual shadow was behind him. After that, he turned his hand and could erase a yin, but it’s a pity that this is a ghosting after years.
As Teng brake drinks a drop of his sleeve robe and waves a dry Kun bag, millions of pure Yuan Dan flies from it, and finally melts quickly into a rolling force. The strong Yuan force fog floats and the blood matrix fuses.
What a big deal
Looking at this scene, Lin Dong is also surprised. This Yin Hou Zong deserves to be the top three forces in the wild county. It directly catalyzes the number of millions of pure yuan Dan. I’m afraid there are really few women who can easily bring it.
Honk a concubine
And that huge blood cloud that swallowed this amount of pure Yuan Dan churned in that eye turned out to be a huge bloody eyeball. In that bloody eyeball, the force of heaven and earth shines, and it is spread by the explosion.
Several eyes around Xuanyin Mountain are condensed in the sky. The huge bloody eyeball is not discolored by horror, but it penetrates from the eyeball and the energy fluctuation is so strong that it makes people numb.
Strong energy fluctuation
Lin is also because of the bloody eyeball surge, which makes the eye pupil shrink, and then he is more careful to suppress the breath. He knows that if the bloody eyeball shines on him at this time, I am afraid it must be run today.
Nine Yin magic xuan array nine Yin blood eye color eyeball condensation that Teng brake heart is also surges strongly believe that such an offensive is enough to nullify the nature of small into strong, although this virtual shadow must be stronger than before, but now it is just a sad ghosting.
Hum, spooky old guy, watch the patriarch break your seal, and the letter in my heart surges, and then the huge bloody eye in the center of the blood array suddenly opens a lotus flower through the world, mixed with extremely violent momentum.
Chapter three hundred and eleven Kurome virtual shadow A Chapter three hundred and twelve Broken array
Chapter three hundred and twelve Broken array
make a din
Lotus flower runs through heaven and earth, and its speed is so fast that even the forest can see a lotus flower flying across the sky for a moment, and that lotus flower is the virtual shadow of the old man who has arrived in Kurome.
Teng brake Yin Li binge drinking echoed in the sky, vaguely as crazy as a gambler. He almost broke the seal, but if he still cracked it, the operation would probably fail and end.
And that kind of knot is obviously not what Tengcha would like to see.
Lotus flower arrival and the virtual shadow of the old man in Kurome also looked up. There was no fluctuation in a pair of Kurome, and it was as calm as a pool of stagnant water. Lotus flower print shone faintly in the Kurome, which added a cold meaning to the old man in Kurome.
Not recognized symbol edge
Hole and ancient sound suddenly slowly from Kurome old man’s virtual shadow mouth, and then he looked at several eyes again and pointed his finger gently at that lotus flower as if it were real.
With the virtual shadow of the old man in Kurome, it seems that heaven and earth are all in a flash of gray meaning. Some lush trees on the top of the mountain have withered rapidly at this moment, and it seems that even the vitality has been sucked away.
Even some people who are closer to the field are horrified to feel that their heads are gradually turning gray and their vitality seems to be fading.
Quick retreat
The sudden change directly caused the left and right elders to face drastic changes, and powerful force broke out from their bodies and wrapped them all, and then their bodies suddenly retreated, with a faint fear in their eyes. They could feel a kind of if suction emanated from the old Kurome body, and in that kind of suction, it seemed that their vitality was being sucked away.
For this kind of vitality, the elders are the most afraid. They are quite old and have a short life span. If they are dispersed by it again, I am afraid they will have to melt the loess on the spot.
See even the two are horribly retreat those Yin after Zongjiang heart is also a bit of panic, but fortunately, after all, Yin after Zongjing didn’t seem too flustered and quickly retreat is also orderly.
Almost all the trees on the top of the mountain withered, but at the fingertips of the old man in Kurome, there was a touch of gray light, which was extremely calm and without any fluctuation, but it smelled of death


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