A voice suddenly sounded in the garbage king’s mind. The garbage king should not be a white tiger. He smiled and said, Well, I have killed the demon Chen Yingfeng.

Demon Chen Yingfeng
Xuanwu, aren’t you white? White tiger said with a smile, Chen Yingfeng is dead and will never turn back into a demon. Doesn’t this mean that I have killed the demon Chen Yingfeng who can threaten the sun seal?
What made you change your mind? I’m curious.
Because it’s as simple as Chen Yingfeng who will turn into a demon.
By the way, where is Phoenix now?
I sent her back to Tianya, and as you know, she is now living in the human world, said the white tiger, and then asked curiously what you asked her.
I want to find Suzaku, and I want to ask Phoenix if she knows Suzaku falls.
Phoenix wakes up because of Chen Feng. You also know that 25 years ago, Phoenix always woke up secretly with Chen Feng and flew into a secluded village full of Qinglong enchantment to find Chen Fengjie, which caused stunting. The white tiger sighed and said that Suzaku should still be sleeping somewhere now. It was no use going there.
Here’s what happened. Forget it. I have to go to the corner to continue to contribute my strength. Please take care of the stars for me, but he will never die.
What is my white tiger angrily said that when I thought of the wind and magic in Jinuo city, I forced myself to promise to observe the situation of the star collar, and the white tiger was furious, but now it is windy and illusory and the same trick is repeated. As soon as I finished speaking, there was no sound, no matter how the white tiger sounded, the wind and magic just didn’t answer. The white tiger cursed you bastard and remembered to me that I must cut you down. Chapter VII Sirius Valley Campaign.
A month later.
At this time, Xing Ling exhibited the last big counterattack against Meng Ling. In the past few days, Meng Ling lost his troops and retreated to Sirius Valley, the last line of defense. This is the valley in the northeast of the alliance country and the last battlefield of Meng Ling Ling’s last battle. In this battle, except for the assassination troops, other different departments returned to Xing Ling’s capital and were assigned to all parts of the alliance country to prepare for the establishment of the country. Therefore, in Sirius Valley, there were ten powers, that is, the cloud led the assassination troops.
Although no different department participated in this war, the star collar still pressed Meng Ling. After all, Meng Ling suffered great damage from different departments in the long-term war. It can be said that almost no different members were there.
Xing Ling forced Meng Ling to retreat into Sirius Valley and set up a temporary military base outside the canyon. Armed soldiers armed with rifles guarded the temporary base and patrolled it carefully.
Several divisional commanders in a small camp in the base gathered at a small table and looked at a simple map of Sirius Valley to discuss countermeasures.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Meng Ling’s last base. The burly old commander pointed to the deepest cliff in Sirius Valley and said to others, Meng Ling’s leader is here. If we want to attack this fortress base, we will win.
But the problem is that when we went to the base, the terrain of Sirius Valley was very strange, and it was easy to defend but difficult to attack us. Several raids failed. The enemy was commanding, and our soldiers suffered heavy casualties with complex terrain. In this terrain, our soldiers all rushed in. Another teacher with a beard said that it was almost impossible to attack from the surface, and the special terrain of Sirius Valley could not make a detour and raid into the base from behind.
Entering the base raid is an assassination squad. We have to find a way to lead the enemy troops guarding the base and then destroy them in one fell swoop, so that the assassination squad can smoothly enter the base, right? Captain Yun said, and then looked at Yunyun lightly and said, Yes, entering the base. I have already discussed the issue of assassination squad members, but the question is whether we can lead the garrison troops guarding the base. If there are too many garrison troops, we can also sneak into the depths of the base to assassinate Meng Ling.
There is no need for Captain Yun to worry about this. I have already thought of countermeasures, the old commander said, and then pointed to a canyon in Sirius Valley. I sent someone to observe the nearby terrain a few days ago and found this canyon. This canyon is surrounded by entrances. This road can travel to and from the canyon.
Commander Han meant that some teachers immediately understood.
The old commander laughed. There are still many enemy troops. It is impossible to fight for a long time if we want to solve them as soon as possible. But the boss ordered that we must attack Sirius Valley as soon as possible. We can solve Mengling us as soon as possible. But this way, the old commander continued, our army will attack Sirius Valley, so that the enemy will inevitably attack and meet our troops. At this time, we will retreat to this road canyon
Commander Han, in this case, aren’t we trapped in this canyon? There is no place to escape. Another teacher said, after all, this canyon is one road after another, but retreating into it is tantamount to being surrounded by the enemy. At that time, the commander will be annihilated. How can the old commander not know the situation after so many years of galloping on the battlefield?
They should be the ones who smiled at the old commander if they were not surrounded. Of course, it is impossible for our big army to enter the canyon personally. We have to change the position of another small army in the middle and let the small army lead them into the canyon. Then our big army will attack the enemy from the rear and defeat it in one fell swoop. Captain Yun’s assassination team can seize the opportunity to enter the base and capture Meng Ling.
The old commander pointed to the forest in front of the canyon and said, we can send more than a thousand troops to hide here in advance, and our big army will lead the enemy to the canyon. When we turn the canyon, it is a dead corner. At this time, we must quickly hide in the Woods, and the small army that ambushed in advance will quickly continue to retreat instead of us. Because it is far away and the canyon is narrow, our big army has changed its small army, so the enemy will naturally follow the small army and enter the canyon. We will attack the enemy from behind and encircle them in the canyon.
When the old commander said other teachers, she admired them.
This is a good idea, but who is willing to be the bait to lead the enemy into the canyon? Yun said faintly that at the moment, everyone speaks as bait, and the casualties of small troops are definitely the most serious. This is equivalent to the double encirclement strategy, in which small troops lead the enemy into the canyon, so small troops are bound to be encircled by the enemy, and it is likely that the troops will be annihilated, and the teachers are also white, and they are not willing to let their own troops take risks at all.
Finally, Yun also asked, "How did Commander Han know that the enemy would be deceived and pursued?" Yun said that other people also talked about it. If the enemy refused to pursue the big troops, you should not let any small troops lead them into the canyon. Doing so would cause heavy casualties on your own side. After all, your own side will not attack hard to lead the enemy into its own trap, so the casualties will increase, and the teachers will hesitate.
Captain Yun, I have also thought about two questions. The old commander said that the small army acting as bait can make the former surrender to us. Meng Lingkong led the troops to take the responsibility. Although they are willing to surrender and our star leader works, it is not our star leader. After all, we are most suitable to be bait troops. The old commander said that other teachers have no objection. Yun thought that of course you have no objection. It is not your own army.
In order to lead the enemy into our trap, the problem is actually very simple. After so many days of hard work, the enemy is also very eager to finish this battle as soon as possible. As soon as they see our retreat mode, they will definitely catch up with the old commander and smile and say
But commander Han’s fallen soldiers really want us to say that they are not stupid, a teacher questioned
We have to tell them the plan. We have to tell them that they just lead the enemy into the canyon and then they can escape from another port. Isn’t that enough? Who knows the way to the canyon?
Yes, yes, yes
Then everyone discussed the details, and then decided on the date of the implementation plan, and this battle was the last one.
Yun left the camp and walked around the camp, looking at the busy soldiers around him. Yun sighed and muttered that it was finally the last battle. After the war, he could return to the capital.
The cloud looked at the floating clouds in the sky and couldn’t help laughing. This is the last war. After the war, he can go back to the capital to look for Xiaofeng. After that, he can no longer take part in the war. Yun has experienced wars of all sizes and dislikes the war. Today, he hopes to stay away from the war, then look for the shadow wind, and finally travel together to walk the world like just a secluded village.
A few days later, the old commander called the soldiers in the camp to tell them part of the strategy and told them to act according to it.
Listen carefully, you must act according to the strategy, otherwise it will be very serious. The old commander said seriously to the soldiers at the bottom. The soldiers talked about it a lot, and they knew that their intimidation had come, so they were very dignified. But if you act according to the strategy, you can guarantee a safe victory. Comrades, this is the last battle. If we win, we can bid farewell to the war and return to our hometown for family reunion.
The suspected old commander started talking, and the soldiers immediately shouted as if they had already celebrated the victory of the war.
Just as the soldiers shouted, a soldier came running and asked Commander Han to take the liberty of asking.
How dare you be such a little soldier? Some teachers next to you immediately cried when they saw this little soldier’s salute, but they were stopped by the old commander. The old commander smiled and said, What is it? Just ask.
I heard that after this battle, our soldiers will be able to lead the troops into stars. The soldier said that he wanted to confirm with Commander Han.


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