The red giant’s castration is not only repeated, but also increased by a large percentage of about ten feet, forcing the dense fire to press against the sky.

It’s hard to stand by when you see your brothers in Xuanyin Danyang. Although they really don’t want to start work with such a terrible and arrogant guy as Fire Star Jun, there is still room for everything to change when things come to this point.
Both of them sighed, and both sacrificed the magic weapons around the world, and deified the red giant hand in a second place to resist the fire.
Xuanyin Festival is a jade ring shaped like a semicircle, with seven spirits engraved on its surface. The colorful flame in Shekou is soaring to five feet if it is full of flying. The colorful flame in Shekou in Fiona Fang is also amazing.
Danyang, on the other hand, throws a round mirror when throwing it, but it’s not too big.
However, when Danyang decided to print the round mirror in his hand and suddenly enlarged it to five feet, Fiona Fang clung to his front and suddenly took six green lights to overlap and turn it into six images of Kun.
Light is emitted from the mirror, and each beam is no longer than six inches thick. The blue fluorescence of fingers is not strong at first, but the thicker the beam is, the stronger it is.
It’s all right to have a golden lamp with a dry spirit, but it’s incredibly still a snake ring and a six-yang fire mirror. I can’t believe that the three of you are still hiding this good baby, which has caused your grandfather’s fire. I’m also moved. Today, it’s hard to pick up all four of you. Haha, the fire star gentleman laughed wildly at the magic weapon names of the three spirits of the house, and he was determined to destroy the magic weapon of Li Yueling, the three spirits of the house, which occupied the four of them.
Speaking, the fire star gentleman not only drives and controls the red giant’s radial pressure, but also sacrifices a red flag of cutting. The flag body is painted with many clouds, the flag angle is flying, the fire is flying, and Mars is rolling. The star gentleman has changed his seal, and with a slight movement, it is thundering and the fire is flying in generate.
The vast potential is slightly better than the combination of the three spirits and three treasures in the vast sea.
Good, good, three good treasures have been waved by you three losers. Do you want to fight with them without even finishing Shi Baoling? I’ll let you three taste my fire flag today.
Fire Star Jun is not a brain man. He still dares to threaten to kill everyone after seeing the powerful magic weapon of the Three Spirits of the Han Dynasty. It is because he has seen through the Three Spirits of the Han Dynasty. Although all three of them are not weaker than the treasures of the Shu Mountain period, they have no corresponding magic weapon.
It is only by years of groping that we have mastered a little trick that we can finish the sacrifice. We can’t exert the power of these three magic weapons.
But the fire flag in the hands of the fire star gentleman is different. He got the treasure spirit from the Ministry, but he can definitely give full play to the power of this flag and his physical strength. However, he started to kill people.
The three spirits of the house were all told by the fire star gentleman, knowing that their weakness has been taken by this old devil, but now they have crustily skin of head, hoping to drive this old devil away with the help of three people.
At the same time, four powerful magic weapon sacrifices in Shushan period suddenly made the nearly thousand-foot sea water in Fiona Fang shine brilliantly, but no one noticed that Li Yueling quietly pinched the Xuanyin Erwu soul-cutting knife in his hand and hid it behind his back, and put a treasure light outside the knife as much as possible.
I don’t know what kind of abacus he is playing.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Dark attack way
It is said that the fire star gentleman threw up the fire flag of the capital, and it rose ten feet, and the thunder and fire swarmed, but it turned out that the surrounding hundred feet of seawater were evaporated to form a strange scene of water wrapped in fire and water.
After throwing the flag of fire in the capital, I saw the rapid change of the seal in the hands of the fire star king. From time to time, I ordered a few red pillars, which seemed to be arranging some laws.
At the same time, his slap in the face of the red giant deified by the second yuan is already a magic weapon Guanghua in the outermost part of the house, but this time it is not the same as before.
You know, the quality of this dry-spirit golden lamp and snake ring is absolutely not worse than that of the fire flag in the sky. It was easily caught by the fire star twice before the sky was deafening. One is that after his poor repair strength, many others are without this treasure, so the magic spirit can never play its true power.
But today, it’s three magic weapons with different three spirits working together, and all three of them are distracted. If you can’t stop the red giant again, you really don’t kill it immediately.
Together, the three spirits not only shocked the red giant hand into three magic weapons far away, but also poured the true force into their three forces, which was even more dazzling. Although Bao Guang was unable to give full play to the mystery of the magic weapon because of his inexperience in spiritual determination, it was also a mighty giant snake ring, Shekou colorful flame, six Yang gods, fire identification, green jade and six elephant beams, which pushed the red giant hand into the ground point by point, and then shrank back. From the scene, it seemed that the three spirits occupied the wind.
Seeing that the second yuan God of Fire Star Jun was pressed to the front of him by the three spirits, but it was still ten feet away, but before that, it was still without any worry. Suddenly, I laughed wildly. After the last seal, I went to the second yuan God to coagulate the red hand.
Ha-ha, Xing Jun has already laid a large array of fire in the sky. Even in this East China Sea, I have to burn you to pieces. You can’t laugh wildly with the fire. Thunder thunders in all directions, or red or green or purple thunder hits the three spirits of the house like bananas.
In an instant, the three people will work together to win the advantage and fight back. It is even more difficult to put a treasure light outside the six-yang-god fire mirror to force the three-dimensional civil air defense insulation in Fiona Fang.
In fact, Li Yueling is also in the midst of a fire in the sky, but the strength of the fire star is profound. He did not pay attention to Xiu Yuan’s mid-baby, but focused on dealing with the three spirits of the house.
It was the array power that started, and it was a few broken flames of the stars that flew to Li Yueling.
To offer sacrifices to Nulei Tower, Li Yueling’s real power infusion has been supplemented to reproduce the seven-color protective treasure light to cope with these broken stars, but it is not a problem.
It’s the same magic weapon at the same level in Shushan period. It’s such a big gap. I’ve seen the fire star, the king, and the flag of fire in the sky. Li Yueling can’t help but sigh in his heart. Speaking of these four magic weapons, it should be Danyang’s six-yang god fire Jian, which is the most powerful and belongs to a Buddhist treasure.
If it’s finished, it’s even worse. There are many flags of fire in the sky.
It is thought that Li Yueling suddenly felt angry at the sacrifice on his head, and Leita suddenly shook violently as if he were attracted by something.
What’s going on? When Li Yueling looked up, she saw six jade-like beams shining on the Nulei Tower. The source was actually the six elephant beams illuminated by the fire sword of the Six Yang gods in Danyang.
Danyang should not be an alchemist’s excessive insanity, right? Why don’t you attack that red-haired old ghost but beat me up?
Although Li Yueling is depressed in his heart, he doesn’t have time to ask him questions now. It is very difficult for him to try his best to explain the truth without losing Leita.
In fact, Danyang’s heart is also very depressed. Among the three brothers, he is the most sharp in the fire guide of the Six Yang God. When he just offered a sacrifice, most of them used this Baowei to force the fire star king’s second yuan God to retreat.
Even at the beginning of the launch of the large array of fire in Doutian, the six elephant beams suddenly did not listen to the command and turned around. They were staring at Li Yueling’s head and angered Leita.
This also directly led to the three of them being extremely embarrassed by the thunder and fire of the Quartet. Who made the greatest power a magic weapon to defect?
The six elephant beams in Nulei Tower are getting stronger and stronger, and Li Yueling can’t control the momentum that Nulei Tower wants to fly away, even though she has barely tried to suck milk.
Finally, the six elephant beams converge into a green beam as thick as half a foot and pour it into the Nulei Tower. Instant Li Yueling is also a mouthful of blood.
The thunder tower flew out of control and spun up rapidly. The four diffraction of the seven-color tower actually enveloped the ten-foot range around it, not to mention the thunder fire struck by the stars in the sky fire array.


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